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Savoring the Gift of Giving


There’s nothing better than seeing someone light up when they open your gift… until you open the new year bills.

Cheri and Amy talk about giving out of our abundance as a solution for the post-Christmas blues, and they give practical suggestions for great gifts you can give this year!

Click on the graphic above to listen, or if you prefer reading to listening, you can download the transcript of this episode.

And seriously y’all… Cheri and our staff of incredible interns have stepped up our resources game beyond imagination. Don’t miss out on the Show Notes links and the FREE Downloads section. There are so many amazing goodies there!

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  1. “I embrace the gift of giving!!!”

  2. I make prayer shawls for the sick. Such a blessing. To know someone prayed for you each row you created.
    It gives me such joy to provide a big hug

  3. What I have to say is not meant to cause any disrespect, only careful examination of our hearts, mine included of course! I greatly appreciate the many wise writings and applications of Proverbs 31 devotions; however, I found it difficult to read about stressing out about holiday decor and worrying about what others are doing. I cannot imagine holiday decor, causing Light Bearers who are to reflect and draw others to the Light of the World. When a watching world sees Christians focusing on the superficial overdone display of beauty, instead of simplicity and sacrificial generosity in celebrating Christmas. There are many of us with serious health challenges and other significant daily battles, who would give just about anything to have a day where we felt well enough to even value such things; these challenges, however, draw us to a deeper daily dependence on the Lord just to make it through each day. I am just admitting that I cannot relate and I believe it would be beautiful to see less twinkling of lights and glitter, and more light flowing from believers having hearts through which flows the beauty of Jesus whose birth we are celebrating. Freeing ourselves from such things, provides us with more resources to provide for those in great need of the basics of life. As always, it is paramount that we pray about how the Lord would have us use our resources of all types to honor Him as we celebrate the birth of our Savior. I certainly do not think I have this mastered, as we are all works in progress. The Lord impressed upon my heart years ago, the distinct difference between hospitality, which focuses on the host having a heart of love who seeks to make the guest feel special and comfortable vs entertaining , which focuses on impressing guests.

  4. Dori Sheese says:

    “I embrace the gift of giving!”

  5. Just exactly what I was struggling with this week. You stepped on my toes. Thank you for the reminder.

  6. Sharon+C. says:

    I’ve always loved to make gifts to give away but lately everything is so unsure. My husband has just been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. We’ve been trying to downsize by having a big yard sale. We want to move closer to our daughter. It’s so hard to part with memories. We’re already living on a limited income as seniors. Reading your blog today I know there are times that God wants a person to give. If your in the right God will take care of our needs. Thanks.

    1. Amy Carroll says:

      Sharon, it sounds like you’ve truly lived a life of generosity. Although I’m sure that God will still give you opportunities to give, I’m also praying for others to be generous to you in this harder time of life. My heart is with you.

  7. I was struggling with this just this week. I feel all I have been doing is giving and giving. When I thought about all my financial responsibilities the next several months minus christmas shopping and gifts, I felt and still feel the need to hold back. Thank you for this devotional.. I always marvel at how P31 always puts out devotionals just when you need it. Today I embrace the gift of giving!