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Say It Out Loud

I remember the sense of hesitancy, doubt and even shame just like it was yesterday.  I was in Nashville at a major women’s ministry networking conference, and I should have been able to say it.

It was freshly printed on my business cards.

I had a biosheet that proclaimed it.

…but I just couldn’t say it.


You’d think that being asked to join the Proverbs 31 Ministries speaker team would be an undeniable stamp of approval on my trembling heart.  But it didn’t help.

Not one bit.

Instead I joined a team with women I respected, admired and looked up to only to fall into the pit of “less than” and “never good enough”.  Notice I said I fell into that pit.  Nobody pushed me in or assigned it as my place.  In all honesty, I didn’t even fall.  I exiled myself to that pit…for far too long.

Are you in the same pit?  Trembling, afraid and embarrassed to have someone hear you whisper…”I am a speaker”  or “I am a writer”.

On Saturday, I spent an amazing morning listening to Jeff Goins, founder of Tribe Writers and author of Wrecked and In Between at an event sponsored by Help One Now.  Jeff encouraged us to own our message, and he told us, “In some things in life, your best activity is rooted in a strong identity.”

He told us about how he transitioned from wanting to be a writer to being a writer by simply doing two things:  writing and saying it out loud.

How could something so genius be so simple?

Well, in reality, it IS simple, but it’s not so easy.  So let’s take Jeff’s baby steps toward it.

  1. Say it.  Say it out loud.  Here we go…all together now…1…2…3, “I’m a _(writer/speaker)__!”  Now try saying it loud to someone else today too.
  2. Practice it.  Are you a writer?  Then write every day.  Are you a speaker?  Then speak at every opportunity big or small.
  3. Believe it.  Ask God to engrave your calling into your heart and to give you the courage to believe it and live it.

To tap into more of Jeff’s genius and encouragement, visit his blog.  And repeat steps #1-3 daily to become who you are called to be.


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  1. Great post! I follow Jeff Goins’ blog too. I’m still struggling with saying it, too. Can’t really say it yet with a straight face. However, I’ve had two inquiries to come speak so far this past week so I guess I better practice saying it as it is becoming a reality before my very eyes! Thank you for being a part of my journey.

  2. Hi Amy, thanks for this post. I can’t tell you how much I have struggled with this concept. I will never forget when I had the courage to just write it down, like in a bio, or my book proposal…. I AM A SPEAKER. But there is definitely power in saying this, especially since this is part of what God is calling me to do. Love you Amy!

  3. Great reminder, sweet encouragement, and a little “kick in the pants” that I needed!! Love you my friend!!

  4. Amy, what a blessing you are! So thankful for your honesty. And, I’ve heard you, Honey. You ARE a speaker!