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Three Ways to Market Your Message

Psalm 81:10

We’re all afraid to be “that speaker”. You know the one– the one who markets so loudly that you give an instantaneous eye-roll when you see her latest post or promotion. None of us want to be that person, and I believe that’s the heart behind this reader question about how to market your message:

What do you think about sending a bio sheet to various churches around the country sort of “marketing” yourself? And maybe a copy of my devotional? Good or bad? ~Blog Reader

I think it’s a great thing to do, and I’ll tell you why.

When I work with clients, I always start with a devotion using Psalm 81:10, “I am the Lord your God, who brought you up out of Egypt. Open wide your mouth and I will fill it.”

There’s His part which is the “I will fill it” part when God floods in and multiplies our efforts. He supernaturally creates more impact than we ever could on our own.

It’s the “open wide your mouth” part I want to address today. So many women in ministry hesitate to do any promoting or marketing at all because we’re afraid we’ll cross lines of what’s godly behavior. Self-promoting seems so selfish. When God tells us to “open wide your mouth”, He’s telling us to do our part. These are the daily steps of obedience to get our message in front of people who He wants to hear it.

Most of us are unsure of how to get the word out, however. Personally, I’ve found that the marketing is that is most comfortable and effective is relationship based. Here are three steps I’ve taken to get the word out about the messages God has given me.

  1. Mail a letter and a biosheet– Early in my speaking ministry, I make a spreadsheet of people I know and love. I included family, friends, people I had gone to church with, and women with whom I’d attended Bible studies. I wrote a letter humbly explaining what God was doing in my life concerning speaking. I then asked them if they’d pray about recommending me to their women’s ministry leader. Looking back, I know it would have been more effective to include a biosheet so that they could hand something written to that leader along with their recommendation. My gracious loved ones helped me get several speaking events!
  2. Send email updates to places you’ve spoken in the past– I’ve been more intentional in the last few years about keeping in touch with the event planners I’ve spoken for in the past. Not only do I already have a warm relationship with these leaders, I also love to go back a speak places more than once. The relationships are already established, so God’s able to move in the next event much faster without a “warm up” period. I try to send a couple of emails a year with new topics and ministry updates.
  3. Create a printed card to mail to local churches and places where you have contacts– When I was a women’s ministry leader, I quite honestly was most interested in speakers who I knew or who were referred by someone I trusted. Kathi Lipp has said that printed cards are most effective for her because leaders save these whereas emails get deleted. This is my next project! I’ll hire a graphic designer to make it look professional and include just a few parts to keep it short and sweet:
    • A personal photo & short bio
    • A relevant topic description
    • Contact information

Making your marketing personal will warm up the whole process, and I believe you’ll get better results. Have you tried any ways of getting the word out that work for you? We’d love to hear, Speaker Girls!



Struggling to get a biosheet together by yourself? I understand! Coaching speakers through biosheet content is one of my favorite things. Click here to lread the description of this service.

Here are some recent kind words from our clients…

“I wanted so badly to give this 30 minute talk without notes (except for the Bible passage I read). Well, God showed up in so many ways. I got away from the podium and engaged with the audience, but best of all I felt like God delivered a message through me that moved the women. I want to thank you for giving me the confidence I needed and encouraging me and teaching me. You are a gifted teacher and coach.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.” ~Christy Mobley

“God has given me a gift, but to me it seemed like puzzle pieces waiting to be put together to form a complete picture. One by one, piece by piece, you are helping me to put the puzzle God has given me together.  Before we started, I was totally confused as to where and how to begin but you have laid out an organized plan for me to follow enabling me to be obedient to His calling.” ~Robin King

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  1. I really needed this today as I seek to establish ministry in Charlotte after moving here only a couple of years ago. It’s so hard at times to “promote” yourself, however, I know that He is the One being promoted when I speak and so I can move forward in confidence!

  2. Wonderful ideas and I am planning to implement them!!! You are the best!!! (And thanks for answering the question. 🙂 )