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The Astounding Shift of Living Pre-Approved


In Grit ‘n’ Grace podcast episode #4 Cheri and I discuss the one simple word can change the hard places of relationships. It’s a word that can set us free and strengthens our relationship muscles. Cheri and Amy process Jennifer Dukes Lee’s concept of living preapproved—safe in the knowledge of God’s premeditated love for us. It’s a game-changer for mistrust, conflict, and misunderstanding! Click here to listen to the podcast.

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  1. Amy, I just left a comment over at Cheri’s website, but this podcast was so goo (as was podcast #3!) I will be thinking for days about living “pre-approved” and really can relate to those imaginary conversations. I’m sharing links to your podcasts because they are just so good! Thank you both!

  2. I appreciate what you said in the podcast: “It really starts in our time with God, that the root of all of this is knowing that we’re loved by God. If we know that we’re pre-approved by Him, everything else changes.” And “God’s love is a feast but how often do I act like He has me on a diet? That He doles things meagerly out to me, like there was just a little plate of something on the table for me. That word just gave me such a visual of the abundance, of the lavishness of God’s love, that it’s a feast. He doesn’t have us on a diet.” Thank you Amy and Cheri. I’m looking forward to your next episode, and also to your “Breaking Up with Perfect Online Book Study, Amy, coming in August!

  3. Thank you very much for this podcast. Your honesty ,truth, laughter, and love for the Lord lifted me up. I like the fact that we are we are already approved by God Yes, we are all still in process. We do need to dwell on how much He loves us and others and not all of our short comings. God is love and we can love because He first loved us.