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Speaking to a Spiritually Diverse Audience

When asked to give a message, so often we get busy trying to craft our talk and cover all our bases.

Good opening story? Check!

Got some relevant, outside supporting material? Check!

Original stories unique only to us? Check!

Biblical content included sure to encourage and instruct? Check!

Some take-away action points and a final closing “bang”? Check and check!

However, sometimes in carefully building our unique message, we forget one teeny, tiny detail….our audience.

We must get in tune with who our audience is and where they are spiritually. Even the best message will lose a listener if it is not taking into account where that person may be in their relationship with God. Or, perhaps they don’t even have a relationship with Him yet.

Make sure to talk to the event coordinator to inquire about the spiritual make-up of the audience. It won’t do any good, and may alienate some listeners, if you say “Now, you all know the story of Mary and Martha…”

No. Maybe they all don’t. Some gals may be sitting out there thinking, “Who? Mary Tyler Moore. And Martha? Does she mean as in ‘Stewart’?”

Instead of assuming that the women all know the Bible stories you are referring to, assume they know nothing. A better way to phrase that would be, “There is a story in the Bible about two sisters. One was named Mary; the other Martha. Let me tell it to you.”

This way, you won’t lose one group but will still be able to teach and encourage the other.

Pray each time you speak that while crafting your message, God will give you the words to say that will bless the believers without losing those who have yet to follow Christ.


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  1. Well done Karen as always!! Without going into detail, this was perfect timing!

    Thank you!