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Those of us of a certain age…ahem…remember a tv show called “Welcome Back Kotter”.  In Mr. Kotter’s classroom, one of my favorites, the one who always captured my little girl giggle, was Horshack.  Whenever Mr. Kotter posed a question to the class, Horshack would leap out of his seat, waving his hand wildly, and shout, “Ooo, Ooo, me, Mr. Kotter, ME!”

Were you that kind of student in school?  The eager beaver who knew the answer and wanted to answer every question?  Or were you the shy student who rarely raised your hand and most often needed calling on to share the answer?

It seems that no matter what kind of student we were, once God calls us to become speakers we become the shy student.  We’re the girl at the back of the class with lots to say but reluctant to let anyone know.  I was definitely that way.  (Even though NO ONE would describe me as shy!)

I remember being in an airport on the way home from a Compassion trip.  I was sitting beside Carrie McGinty, a woman who was helping Proverbs 31 with marketing, recounting to her how completely excruciating the whole marketing thing was.  She asked me two important questions, “Amy has God given you a message that you believe women need to hear?”

“Of course,” I answered, “or I wouldn’t be doing this.”

“If you don’t tell people, how will anyone know?”

Ding!  The light went on.

First, let me encourage you to market your message rather than yourself.  That takes lots of the pressure off.  Event coordinators will want to know about you, but your personal information should be woven in with the gift that you’re bringing–the message.

Second, (and I know this is the hardest part) I understand the fear of saying this out loud, “I am a speaker”, but there are ways to humbly do it and begin to tell people about your message.  You have to tell somebody.  Tell your women’s ministry leader that you’d love a chance to share or tell your leadership at church. 

One of my first “tell somebodys” was when I wrote a letter to friends and family all over the country explaining about my message and what God was doing in my life.  I asked them to prayerfully consider recommending me to leaders in their church.  I didn’t get tons of response, but God opened a few more doors through that letter.

I urge you today to start softly getting your message out by first telling somebody that you have one.


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  1. Amy,

    Thank you again for this message. You shared some of this in one of your workshops at She Speaks and I was a sponge soaking up all of your wisdom. Throughout the entire event–from the teaching to the interaction with the Proverbs 31 team, I saw true humility in action–not the “false humility” so often seen in the Christian world. Thank you for helping us all to understand how to navigate between ego and a servants heart and make sure to promote God and not ourselves.


    1. Thanks for your encouragement, Laura! It’s such a blessing to be part of P31, because I always know that I can be my authentic self–warts, mistakes and all. I’m so glad that we were a blessing to you, but you can also imagine what a blessing it is to be embraced by a team that loves me for me. Now that’s freedom!

  2. Oops… Hit send too early..
    Continued…with the people here, now.. In my church body and in my community, which is small. To seek the opportunities in my everyday and careful not to look out too far beyond in the future and lose sight of my present. Is that too close minded? Am I dreaming too small? I truly want to use the talents God has given me and to bring glory to him. Would appreciate any prayer. I leading/facilitating a study on prayer starting in 5 weeks… Praying The holy Spirit leads…

    Luke 16:10
    “He who is faithful in a very little thing is faithful also in much; and he who is unrighteous in a very little thing is unrighteous also in much.”

    1. I don’t think dreams based on day-to-day obedience are ever too small. I listened to a pastor of a mega-church one time describe his father as a “mediocre pastor” based on the small size of his ministry. How sad. I wondered if God saw that man as a “mediocre pastor” or a “power-house pastor” based on the level of his obedience. If we do loving, intentional ministry in joyful obdedience to the opportunities that Jesus gives us…I believe that’s mega-ministry no matter the size of the group. Blessings to you as you start your study! I’m praying that God pours out His blessing and encouragement to you and each person in the group.

  3. Amy,
    I loved this.. I tend very often to be the Horshack and have something to say but just as you’ve described, lately I’ve found myself more quiet (abnormal), reluctant (just weird) and afraid to speak wondering if this is just delusions of grandeur re: my message. I’m evaluating my heart and motives and find that for now, I need to work to speak to my world if influence with th

  4. Todays’ message is great! It is hard to step out and say “I am a speaker”, “I am a writer”…even when God is asking you to! Sometimes I feel like Moses…”me, Lord?? Are you sure??” After much prayer and finally in obedience, I started a ministry, Mosaic Heart Ministries. God had put it on my heart for a while and when I first put it out there, I got a nice response. I have been asked to speak at a fall college retreat and am working with a couple of gals as I walk beside them in their healing – now it seems my ministry is dead in the water, in a way, and I am not sure what’s up with that!! I pray about it, asking for God’s hand and leading in it. I blog on the MHM blog, post in MHM fb page, I talk to others about it – has this happened to you? I start doubting I heard from God. I asked Him to be in this and to use me however He chooses, that I will go where He sends me…..what do I do now? Any encouragement or advise would be great!


    Susan Roberts, Mosaic Heart Ministries