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I know there are some of you who either read my blog or have attended one of my speaking events who think, “I could speak like she does!”

I want to affirm you. That’s absolutely true.

If you’re looking for some first steps into a speaking ministry, this page is for you.

Steps to Success

Here are some steps I’d consider as you begin to grow in your calling to speak:

  • Listen to great communicators. I love to listen to podcasts of speakers I admire. It gets my creative juices going, and I listen for what makes them effective. Some of my favorites are Lysa TerKeurst, Andy Stanley and Louie Giglio. Many podcasts can be found FREE on iTunes.
  • Critique messages. Listen for what makes a message great and what weakens a message. TED Talks are short, fun and plentiful, so they’re a terrific source of messages to critique.
  • Read, read, read. There are some truly wonderful books out there on captivating communication. I’ve written a workbook, How to Write a Meaningful Message Message, that  that gives you step-by-step teaching on how to write a message, but there are many other great resources out there.
  • Subscribe to the Next Step Coaching Services newsletter to receive free monthly tips and encouragement.
  • Attend a conference. I’m so proud to get to be a part of the Proverbs 31 Ministries’ summer conference for speakers, She Speaks. It’s an incredible conference and well worth the investment in your ministry.
  • Work with a coach. I love to speak, but I love coaching other speakers even more! Take a look at the coaching services with Next Step Coaching Services and prayerfully consider filling out the Request a Consultation form. I’d love to do a FREE conference call with you to answer your questions about my coaching.