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Secret Service Club Update

One of the reasons I love our little community here is how YOU inspire ME! The response to the Secret Service Club challenge has been fantastic, and I wanted to share just a few touching results:

  • One of my friends at church stopped me in the hall to tell me the post stopped her in  her tracks. She spent the rest of her day in her kitchen cooking and then visiting 4 people she felt led to go see. My friend is retired, but after the last day of her paying job she prayed, “God, what is my next assignment?” She’s been busy with His daily calling every since! When we talked about that last Sunday, she told me, “Be careful what you pray. If you just want to sit in a chair, don’t pray that prayer!” 🙂
  • Heidi left this comment…”Wow. I made a complete meal for my neighbor. They were grateful but couldn’t figure out why someone would do something like that. What a great opportunity for God to use. I am glad I followed the strong urging. His wife had just had surgery which I didn’t know about.”
  • And Kristen sent this Facebook message…”Amy, your devotion this morning couldn’t have came at a better time. 30 minutes before my final police officer interview with the Chief of Police in my city, I opened my email to find this devotion. It encouraged me to change my prayers and my interview answers from I want to protect my city to, Jesus let me be your hands and feet while you protect my city. “

You all are amazing!

Here’s the funny thing. When I wrote that post, I didn’t have any plans in place to start my own acts of service. You lit a fire under me to get started. It was an incredible joy to see the looks of astonishment on the faces of the women God called me to serve. I’m praying it communicates His love for them in a fresh new way.

What kind of fruit did you see from your acts of service this week? Any other creative ideas to share? If you haven’t started yet, no worries! I counted this as week 1. Three more weeks of creative joy to go!

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