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Something New

When I was a little girl, I immeasurably loved a new pair of shoes.  As bedtime approached, the ache of thinking about taking them off for even one minute grew so much I would beg my mother to let me sleep in them.

Truly!  And some things never change.

I still love a new pair of shoes, and I also get excited about a new look–like our updated website.  I hope you enjoy our new colors and features as much as I do.  I’d love to point out a couple of them.  If you’re a subscriber receiving this in your email, please click on the title so you can visit directly today and take a little tour.

Love Notes from Our Clients–  Our beloved clients are a continual source of inspiration and encouragement for Suzie, Karen and I.  We absorb each story with rapt attention, and our hearts connect with messages filled with hope, freedom and love.  I find that my clients quickly become friends, and I’m proud of the work each has done to fulfill her calling.

In the side bar, we’ve added quotes we’ve collected from emails and notes over the years.  I hope you enjoy them and they give you a little glimpse into what it’s like to be a Next Step client.

Watch the Word Spread– Several months ago I met with a friend and communications expert to pick her brain about our website.  She was full of great ideas.  The one piece she felt was obviously absent from our website was communicating the vision for Next Step.  I passionately described it to her, and she came up with the brilliant idea for our map.

As coaches, our deepest desire is to see God’s Word spread and His Kingdom built.  Next Step is our way to partner with other women in ministry who have the same passion.

All of our clients, past and present, will have the chance to send us information each time they speak.  I’ll add a “pin” to show both where the speaker spoke and the scripture used in the message.  I can’t wait to watch our map fill up with pins as a representation of the spreading of scripture.

Today something new and thrilling happened.  Next Step contracted with our first international client!!!  Soon I’m sure we’ll be adding Canada to our map as our new client spreads the Word.  If any of our international readers have access to Skype, we can set up coaching, and we’d be over-joyed to do it.

Writing Services– We are continuing to expand our writing services as Suzie Eller takes more clients.  You’ll notice on the Individual Services page that we’ve added a general writing coaching service in addition to the book proposal services.  If you’re interested in writing articles, building your author platform or anything else concerning writing that doesn’t seem to quite “fit”, fill out the Request Information form, give us some idea of your needs in the notes section, and Suzie will contact you for a free consultation call.

Thanks for sticking around for the tour today, and thank you for joining with Next Step.  We’re excited about the way God is growing Next Step and using us to grow His Kingdom!



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  1. Do you want us to send all of our speaking venues and verses to you? if so, how?

    1. Yes! Any of our previous clients can have “pins” added to our map. Please email me your location and focal verses, and I’ll joyfully add a pin to show how God is spreading His Word.

  2. This is great!! Can’t wait until the Lord directs my steps your way!

    God bless you all for all you do!!