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Speaking Up in Winsome Ways

I hope you’re enjoying these interviews on how to speak up in godly ways! I’m learning something new– a new tip, script, or way of thinking– from each woman.

It’s really been fascinating to ask the same set of questions to four different women and hear four different answers. Each one has brought her strengths to the table!

This week, I want to introduce my dear friend, Cary Heise. Cary is a social media maven, and I’ve watched in awe for years as she’s used her Facebook page kindly and boldly to speak up for vulnerable people.

When you listen today (subscribers, click here to go to the page to watch), listen for tips that help you to speak up in winsome ways. Cary is the QUEEN of winning people over with love, even when she’s saying hard things!

And you can start your Christmas shopping today at Designed for Joy, Cary’s non-profit that pays a living wage to women exiting vulnerable situations. You won’t believe all the GORGEOUS products her artisans product. At Designed for Joy you can do a little good while you shop! The pics below are just a small sample of a few of her best sellers. Make sure to visit the page to see every beautiful item.

Buckle Bracelet
Charcuterie Board
Cork Wristlet

Cary Heise describes herself as a serial entrepreneur. Her friends will tell you the deeper truth. Cary’s an inspiring woman who’s always looking for ways to do good for the people Jesus loves. After leading many small businesses, Cary founded Designed for Joy, a non-profit that transforms vulnerable women into artisans who are paid a living wage.

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  1. Xandra Green says:

    Very motivating and inspiring!! It has me asking God what can I do? Loved it