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From Those Who Have Heard Me Speak

I adore being in the room, watching God work.

I’ve spoken internationally for conferences, virtual events, trainings, pilgrimages, and special events.

Retreats are my sweet spot where we dive deep into a focused place in Scripture, but I also love the delights of a single session where I plant one biblical truth that can change a life forever.

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If you’re an event planner who’s considering me, here’s what you can count on from me:

  • Availability to you and your group is one of my highest priorities. I believe that some of the most important ministry happens when I’m not standing on a stage, so I’ll communicate with you before the event and will be accessible to your attendees at the event.
  • Partnership is how I view my relationship with event planners. You’re the lead visionary, and I’m coming alongside to serve you and your women.
  • Fresh content that unleashes a passion to develop a tender heart and strong voice. I’m passionate about equipping godly people to speak up in godly ways!

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