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How to Speak Up with Boldness & Kindness

About two months ago, I nervously stepped out on faith to ask a woman for an interview that I’ve admired from a distance. Dr. Karen Swallow Prior is someone that I started following after hearing her speak at the MLK50 Conference that I attended almost three years ago.

Since then, I’ve listened to her speak up through her writing on social media, in articles for many publications including Christianity Today, and in several media interviews, including one on CNN concerning Jerry Falwell Jr.

In every instance, Dr. Prior’s compelling combination of strong faith, fierce convictions, and consistent kindness come through. She speaks boldly, yet she interacts gently with those who challenge her.

Watch today’s important interview to learn how to strengthen your voice. If you haven’t yet voted, Dr. Prior shares wisdom about how to make voting decisions as well!

What did you learn from Karen? (Note: Since this is a tense time and we addressed the topic of voting, I want to remind you of my Rules of Engagement. I’m very happy to hear how you decide to vote, but any comments with who you voted for will be removed.) You may or may not agree with everything Karen says, but she’ll always make us think. Love her for it!

Final words for a the week… Please make sure to VOTE!

Karen Swallow Prior, Ph. D., is Research Professor of English and Christianity and Culture at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. She is the author of Booked: Literature in the Soul of Me (T. S. Poetry Press, 2012), Fierce Convictions: The Extraordinary Life of Hannah More—Poet, Reformer, Abolitionist (Thomas Nelson, 2014), and On Reading Well: Finding the Good Life through Great Books (Brazos 2018). She is co-editor of Cultural Engagement: A Crash Course in Contemporary Issues (Zondervan 2019) and has contributed to numerous other books. Her writing has appeared at Christianity Today, The Atlantic, The Washington Post, First Things, Vox, Relevant, Think Christian, The Gospel Coalition, Religion News Service, Books and Culture and other places. She is a founding member of The Pelican Project, a Senior Fellow at the Trinity Forum, a Senior Fellow at the International Alliance for Christian Education, a Senior Fellow at the L. Russ Bush Center for Faith and Culture, and a member of the Faith Advisory Council of the Humane Society of the United States. She and her husband live on a 100-year old homestead in central Virginia with sundry horses, dogs, and chickens. And lots of books.  

Follow Dr. Karen Swallow Prior on Facebook to hear about her upcoming book release and to learn from how she speaks up with boldness and kindness.

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  1. This was so valuable! The part of your conversation on humility and allegiance to the Truth gave me such clarity on why we need to be willing to speak up and have good, difficult conversations. Thank you!

    1. Amy Carroll says:

      I just listened to Karen’s words again, and I agree with you. So many things that she shared are truths that I’m carrying with me!