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Speaker Hacks to Make Your Life Easier– Part 1

In speaking ministry, there are so many tasks to complete:

Before the events, we have to:

  • Communicate ahead of the event with the event planner
  • Create a compelling message
  • Book travel
  • Create an invoice
  • Pray for attendees
  • Order resources
  • Practice our message

At the event, we need to:

  • Arrive early
  • Set up the resource table
  • Pray with the team
  • Greet the attendees
  • Give a passion-filled message
  • Talk and pray with attendees until the last one’s gone

After the event, we have to:

  • Reconcile resource sales
  • Write a thank you to the planner/team
  • Update the message with changes while they’re still fresh on your mind

I’m sure that’s an incomplete list, but I’m tired just typing it out! We speakers wear a lot of hats and accomplish many tasks!

A couple of weeks ago, we had a great time with some of you on the Next Step Facebook page learning some of your tricks of the trade. (If you don’t follow our FB page yet, you’re missing out on the fun. Click here to join us!)

Tonya Kubo, our genius social media coordinator, suggested that I share the tips on the blog, and it got my wheels turning. This week, I’m sharing some of your speaker hacks, and next week I’ll add some of my own. After all… we could all use to make life easier where we can!

Getting Physically Ready Pre-Event:

I don’t like to eat before hand. Which is not always a great thing at speaking engagements. ~Candee Brakefield

I fast before my talks — nothing but water and black coffee — It’s not always the best at evening events but I find that digesting makes my brain fuzzy; I need all my energy on stage. ~Tonya Kubo

Yeti cup of ice water with a straw. I also try not to eat beforehand (if possible). ~Chrystan Ferrell

Getting “Pumped” Before an Event:

En route to the event, I like to play “Stomp” by Kirk Franklin. ~Lauren Alexander

I stand with my arms outstretched and declare Galatians 2:20. ~Kathy Schwanke

Battling Nerves:

I chew a fresh piece of gum minutes before we start and spit it out just before I go up! #drymouthbegone ~Amanda Davison

I “dance it out”. I find a place where I can be alone, turn off the lights, put in my earbuds, and play a few songs that remind me I am called and I am loved. It really helps me with the lies that threaten my peace and confidence. ~Angie Baughman

Wearing a blazer so if I get nervous no one knows I’m sweating and lipgloss on right before I speak. ~Natalia Drumm

Organizing Your Notes:

Sticky notes inside my Bible. Both pre-planned and last minute thoughts. ~Micah Maddox

Setting the Stage:

I like to have a stool next to the podium to set my bible and water on.  ~Chrystan Ferrell

I have a specific set up I like too. I try not disrupt stage decorations, but I angle my podium so that I can walk away and still glance at my notes. ~Me

I much prefer a mic on a stand in front of me rather than holding one or wearing one! ~Amy Hale

Staying in Your Time Limit:

I number the pages of my notes, backwards for pacing. So I know how many pages I have to crank thru in the time remaining (e.g. 6/5, 5/5, 4/5…) ~Diane Kim

Share away, friends! What are your speaker hacks in these categories or any other?


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  1. Lots of great tips! But numbering my pages backwards? What a great idea! Thanks you Diane Kim

    1. I’m so glad, Cheri! Please pop back over after your event and let us know how it goes. I’m cheering for you, and I know it’s going to be great!