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To book me for your event, please fill out this inquiry form. My speaker coordinator. Sheila Mangum, will contact you right away to hear your vision for your event and hammer out the contract details; then she’ll connect the two of us.  I look forward to the opportunity to talk, plan and dream together!

**Note: Retreats are my absolute favorite! Extended time with your women including meal times and going deeper with multiple messages makes my heart beat fast with anticipation of what God will do.

King of Hearts: Jesus, Lover of a Woman’s Soul

Does God truly care about every season of a woman’s life? Amy follows Mary of Bethany and her close friendship with Jesus to display the beautiful “yes!” to this question. Come away encouraged by Jesus’ extravagant love for Mary and how their relationship teaches you to:

  • Listen and learn from Jesus in ways that prepare you for the hard places around life’s bend.
  • Feel all your feelings in His presence without shame or fear.
  • Act and speak in ways that bring Jesus glory, fuel your soul, and bring comfort to those around you.

Session Titles

  • Listen: Sitting with Jesus and Learning from Him
  • Feel: Running to Jesus with Every Emotion
  • Do & Speak: Pouring Our Blessings Out on Others
Exhale: Lose Who You’re Not. Love Who You Are. Live Your One Life Well.

Do you feel like you’re suffocating under the pressures of being all things to all people? The pressure of filling every unfilled spot at church, work and home. The pressure of trying to do it all right, make decisions that benefit everyone else, and keep everyone happy. There’s a process that can release you from the unbearable weight. Then you’ll be able to live the combination we all long for–fulling the desires of your heart, loving your people well, and bringing glory to God.

Rather than adding more to your to-do list, in this retreat Amy will help you to:

  • Move from running-on-empty to spent-but-content by investing your life in soul-filling ways.
  • Lose the ill-fitting rolls you’ve been trying to fill so that you can be lighter and freer.
  • Love your truest, God-created self with all your glorious gifts instead of trying to shove yourself into someone else’s mold.
  • Live your one and only life in a way that you know truly matters.

Session Titles:

  • Lose Who You’re Not.
  • Love Who You Are.
  • Live Your One Life Well.
Breaking Up with Perfect

It’s so easy to get side-tracked in the pursuit of earning acceptance, creating our own perfection and working to meet others’ expectations. Amy challenges “Good Girls” and “Never Good Enough Girls” to:

  • Replace your best efforts with true goodness
  • Reject wrong beliefs that lead you either to over-work or give up, and embrace God’s complete acceptance.
  • Know God wants you to experience the joy of His closeness instead of the distance caused by shame.

Session Titles:

  • Breaking Up with Perfect
  • Killer Comparison
  • HimPerfected
Reframing Uncertainty: Steps Toward Seeing God in Your Shakiest Times

When you’ve lived through uncertain times, you’re left feeling shaky. What’s a woman to do when certainties are replaced with questions?

Esther was a woman in the midst of harrowing times who walked a new path, one that helped her to see God’s hand just when He seemed to have vanished. Through stories, practical application, and the retelling of Esther 4, Amy Carroll will help you to:

  • Reframe uncertainty as an awkward friend instead of the enemy it first appears to be.
  • Hone a new pursuit that will lead you out of stagnation and into vibrant growth.
  • Develop time-tested habits that take you from confusion to clarity.
  • Improve relationships in a community that heals the hurts of division.
Becoming a Woman with a Tender Heart and Strong Voice

How do godly women speak up in godly ways? In today’s divided world, the noisy extremes make it appealing to seek comfort in silence. But God’s given each of us a place of influence where our voice is crucial. It might be your home, your neighborhood, your workplace, or even your wider community. We can combine a beautifully tender heart with a strong voice to make a difference. Using the story of Abigail from I Samuel 25, Amy will show you how to:

  • Listen for details that others might miss so that you’re a solution-creator instead of a trouble-maker.
  • Engage your feelings in a way that leads to discernment, not disaster.
  • Do good that brings peace to the problems of your corner of the world.
  • Speak into the heat of conflict with confidence and wisdom, bringing resolution and restoration.
Joy to the World: Hope-filled Words for Hard Moments

It’s the most wonderful time of the year until… Uncle George brings up the election. Grandma asks one more time, “When are y’all gettin’ married, honey?” Or somebody complains about their gift. Suddenly, the joy of the season has vanished. How’s a woman to handle the hard conversations and divisions that can arise? Through the story of Mary, Amy Carroll lays out strategies to keep your world full of joy this holiday season. She’ll help you:

  • Manage your own emotions in a way that sparks peace instead of fanning the flames.
  • Develop a network of people who have your back when the inevitable “situation” strikes.
  • Find proven, ancient solutions that diffuse modern holiday problems.

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