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Teeter-Totter Messages

Messages can be basically one of three things:

They can be informational. Lots of facts, studies, statistics and other helpful trinkets allow the listener to gather useful material that will enable them to learn about the topic at hand.

They can also be inspirational. These talks make you laugh. They may make you cry. But common to all is that they make you want to get off of your seat and GO! You want to change and grow, explore and experience. Yes you do, if you’ve just heard an inspirational message.

 Messages can also be practical. These talks give you action-oriented steps that you can go home and immediately apply. They are logical and doable. They empower you to do life in a new or better way.

Some messages are heavy on one aspect and light on the others. They tip the teeter-totter toward one side only. Therefore? They are out of balance.

Now, here’s the kicker. The absolute BEST message? It will do all three! And it will balance them perfectly, creating lasting impact.

As you carefully craft your messages, ask yourself these little check-point questions:

  •  Am I giving enough raw, fact-driven information? This will be to establish credibility with your audience. It will show them that you know your topic and you have earned the right to teach on it.
  •  Do I offer inspiration? Your message should move the listener with emotion. They actually need to feel what you are saying, not just hear what you are saying.
  •  Have I given them practical take-away nuggets that they can go and implement right away? Make sure to provide your audience with doable, tangible ideas to be able to put the crux of your message into practice in their everyday life.

By carefully balancing your message with a blend of these three elements, you will be giving your audience a well-rounded and memorable message that will not only inspire them to want to change the way they do life, it will actually empower them to do it!


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  1. This is wonderful advice, Karen. Thanks!

    I have 3 quick questions:
    1. Approximately how much time do you spend crafting each message?
    2. What does your process look like for researching facts and developing the emotion/ inspiration part as well as the take-aways? What does your writing process look like?

    1. Jen,
      Thanks so much for your questions! We’ll make sure to cover them in blog posts soon. We love getting to give you what you really want and need!


  2. Great Advise and timing as I am preparing a message for a May Tea. Thanks!!!! Many Blessings.