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Thankful for a Breakthrough!

I hope you enjoyed today’s devotion, From Breakdown to Breakthrough!

Just for fun, I wanted to add a little follow-up here before we get to the giveaways.

Here’s a pic of my friend Nicole and me about six months after the story in the devotion.

Isn’t she a cutie?! I share this because I want you to know what kind of friend she is. The Saturday before this picture, I dropped by her house to see if she wanted to make a Target run with me. When we were there, we bought the same jacket and decided to wear them to our neighborhood Bible study that week. TWINNING! And totally goofy. So much fun!!!

Can you imagine if I had acted like a brat over our dinner misunderstanding? I would have spoiled our closeness and missed out entirely on this moment with my tender-hearted, loyal friend.

Sisters, life is too short to be short with the people we love. I’m just like you, fighting my flesh every minute of the day. Battling to be kind instead of selfish. Resisting the desire to insist on my own way.

But if we’ll choose to listen for God’s gentle whispers. If we’ll decide to follow Jesus, becoming more like Him in the way He loved others. If we’ll prioritize our people over pushing our plans…

Then we’ll have more precious moments like the one in the photo above.


In celebration of friendship, I’ve got three giveaways today! To enter to win one of these packages, leave a comment either about a time God helped you with a breakthrough in the middle of a breakdown OR just write a friend’s name that you treasure.


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  1. Two special friends of mine, Dawn and Christie. They’ve been my confidants, my prayer partners, the ones I giggle with, and the ones who help be accountable to God’s Word. I’m truly blessed to know them and share our lives with.

  2. Things are very messy right now and His blessing is around the corner. Just when I want to give in and give up you sent encouragement and God spoke to me. Thank you.

    1. Amy Carroll says:

      Terrie, I’m so thankful you were encouraged. Praying for God’s peace and strength for you!

  3. I am a family nurse practitioner and often have the opportunity to witness to lost and struggling children of God. Last week I saw a young lady struggling with perfection. The next morning I heard you interview on Focus on the Family! God! I haven’t read the book yet I know the young lady that will get my first copy! Thank You!

  4. Jennifer Leonard says:

    I thank God for my sweet friend Gilda who never stops praying for me. Thank you for your wesbite. As a preschool director, I love sharing these God affirming truths with hurting women. Keep up the wonderful seed planting work.

  5. Leigh Ellen says:

    Just wanted you to know how much I treasured this devotion (and the one posted on P31).

  6. Sandra Licursi says:

    I had a promoting for several months to reach out to a friendship that had been silent in my life for about a year. I started praying for her and her family thinking that is all I needed to do. I began hearing the Holy Spirit say to contact her. I didn’t want to because I wasn’t ready for several reasons. Finally after several months the of this back and forth conversation with the Holy Spirit, I breathed deep and made the call. I had to leave a message and wasn’t sure she was going to call me back. She did and she was gracious and we caught up as we talked for over an hour about our lives and our friendship. We made a plan to meet with our daughters who were had been friends as well (16 years old), and we visited for almost 3 hours with honest conversation about what might have happened between us, what we had learned about ourselves and sharing fun stories of the last year of our lives. It is amazing what can come when we follow the Spirit and his leading.

  7. Jenni- she is always praying for me, even when she is struggling herself.

  8. Kimberly Shockley says:

    Gwen, is my soul sister, we know each other hearts before our mind does…God has worked thru us so many times

  9. All 3 prize packages are wonderful. My special friend is Judy.

  10. have to choose one? Ramona is a dear friend who stays in contact with me by email though we seldom get to see one another any more. Pat is an older neighbor who blesses me by coming to spend time with me most weeks.

  11. My friend Haley. We now live hours away but still connect and she is coming to visit with her family in 3 days!

  12. My most treasured friend is my daughter Brittany. Brittany, is a very loving and open person. Brittany loves everyone. Brittany has a humble heart and loves Jesus. She accepts others just as they are. She is always ready to hug anyone within close proximity lol. Brittany is a giver, of herself and her time. Brittany is very open hearted to all that she meets.

  13. Sharon C+ says:

    My sister, Pati Herman have been through a lot together this year and it has made us so much stronger. in our Lord, in our selves, and as a team. We were having a battle with our mom.. So glad it’s over. There was no good ending to the situation but so glad we had each other. Thanks for the giveaway.

  14. Faith Rogers says:

    I have a friend whom I’ve loved for 30 years. She’s a type A, I am, who knows what. I just do my thing at my own pace. I have made the decision a few times not to push my agenda and I believe she has too! GOD SENT HER TO ME and she is a blessing.

  15. I am a planner and I can identify with what happened. We had a family dinner and it was supposed to be at my mothers. We drove there and no body was there. When we got back home everyone was at my house. My visiting aunt told everybody I said to come to my house. I had two small children and had not planned for company. Needless to say I was not happy.

  16. Anita Jacobs says:

    Roslin Petersen

  17. I was thinking about a devotional I’m doing while I was blow drying my hair. My blow dryer shorted out & caught fire. Totally interrupting my thought process. But the Lord protected me that morning & later in the day I had a wonderful breakthrough in an area of the devotional I was stuck on.

  18. Lara Polk says:

    I need a breakthrough right now my life is a roller coaster ride. I know God is working in my life because He is holding me up through all this. Without God I would not make it. My parents all 3 of them (dad, mom, and step dad) have dementia. My youngest son is 10 and has multiple forms of juvenile arthritis and EOE.

  19. Amy- we’ve had our differences in 20+ years but God brought us back together & our friendship closer since her brother died suddenly last year & I set aside my hurt to be there for her

  20. Cindy; have been friends since 2004, when our children started kindergarten together. She is always thinking of others and trying to help anyway she can. Thankful for her friendship.

  21. Gail Mangan says:

    Kristen who serves as a missionary in Palestine/Israel. Her giving and loving heart.

  22. Martha Springer says:

    I need to break up with perfect!

  23. I treasure my friend Jenny who one day while we were on a walk many years ago asked me if I would attend Church with her. I am in constant awe & amazement of how God has worked in my life ❤️

  24. STEPHANIE says:

    Lauren. She has helped me through so much!

  25. Zenia Higgins says:

    Thank you for reminding me to look for the good in every situation!

  26. J. L. Kite says:

    Amy, thank you for the devotion you shared today! God is using it to open my eyes to something that has been super heavy on my heart. God is miraculous when we whole heartedly give our woes to Him and wait for His answer and guidance. Not always do we get that answer so quickly, but how sweet it is when we do! When we have to wait for His answer can be a huge struggle, but our hope should remain the same! Your verse and story are a great reminder to me that our plans are in the flesh and should be held with “open hands” and that waiting for His answer is so worth the wait! He is faithful to see us through always….
    Kim- my sweet BFF for over 20 years! She is an absolute treasure in my life and I thank God for her continually.
    Thanks again Amy!!

  27. My husband left and gods hands and provision, leading and love was definitely a breakthrough rather than destitution. He’s been my fortress and refuge and my growth in Him during this time was really the breakthrough.

  28. Ellena Armstrong says:

    my friend that I treasure is Jamie. She is so supportive and loving, She is a gift from God.

  29. Jenn fausett says:

    Lauren Murray- love this girl

  30. Beautiful and encouraging story. And what a perfect compromise that God put thru quickly in the midst of a cross road for you.
    I think I had something similar: a couple of years ago there was a colleague of mine with whom we rubbed each other the wrong way most of the time. After one work meeting where some of her comments just made me so irritated, I went back to my desk. I felt bad for my reaction, especially since I am a Christian and how I should have been behaving/reacting ”better than that” but I did not know how to undo the damage and improve the situation that seemed to be very cornered in. Within minutes there was a clear thought in my head ”help her to solve her problem” (that was related to the comment she made earlier). My first reaction was ”What? no way. I am not helping her”, but the thought remained clear in my head. So in the next few minutes I did decide to obey and help her with her problem (similar to what you mentioned in your blog ”shifting motives until breakthrough point”)- and that thankfully softened the earlier tension and our communication afterwards.

  31. Pat, my friend of 35 years and Patricia, my 89 year old friend are treasures from the Lord!

  32. I treasure my friend Loree and I would love to share one of these gifts with her since she will be working apart from me soon.

  33. My friend Nancy is always there for me!

  34. Paulette Hill says:

    One year, after having many Thanksgiving at my house, a family member decided that they wanted to host it at their home. It was hard to give up doing it every year, but decided things change, and I needed to let others do it. It was hard, but it was a great time. .I have never been the Host since then..I learned to be a helper, and have learned to be thankful and happy!

  35. I struggle with anxiety and often breakdowns will come as a result. I remember one time sitting in the middle of my living room, exhausted and overwhelmed at the anxiety that came from watching my closest friends go through intense trials. I wanted to fix everything, lift their burdens, and I just couldn’t. God met me in my breakdown by whispering to my soul “you don’t have to fix it. My job is to provide and take care of them in the midst of everything. Your job is just to be there and let my love flow through you.” Oh what freedom that breakthrough gave me!

  36. Dani Garrett says:

    I want to win……I do not have any friends so I don’t know what to say

    1. Dani, we could be friends :). My e mail is [email protected]
      E mail me anytime. The gift of friendship is one of the greatest things we can give to one another.


      1. Tried to e-mail but was undeliverable

    2. Dana, I’ve been there & I still get lonely. My e-mail is dlpc2005@yahoo,com. Also, below, Donna answered. Things will get better.

  37. I had made plans to spend a day with a friend from church about a month in advance.. Now, usually when I make plans I am quick to record them into the calendar on my phone, (i have 7 young kids so without this my life would be pure choas!), but this time, for whatever reason, I had forgotten to jot it down in there. So, as a result of this mistake I made other plans for the very same day. The morning of that day I received a text from my friend stating how excited she was for the day and that she would be there in about an hour to pick me up. Wait, what?! I checked my phone and only saw the things check list I had for the day. How could this be right? If I make plans I always make it a priority to put it in the calendar…. Surely she must be wrong…. Then I heard God say to me, “You know you’re human to. You also can and have made mistakes. Just admit you forgot and go spend a day with your friend. Your to do list can and will wait!” You’re right God. I’m far from perfect…. So, quickly I texted her back, “Ill be ready! Looking forward to a day out!” …. Turns out, that was one of my favorite days spent with a friend and was a break I so badly needed! I’m thankful God was so quick to speak to my heart and that I chose to listen!

  38. Sam/Samantha, Amy and Jennifir

  39. During the course of life, I realize we meet people and some stick as friends..some acquaintances. Some friends do change status to strangers, acquaintances or even sisters along the way. However, I have also realized that these different changes in status can occur within the shortest possible time or the longest possible time and so I no longer overly question when they do. However, I recently met someone who has turned to a sister in the shortest possible time…her name is Irene. She is God sent at this point in my life.

  40. Tanesha Williams says:

    When you decide to be married at 21 with 5 kids and you stayed single until 40…..lolol.. God’s timing is always perfect.

  41. Susanne Phillipson says:

    My sweet Tressa, a gift from God!

  42. This was a great devotional! I struggle with wanting everything my way far too often. God is teaching me to let go and learn that people are more important than having things done a certain way. I’m slowly learning that it’s not worth making someone feel bad about themselves just so I can have it all done how I want. Thanks for the devotional and the givesways!

  43. Wow! I saw myself in your initial reaction. This is a work in progress for this “planner.”
    My friend Sherri…

  44. BusyMomaNJ says:

    The Amys in my life. They are all strong, smart, beautiful women that I admire and take pages from their books on life.

  45. Tina Hubbard says:

    Joy Godwin…… soul friend!

  46. Oh, I have too many breakdowns to list! and I’ve been blessed that my best friend is my sister and she has forgiven my selfish agendas time and time again. Your writing is a blessing in my life, thank you!! xo-Jeni

  47. Thank you Amy! Your emails always brighten my day…& usually strike my heart. This is just what I needed today. I am struggling with this issue quite a bit in my current situation while taking care of my mother through an illness. But God…is faithful & by His grace ( & great words of wisdom from folks like you) hopefully I can do better. ?

  48. Nikki Johnson says:

    Learning to balance grace and discipline with my two teenaged daughters who take after me in the areas of forgetful, fiesty and sassy. I realized I need to be giving more grace when they have me grace.

  49. MaryRuth Tipton says:

    Joyce Willis, sch a good friend!

  50. Michelle Breier says:

    Andrea ❤️

  51. This was so perfect for me today! My daughter is having a graduation party tomorrow (stress!), and my nephew came to town (to stay with us) unexpectedly yesterday (stress!). As I was doing laundry last night (because of course the guest room sheets needed to be washed!), our drains all backed up and I had to take the wet laundry to the laundromat to re-wash (double stress!). Since I don’t do well when plans go awry, I could feel myself getting short with my family. After reading this, this morning, I felt all the stress just melt away. God is in control, and his ways are higher than mine… so, as always, everything will be fine. Thank you so much for being a blessing to me today 🙂

  52. Elizabeth says:

    My friend Penny is an amazing woman. We met 25 years ago. We have kept our friendship strong through the years and she is a very centered and grounded person. Twenty years ago, she and her husband moved away from the Midwest to follow their dream of living on a boat on the coast of Florida. Part of me was sad to have my dear friend move so far away, but I knew they were truly following their dreams. That part made me happy, as I knew her well enough to know how much it meant for them to live the grand adventure of living on a boat in a coastal marina! It actually was very cool! I was able to visit them on their boat and shared in their amazing experience and it was wonderful.
    So we worked to keep our long distance friendship. Every year she and her husband come back to visit friends and family in the Midwest. And guess what! They will be moving back to the Midwest in about 18 months! After 20 years away, my dear friend, my lucky Penny, will be close again. It is so worth it to work at keeping a special friendship. I am so grateful that I have kept this friendship with a strong woman who is even closer to me than my own sisters. God is always good!

  53. DeLynn Dellarosa says:

    I don’t think I can even count how many times things have gone against the plan that I originally had! Such as losing a job that I thought was going to be the best and so scared that I of course take things into my hands and try to find something else. Then God says PAUSE. Everyday I would pray and say what about this and he would respond “PAUSE”. But I have a plan!!! God had a better job waiting and it fits even better than before! Note to self: when God tells you to pause, you pause. Which is VERY hard for me!

  54. Jamie Hopkins says:

    this is so wonderful! I don’t have a story like this but I love loving on my neighbors and sharing food with each other. I know now with my friendships that God wanted us to bond with one another. In certain seasons he has brought new ladies into my life and I look back and see how either I need them or they needed me. We have a Monday night Bible study and at first I wanted to stay at the same table for the seven week studies but over the years I’ve really enjoyed moving tables and getting to know so many new ladies.

  55. Three years ago a very close friend of mine moved 12 hours away. We talked on the phone but hadn’t seen each other for 6 months. She came home for her sons college graduation but was only going to be home for a few hours after the graduation before she got back on the road. It was Mother’s Day and I was having dinner with my children and my mom. I was very torn. I wanted to see her but didn’t want to leave my special dinner with my kids and mom. I was a little annoyed that she wouldn’t stay in town a little longer. I prayed about it and finally made the decision that I needed to go see her. We had a great evening together. She left later that night and a month later died unexpectedly at 43 years old after a routine heart cath. I am so incredibly thankful for that night and those memories. I thank God that he pushed me to go that day. I can’t image having to live with myself now if I hadn’t gone. Don’t take your friendships for granted. They can be gone in the blink of an eye.

  56. I struggle to set a good example to others daily. I fail miserably. I work with young children at church and I am finding it harder and harder to hold it together. For me , I wish that the breakthrough would be respect for your elders! The older generations have so much to offer, but patience run thin! I try to approach each week as a new week and a new challenge! God works on me hourly!

  57. Nancy Griggs says:

    After my husband died I had many breakdowns in regard to my three adopted children. Once I left them after riding horseback because they wanted to chat ( with the handsome guy leading them). It didn’t take long for the Lord to straighten me out and I was back apologizing to them.

  58. Dawn Boerding says:

    I am learning to be more patient, This is a battle for me b/c I like things my way too. I need to breath and really think about how to approach an important conversation that I need to have with a family member. It is helping a whole lot not to react. Thanks for the reminder.

  59. Martha T. says:

    A friend I treasure is Leesa.

  60. Michelle Ray says:

    Only one breakdown?…hmmm…so many to choose from 🙂
    The biggest, however, was as I was going through my divorce. I was trying to “fix” things on my own, taking on the huge burdens of single motherhood, court, depression, etc. I was totally caught up in pity, self-loathing and loneliness. Then one day, I decided to pray, really pray. I know what you’re thinking…THAT was your breakthrough? Doing what you’re supposed to do? But, yes, it was. When you are so far down, there’s only one place to look…UP! I poured out my heart and HE heard me! He welcomed me back! I put everything into His hands and WOW…life started to turn around for me and my kids. So, my breakthrough was that even if I think God is too busy to deal with my wallowing or that I’m not worthy of His attention, He WANTS us to come to Him. No matter what! How comforting that is!

    1. Amy Carroll says:

      And it’s been pure joy watching you walk in the freedom you’ve found. Hugs to you, friend!

      1. Michelle A Ray says:

        Thank you! Miss seeing you ?

  61. As a volunteer at my church’s resale shop, on occasion we have to reach out to people who can become difficult .We do want to offer Gods’ kindness to anyone and everyone who enters the door. Ephesians 4:32 ” Instead be kind to each other,,tenderhearted,forgiving one another, just as God through Christ has forgiven you.” Thanks for your devotion and the progressive dinner idea – what a beautiful and joyful way to deal with the situation.

  62. Lori Smith says:

    I actually DID lose a friend due to my selfishness. But God is in the restoration business, and even though He didn’t restore that particular friendship (yet), He showed me through that what it means to be a good friend. And then he placed many wonderful women in my life to share in my motherhood journey. My friend Suzy is my soul sister, and I couldn’t be more grateful for our friendship.

  63. Rebecca Garcia says:

    I am a planner as well, I like to plan things down to minutes sometimes. In the past some may have called me “controlling.” My sister (who is my best friend) and I have fought in the past over trying to control this situation or that. This summer we are taking a trip, and by God’s grace He has allowed me to yield my need to control and plan everything and just enjoy my family. Because love doesn’t demand it’s own way, He is helping me lay down my desires at times, in order to experience the joy He has for me.

  64. Sue Schechtman says:

    Lately God has been showing the power of opening each new day with out expectation to see what new friends and opportunities He will send my way. I have always been pretty flexible but this has been an extraordinary journey. God is so awesome.

  65. Dori Sheese says:

    Letha is my friend I cherish – she is a new friend that I work with, a pastor’s wife, and a very wise woman, even though she is younger than me! God has blessed my workplace with her! Thank you Lord! And thank you, Amy, for this giveaway!

  66. Having step children is hard. Having teenage step children while still in your late twenties is even harder! Not everything is perfect, and it is NEVER within your control. Breakdowns have happened and the enemy taunts the temptation to act irrationally at situations that are out of my control often. I absolutely love the scripture and prayer in today’s devotion. I’ll be writing this one down to stare at me and remind me that HE is in control, but only if I let Him be. I also seek counsel from my dear friend Liza on an almost daily basis! She encourages me, speaks truth and wisdom, brings me slushies, and prays for me. I’m so blessed to have such an amazing sister in Christ during my ALMOST breakdown moments. 🙂

  67. Janice Kesterson says:

    Love this devotion. I have a friend Jeanette that I almost hurt due to my selfishness at one time. We made it through it and are still great friends.

  68. My friend Susan-she is my sister of the heart!

  69. fran ballard says:

    From Breakdown to Breakthrough–thanks for this life kernel! Knowing, God absolutely has the best plans and solutions!

  70. Loved the article over at Proverbs 31, and the follow up here. The story that came to mind was several years back I had saved for a new dining room set. My husband had some significant health issues that year and was finally feeling better so we were celebrating with family coming over on Christmas eve. I found the set I wanted and ordered it only to find out it would not be ready for our celebration. It would not be delivered until the next week. At first, I will be honest, I broke down and had a pity party. Then God began to speak to my heart that it was not about the table and chairs, but a celebration of what he had done in our lives that year. I put a smile on and began to think how I could decorate to make it look awesome and give my family a wonderful time together reflecting on all God had done for us. Four days later, on Christmas Eve morning, I was getting things ready when a big truck pulled in our yard. My furniture arrived. I was floored. I began to weep. While I accepted and trusted, God was working in a way I couldn’t have imagined. I learned a powerful lesson that day about trusting Him. Trust and Let Go of my will in exchange for His will.

  71. Tammy Dyer says:

    The Lord is using me in so many new ways. Recently I had to leave my career in special education because of disabilities. I had major back surgery a year ago and with my physical inability and my retirement I was feeling pretty useless. God has sent me to a place of helpfulness for individuals in the area that need some simple things done for them…but some make me feel “just used”. Help me to let those feelings go…it doesn’t matter if they’re grateful or not….God is grateful and pleased. Blessings!!


    I have a friend named Kristina who has been there for me through it all. She works full time and is married and I have a 3yr old, 2yr old, 1 yr old and a baby on the way! Life is crazy in our home and at one point we weren’t sure what we were going to do when our 3rd one came along because we didn’t have the car or finances for a new one that would fit all of us. Our dear friends, rallied some other family friends together and surprised us one night with gifts for the baby and a Minivan! I never in my life would have picked out a minivan, but this act of love brought me to tears knowing I was not alone in this difficult season! I have the best of friends and to think they all planned this together, made the effort and gave the resources just so my kids and I could have a safe car to drive around, blows my mind and melts my heart. Every time I get into that cute little van I’m reminded how much I’m loved and God is with me., and into every detail of my life. We are still believing for financial breakthrough and a home with a washer and dryer, but we know we have the friends and Jesus to lean on in the meantime.

  73. Leigh Ann Norton says:

    I have a group of dear, precious friends at my church. We call ourselves the Soul Sisters. Their names are Davina King, Colbie Niswander, Amber Pettus, and Helen McKennon. I love them dearly. We support each other through the good times and challenging times. I am so thankful for each of these ladies!

  74. I battle my flesh daily as well. I am learning, but not there yet!

  75. Morgan Lawniczak

    My sister and my friend that I can always rely on.
    In the midst of family issues, we both have grown closer to each other and the Lord.

  76. I totally saw myself in your words today. Such a good message to take to heart. Cheryl, Vicki, Dorothy, Mary…among others…but these are my gifts from God as women who walk with God and have helped guide my path.

  77. I have two Godly friends who stand by and support me: Andrea and Cheryl. Recently I’ve realized that I need a breakthrough. God continues to bring me to a point of financial lack so that I can move beyond fear and meet the challenges with faith: the faith that I should have after many instances of Him providing for my needs. This last instance brought me face-to-face with the fact that I need a breakthrough in the area of fear taking the place of fair. I’m walking in my breakthrough helped by my two dear friends: walking in faith, not fearing but believing the God will supply all of my needs.

  78. Actually my brother’s friendship- I actually had a similar situation (miscommunication of plans) happen this morning! Reading your devo really spoke to me and reaffirmed how God speaks through others! Thank you for this!

  79. God always is helping me with my struggles I’m always running late on Sunday getting ready for Sunday School and I just pray to God to help me to get to Church on time and he does. Because I think the Satan tries to steal my joy and keep me from going to Church.

  80. The devotion today was very good. I can relate so much to wanting things to go my way, the way I had it all planned, but in ministry & in life we have learned this work “flexible” and to trust that God’s ways are higher & better than ours. Thank you for sharing your story. It also reminded me that I need to work on hospitality more–something God has been challenging me to do more of over the last few years.
    I have a dear friend named Missy that I don’t see as much as I used to, but will always hold a special place in my heart.

  81. Beth Thomas says:

    I treasure my friend Billy. She is such an inspiration to me. Always full of joy and really making the most of each day.

  82. Suzanne Barrett says:

    I was born a perfectionist. It’s been a tough road to come to know I am not the center of the universe. Just the other day I was miffed that my son didn’t call to wish me a happy Mother’s Day, but I asked the Father for a spirit of understanding and He came through for me. I realized my son HAD called a day or two earlier and had sent a photo to his Facebook page showing me with him on his wedding day.

  83. I can so identify with this! I had an event planned at my home when my besties announced she was having an event the same night! Selfish thoughts erupted befor I was able to be gracious. I ended up rescheduling
    My event and everything was fine! Thanks, Amy! Love your blog.

  84. R. Foster says:

    God has really used my friend Ginger to speak truth into my life. Thank you for the reminder to always turn to God especially when things don’t go the way I think they should go.

  85. Yes! Relationship prevails! My most precious friend: Stephenie B.!

  86. Jessica Hartley says:

    My friend Chassity is such an amazing friend! She has been a mentor and encouragement to me. She’s my prayer warrior since I’ve known her. She loves to read & write and encourage others with her thoughts about God’s word. She’s not judgmental and she listens! She’s truly a gift and treasure from God.

  87. These are such needed words for this planner! I think I need to commit Proverbs 16:1 to memory to help me remember what to do in those sticky situations of miscommunication or changed plans.

  88. Tammy Simpson says:

    One of the greatest treasures I’ve been given recently as I walk through this current journey God has me on is my dear friend Amy. She has been a solid rock for me as I transition from retirement from the Marine Corps and active duty life in the military into civilian life as a retiree. This transition as not been an easy one and the journey has been a challenge to figure out what my next steps are supposed to be and where/what God has for me. Amy has continuously been an anchor in prayer and support for me. Continuously standing in faith even when my faith seemed to be no where insight. God has not allowed me to isolate myself from her even when I felt like doing so because she was never willing to leave me where I was. I’m so thankful and blessed to call her my dearest friend.

  89. Ramona Johnson says:

    My beautiful friend and wonderful blessing-Michele

  90. Multiple (almost) breakdowns going on right now!! We are in the process of buying a house 750 miles away (I didn’t see it until the closing this past week!), trying to sell our current house (being on standby at all times for realtor showings), Packers and movers come next week, shuffling two kids to all their activities, trying to squeeze in last minute dr.appointments for everybody, dealing with teenage drama, the list goes on and on! God has reminded me multiple times to just be still and let Him take control…super hard for a planner, such as myself. But, He’s teaching me through the process how much I really MUST lean on Him and His promises.

  91. Thank you for the beautiful message and reminder to hold onto our plans with open hands. There have been too many times when I’ve been upset and not reacted well when my plans did not work out the way I wanted, but God always knows what is best for me AND for my friends. I love all of my dear friends and some of them are currently experiencing very challenging situations. In particular, I lift up my friend Deborah.

  92. My sweet friend, Shauna. Life felt so much more full together before we became parents to little ones. It’s hard to maintain what we once had but I’m so thankful for our intentional breakfasts together once a month. It’s a time for us to get real, share the wounds of hearts and pray. Together, we ask for more – more in our friendship, more in our families, more in our marriages, more in our churches. More God and more love. More of Him and less of us.

  93. Carol – a dear friend for 44 years.

  94. My friend I treasure is Felicia! She is a great listener and doesn’t pass judgement. She listens intentionally and with an open heart, allowing God to speak through with wise counsel. She is passionate about her calling and is a prayer partner I can trust.

  95. Anna, marni, heather, jeannie, maria, cindy, emilie. Each one is a precious treasure for different reasons. Im grateful for the presence of each one in my life!

  96. Great honest devotion today,

    Too many meltdowns to pick one so I will leave the name of a treasures friend. Tonja.

  97. My sweet friend Gretchen

  98. Renee Lee says:

    Suzette Brown-Belle

  99. Jody Edwards says:

    I treasure my friend Nancy. She is so upbeat and forgiving. A wonderful example of Christ’s love!

  100. Estelle Barnette says:

    I treasure my precious friend Kandy Beckner and hope to be able to share this gift with her! I so related to your feelings of struggling with having my own way with my own plans that I make. I loved your prayer about making our “plans with open hands”. Thank you for your insight and for blessing me this morning through your devotion! ❤️

  101. I treasure my friend, Tami. I have learned when we disagree about a matter, I can still be kind in expressing my views and leave the friendship in tact and closer than before. God has given me a breakthrough in this area – graciousness with humility is the bridge between divided hearts.

  102. Waynell, Lyla, Sherri, Donna, Kelley

  103. Gail Moore says:

    Thank you for sharing this story. Very encouraging. Stopping to ask the Lord what he thinks!! Doing this, is awesome advise that we need to remember. I have had to stop and talk to God a lot in stressful situations. You see I have Multiple Sclerosis and I have to rely on a wheelchair to get around. And help from caregivers on a daily basis. I get frustrated with my body because it does not respond to things I want to do. When I get frustrated I stop and thank the Lord for the things I can do. Stopping and praying makes all things better. It has been my prayer that I would be an inspirations to others. He keeps answering that prayer. Thank you again for my daily encouragement.

  104. I’ve lived in two different countries and been through many different seasons and in each God has given me a close godly friend and they each have spoken so much into my life. I’ve also had to say goodbye to my dearest friends as they and I serve the Lord in multiple countries. I’m in the process of having to say goodbye once again to a dear friend, Corina Balta, as they go to a foreign mission field ministry and my heart is torn between missing her uplifting encouragement and sharing life together with the knowledge that she will be blessing others where God is sending her family. I’ve learned it makes heaven so much sweeter as I will never have to say goodbye to a close friend again and I will get to see them all again in one place!!

  105. I’m so thankful for my dear friend Jeanne! We love to walk and talk! We can encourage each other in our struggles!

  106. stephanie says:

    I am so grateful and thankful for my best friend Linda. she is there for my breakdown moments!

  107. I treasure my friend of 15 years named Christina

  108. Recently, my house has become a hub of people joining us for dinner. I work full time and have 4 very active children so I always have a “plan” for the evening. When people show up that I have not planned for, I would often be resentful (I don’t have a lot of time at home and do cherish my alone time). But God has really nudged my heart that this is HIS plan for me. I do still struggle at time, but know that God has a plan and I am trying to obey!

  109. My very best friend for over 30 years is Sandy. I said a simple prayer, Lord bring someone special to the empty house next door. That was in military housing in Hawaii. He answered that prayer beyond what I could imagine. Sandy and family moved in and we became friends easily. As happens we moved and moved again. Two years later we ended up in Colorado and God moved them here also, just a couple of houses from ours. Our kids grew up together and now we are sharing our lives with all the grandkids. My life has been blessed mightily my this women of God. How good our Lord is.

  110. My friend Kim, we had our babies near the same time almost 15 years ago and though we live far away from each other now she is a trusted friend who faithfully points me to Jesus. Thanks for your blog Amy!

  111. Julie O'Brien says:

    Thankful for a sweet friend named Catherine who I can share tears of struggle and laughter with..sometimes in practically the same moment! Life would be a lot harder without her.

  112. This is a beautiful reminder to start the day. He is with us in the midst of our near breakdowns! Today I am thankful for my friend Cristin who just told me about a breakthrough moment she had.

  113. I’m thankful for friends who aren’t perfect and don’t act like they have it all together. I’m thankful for real, authentic friendships. I’m thankful for friends who can just be themselves. I’m thankful for Suzy, Heather, Emily, Katherine, Rachel.

  114. Great blog this morning!! I am planner too, but God has surely changed many of my plans. He has shown me that He is control and His plans are always better. I planned a girl weekend with 5 girls and ended with just my best friend Tonya, which honestly was the best!!! I am so blessed by several great ladies in my life but Tonya and I have endured 20 years together. The longest relationship for both of us? Thanks for reminding me that He thoughts are not our thoughts but His ways are always better!!

  115. Taisha Turner says:

    My special friend is my sister Anita Clark.

  116. Thinking of one of my dearest friends…one I call sister. Her name is Dee. We had a miscommunication over a year ago and although we have forgiven each other, we have only communicated via brief text messages a handful of times since then. We both say we miss each other but haven’t spoken. ?

  117. Denise Montgomery says:

    My sister Donna is my dear friend. She is always there for me to lend an ear and I love her with all my heart!

  118. Melissa Dammeyer says:

    Julia Baker is my new found friend

  119. Thank you. This devotion came at the perfect time, as I am struggling with what Gods plans are.

  120. My dear friend is Rose Marie!

  121. I know when my plans change I have difficulty with it. Going to place proverbs 16:1 where I see it daily. Thank you. Goinv to post the name of my dearest friend of over 30 years. Mary

  122. Laura was my best friend for 20 yrs. even after she moved to a different city just a 2hr. drive away, We still made time for each other. I loved her like a sister – never had one before. Anyway, she has not spoken or contacted me for 17 years now. I am 66 years “mature” and have reached out in letters, sending her invitations to my childrens weddings, birth announcements, birthday cards for a while , etc. After much sorrow & prayer the pain is not as severe but I still miss her. I have not one idea what I did wrong and would like closure. My son who is a wonderful listener with a deep relationship with the Lord has had “real” conversations regarding this situation and he encouraged me over the years to keep reaching out to her – so I have. But not all stories have a happy ending and so I am accepting that I have done all I can do. There has never been another woman I can call a best friend but will keep praying. So happy Amy that you see the value in nurturing friendships. Love following your work.

  123. Over the past two years I have developed a sweet, biblical friendship with my dear friend Amy.

  124. Had a situation with a friend years ago that was very trying. She said some very hurtful things and by God’s grace, I just apologized for unintentionally hurting her feelings, and kept my mouth shut. Eventually the chill thawed and we talked about it over a glass of wine one night. I told her it was in the past. I’m so glad to this day that God’s Spirit worked through me. Would love to win the Beth Moore book. Thanks Amy. God bless!

  125. Christi Oakley says:

    my Friend Janet

    1. Christi Oakley says:

      My phone was messing up and wouldn’t let me finish…my friend Janet is a wonderful example of putting others first before her own plans.

  126. It’s just been a really rough year. My husband and I have been wounded by people who we thought were our friends. To read this and know that there are Godly Friends who can be trusted has been an encouragement to me. Thank you.

  127. Peggy Corbett Carpenter says:

    Today’s message “From Breakdown to Breakthrough was very enlightening and I now have a solution for all the possible breakdowns in my life. I love to talk to God and when an answer comes from my prayers, it truly is a breakthrough. Thank you for this wonderful life lesson.

  128. Michelle Castro says:

    As someone who loves to be in control, I’ve had to battle this issue often! My husband and I served as missionaries for 20 years, also my husband is Latino! That says it all! God is good and faithful and Im so glad that I can hear His voice.

  129. Adrienne Shale says:

    My friend Becky

  130. Stephanie Burnham says:

    I treasure my dear friend Jillian DeWald.

  131. My precious friend Kristy

  132. Kathy Willis says:

    God has been doing such a work in my heart recently about how I respond. He is teaching me to respond with love and kindness and not with venom or sarcasm. He wants others to see His love through me and by responding to them in a Christ-like manner, that becomes possible.

  133. I treasure my friend Shelly.

  134. I went on a school trip with my daughter yesterday, after being around the Mom’s it made me so thankful for the church friends I have. It also showed me how much these mom’s need Jesus’ love.

  135. This devotion really spoke to my heart!!! Thank you so much for sharing, as I could totally relate to ‘not having my plans interfered with’! Oh, how selfish I could be when I don’t take the time to pause! I appreciate how you practically showed us how it is done through your authenticity! I was blessed!

  136. Amy, this devo came at a perfect time. We have a party tomorrow. OUTDOORS. It is supposed to rain. It’s been a hectic week- May is a hectic month for me because of all the birthdays in my family and add to that concert season for my kids’ schools. So I’m kind of tired to boot plus this event this weekend has my brain inoverdrive. These are ingredients for a perfect BREAKDOWN and for my sisters and I to spew mean words to each other and me to spew angry words to my family. But then, THIS DEVOTIONAL!!! So to answer your question, this morning- God uses YOUR WORDS to take me from breakdown to breakthrough!!! God is good!!!!!!

  137. This is so true, relationship over will. I have had so many times when the three year old in me wanted her way! So glad you worked it all out and remained close! I am thankful for Donna.

  138. I treasure my best friend of 18 years, Roxy. She has seen me at my worst and at my best, and visa versa. We have had our ups and downs, but we have always supported each other and been there when we each needed the most. Shes helped me put food on my table, and I’ve helped give her a roof over her head. Shes my soul sister 🙂

  139. Thankful for Frances and Christy

  140. Jeanette Connolly says:

    Nancy Cooke

  141. Jenny is my best friend and I have known her for over 30
    30 years

  142. Hey Amy, up early this morning and just came across your blog via P31. I definitely need to break up with perfect. I’m sure I have been a brat many times, but I am thankful for Rachel, Anna, Adriana, Heather, Katherine, and Emily, who have loved me anyway:)

  143. I’m definitely a planner and I struggle to be flexible when plans go awry. I’m praying and working through my struggles with perfectionism and instead seeking to embrace grace.

  144. Teresa R. Parker says:

    Rhonda Carol Hubbard

  145. My friend and prayer partner Jean.

  146. Whitney Potter says:

    My mom, Jean Edenfield. Often times my plans and hers don’t exactly line up and I’m reminded to show love rather than focus on getting my way. Loved your devotion this morning. Thank you for sharing.

  147. Janet Scheunet says:

    My Soul Sisters. S❤️S

  148. Michele O’Leary says:

    Amy~I really enjoyed your post. I so can relate. I get all sweaty when my plans take a turn and shifts away from my way. God reminds us to pause and be still in him in all things.

    My special friend’s name is Barb ?.

  149. How timely God is and always in the big and little things of our lives. Just last night before I went to bed I received a text from a friend that completely took me off guard and totally derailed plans for a group event we had been planning. My initial reaction was frustration, confusion, hurt and honestly, anger. I started to respond with a text that explained my anger and frustration. However, God’s gentle nudging said to me, wait to respond, sleep on it, then respond. Not to my surprise (because God is in all the details of my life- big and small and his timing is perfect!), I wake up this morning to your devotion! I too am a planner, and unfortunately, struggle big time when my plans don’t go the way I think they should or have planned. However, I realize this is the Holy Spirit speaking to me. I trust that God has the best plans in mind for this event. I have written Proverbs 16:1 down on a index card and plan to continue to commit this to heart and remember it before I respond today. Thank you so much for sharing your story and for reminding us, its not about us and our plans. It’s about God’s will and his plans. I know His plans are not for me to ruin a friendship. He instead wants me to respond as His son Jesus would. Yes, our best laid desires and plans will go astray but God’s plans are for good. Thank you for reminding me to respond as God would want me to and not how my human flesh wants to 🙂

  150. My youngest daughter, Nicole.

  151. Daniëlle Jacobs says:

    My mom, Elizabeth is my best friend, we pray together, laugh together, cry together, she is the best!

  152. Oh how I long for close friendships like that. Pray that I can step out in faith and humility to grow just one friendship this year. Praying for my friend Merritt.

  153. My treasured friend Pamela. ~Lisa~

  154. Virginia, my daughter and dear friend who is soon to be a beautiful bride!

  155. Barb Greschaw says:

    I treasure my friend Sharon.

  156. Elaine Stewman says:

    My friend Debbie is the friend I treasure. She is amazing!

  157. Tiffany Weaver says:

    This post has really convicted me. Yesterday, I did not behave as I should because my plans didn’t go how I thought they should. Thank you for sharing this post. I have a dear friend Stacy that is helping me develop my new faith.

  158. Julie Kolodji says:

    I had a breakup with a dear friend years ago,.. The chasm was deep and wide. The Lord spoke to my hardened heart and through prayer – lots of it, and a whole lot of grace we reconciled. Calling her to ask her to meet me for coffee was hard… We both cried and apologized and forgave. Our friendship was refined and is deeper now than it ever was before our rift. We treasure our time together…. I recently moved across the country…. She was the first friend to fly out for a long weekend to see my new home. Friends are Gods special gift to us!

  159. Great post! My friend Courtney would love the third set. Thanks 🙂

  160. Elaine Ulrich says:

    Dear Daughter and Friend, April

  161. I have a dear friend, Debbie. We’ve been friends since we were toddlers and we’ve gone through so much with each other. She will have many jewels in her crown for everything she’s done for me.

  162. What a blessing this blog entry was to me this very early morning . I am usually a”fly by the seat of my pants
    type of person . I do get tired of waiting until my husband makes a plan so I go ahead and plan something. It ends up being left behind for my husband’s wishes or work schedule .You are very mature acting like a three yo!!! I revert back to my terrible twos. I am learning slowly but surely to listen to your voice Papa and let reason prevail.