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Three Rich Resources for When You Need Empathy

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Have you ever been starving for some empathy, hurting so badly that you thought you couldn’t go on? Not only can you not speak up (like I equip women to do here), there are No. Words. Maybe you even feel that way today. If so, I understand.

Two of the circumstances that have made me feel that way were a couple of seasons of church hurt and losing my friend to breast cancer when we were young moms.

Maybe you’re facing something different: the death of a spouse or child, job loss, bankruptcy, divorce… in this broken world, the list goes on and on.

My heart is with you in your hurt today, no matter what the source is.

In my devotion, “How Jesus’ Empathy Changes Everything,” I share about how understanding Jesus’ empathy for my hurt unleashed both power and healing.

Over the years, healing has come from many sources. Loved ones’ kindness and forgiveness are a couple of ways that my heartsickness has started to turn to health.

But there are also a few books that have also been major sources of healing for me. I’m doing a giveaway of three of them today:

You’re seeing a picture of my well-worn versions, but I’ll have a new copy of each shipped to one randomly selected winner. (Note: Winners must live in the US for shipping, but if you’re international, I’ll send you an Amazon card.)


If you’d like to enter to win these books, please leave a comment. You can just say “Jesus empathizes with me.” If you’d like to say more, I’d love to hear how you’ve learned to apply His empathy in your pain.

There will be one winner that I’ll announce on Tuesday, Nov. 9th, but I highly recommend these books for everyone. They’re wonderful gifts of empathy (given at the right time) for hurting friends too.

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    1. Amy Carroll says:

      He sure does. Blessings to you, Donna!

  1. Penny Uhlenbrock says:

    I never thought of Jesus empathizing with me. I will ponder and think more about this during those down times.

    Thank you for those words.

  2. Jenn Reeves says:

    Watching The Passion of Christ took the sting out of a very painful time for me.❤️

  3. Mike Fowler says:

    Personal experience has shown me that Jesus is always with me. Jesus’ empathy is always present when I need Him.

  4. Renee Kelly says:

    So thankful that Jesus empathizes with me and that He ALWAYS keeps His promises!

  5. Dori Sheese says:

    We have been going through a season of hurt in our church, had several couples and families leave the church, and are still trying to heal from this. I covet your prayers, and would love to have one of the books you are giving away to share with multiple people/families. Thank you for this opportunity!

  6. Jesus emphatizes with me.

  7. Vivi Flores says:

    I know and I have felt that Jesus empathize with me because I have felt him in my life through my grieving process when my dad died last year from lung cancer. I felt his embrace, I felt his comfort I felt his love. I know he is real I know he is the man of sorrows. But I also learned that he has a plan of redemption, of perfection,And most of all of complete healing from sin. I am thankful for my Savior.

  8. Heather Housman says:

    My pain is so deep and is currently so heavy. I do know my JESUS cares and feels my pain. I love HIM for loving me so much. I have known His presence in the midst of my storm.

  9. I really needed this devotional today! Thank you!

  10. Denise Ng says:

    Thankful for Gods Spirit that counsels me and also works in the lives of those around me to provide comfort I didn’t even know I needed. All glory and honor to God!

  11. Kimberly Augustson says:

    I had never considered the possibility of empathy from Jesus before today’s devotional. It’s always felt like I was being left in silence, with no words of encouragement to get me through the problem du jour. Knowing that he fully understands my hardships – physical, mental, and financial – helps tremendously with setting and hopefully achieving the day’s goals. Knowing that Jesus empathizes with me will help me get through each day, one day at a time. So thank you for this devotional, you have helped ease my heart and my head a little bit.

  12. Jesus empathizes with me as I grieve my mother’s death and go through a divorce after being married for 37 years. He’s always with me, no matter what and I’m so thankful!

  13. Susan Watkins says:

    A Grace Disguised seems to fit my health issues right now. Sometimes pain is the path to answers. Thank you for your devotional today.

  14. Laura Lymburner says:

    Jesus empathizes with me!

  15. Desiree Zeleznikar says:

    My mom passed away 2 1/2 years ago from Alzheimer’s. I still struggle with the grief of her loss. People don’t understand, I also have neuropathy in my right foot and lymphedema in both legs. The physical pain is so great at times, that I cry out to God to take it away. Again, people don’t understand. I am so thankful to God for always being there for me and getting me through some pretty tough times.

  16. Carla Garrett says:

    JESUS is my strength and courage. MORE OF Jesus please.

  17. Paulette Burtenshaw says:

    “Jesus empathizes with me.”

  18. Sue C Schreffler says:

    Jesus empathizes with me! He feels my pain and my joy!

  19. Knowing Jesus loves me, understands my trials and intercedes for me is Everything. Please Lord, help me to extend Your grace to others.

  20. Paige Collins says:

    Jesus, empathizes with me.

  21. Jesus empathizes with me
    I recently was diagnosed with breast cancer.. surgery and radiation treatments done..tiredness is still ongoing
    Through it all my husband expected me to do the sanitizing, cleaning, dinner etc..I am just soo weary
    Blessings to you

  22. Janet Johns says:

    Jesus empathizes with me! Even though I find comfort in Jesus, I still feel lonely on this earth sometimes and long to be understood by family and friends. Thank you for what you are doing!

  23. Jesus empathizes with me. Thank you for the sweet reminder!
    I think from time to time we remember that Jesus went through many trials and therefore understands us in our human nature (pain, temptation, etc). I think what we at times ultimately desire is that He would take the cups of suffering from us, deliver us instantly from pain or trials, because we know that He can in an instant and nothing is impossible for Him. It’s having to reconcile the two thoughts in our mind that can be hard: that He can deliver us or our loved ones, but at times He allows us to walk through these hard times despite that …

  24. I have had a cousin and aunt both pass away just a few weeks ago due to Covid. They died one day apart. During all this hurting and despite the fact I know God’s with me…my heart just has so much pain to feel like He’s there. I don’t just want to know; I want to feel Him there! I even remind myself how Jesus wept when Lazarus passed away! He knew what it was like to suffer loss. But still it doesn’t help! I feel like I’ve been abandoned. I think I’m going to read John tonight! Thank you for this devotion.

    1. Amy Carroll says:

      Tammy, I’m so sorry for your tremendous loss. I’m praying that God meets you as you read John tonight. He can handle every emotion you have, so lay it all on Him. He loves you so much!

  25. Jesus empathizes with me. Just what I needed to hear today. He knows my hurt and hardship.

  26. Laura J Hildebrand says:

    I suffer daily from chronic pain, and it helps me to know that my Savior empathizes with me.

  27. I am going through a season of grief at the loss of a relationship. I chose to leave as my health continued to deteriorate while in a relationship with an unbeliever. I felt he would see Christ in me and desire to change his ways and seek the Lord. Now I am faced with an ongoing stress-related illness or to leave and find healing near my sons and their families. I found that many who I counseled with encouraged the change. I felt conflicted and now realized I could be shortening my life by continuing in an emotionally abusive situation. Thanks to the empathy from others and some counsel I recently received, I realized that God wants me to be in a place of love and acceptance from family and friends. Thank you for your tender-hearted approach to those in need. I found God’s Word my refuge during the many years of living in an unequally yoked marriage that slowly eroded my joy in living with health issues. May God bless you for your kind words.

  28. Jesus empathizes with me. I’m struggling to understand how he emphasizes with infertility, but I’m trying…

  29. Angie Steffen says:

    My main hurt comes from when I was a little girl. My dad gave up his rights and my step dad adopted me and my brother. I never realized how much that impacted my life until this year. My dad and I started our relationship over 26 yrs ago. I felt finally complete, and was truly happy. The closer I got to him, the ruder my mom got to me. My relationship with my mom had always been rocky. But this past Mother’s Day my mom actually apologized for everything. That was amazing and that burden was lifted.
    With my dad, 10yrs ago my dad and my step mom and sisters started to become distant with me. I wish 10yrs ago I would of asked why? But I did not, so now my dad is no longer talking or my step mom or sisters.
    This past July I wrote a letter to my dad and stepmom. I apologized for anything I said or did. I left my number, and my husband’s number. I put a picture of my Son’s Marine Boot Camp Picture in it. I explained I would love to get to know them again. I also included my kids would love to get to know him. I also included, we are not getting younger and I don’t want something to happen that we can not say what we want. I prayed every night he would reach out to me, but he did not. I felt that emptiness like I did when I was told my stepdad was going to adopt me.
    The Holy Spirit has been pushing me to write again. Honestly it hurts knowing I was rejected twice, and now I have to write another letter.
    Well, I am going to write that letter today. I hope and pray my dad and stepmom and sisters reach out to me. I have never been one with going to face conflict. I always felt, “it will get better on its own”. This has effect my life over the 10yrs. I felt jealousy when I saw how close my husband and my daughters are. The love my husband and father in law shared right before he passed. I just need lots of prayers to help me with this letter, and I hope they reach out to me.
    Thank you ahead with all the prayers!
    God Bless

    1. Amy Carroll says:

      Praying for you as you write that letter, Angie.

  30. Jesus emphazies with me!

  31. Jesus empathizes with me!

  32. Jesus empathizes with me.

  33. Jesus emphathizes with me

  34. Lisa Bowden says:

    “Jesus empathizes with me.”

  35. Annie Buck says:

    I am so glad I serve a God who doesn’t sit remote and unreachable. “He was a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief.” He knows our pain and understands our sorrows.

  36. Amber Dorrell says:

    I’m very thankful and grateful for the realization that Jesus empathizes with me and also for everyone!! Thank u for your hard work it’s very much appreciated.

  37. Jesus empathizes with me. ??

  38. Christie Carroll says:

    Jesus empathizes with me. When I read these words today, I felt immediate peace within. I so needed this today. Thank you!

  39. Jesus empathize with me. Empathy has been my Achilles heel, I so wish to be able to give. Be present and really feel. I can’t imagine being empathetic like Jesus. That would be life changing.

  40. Jesus empathizes with me. Empathy is a long journey for me as I have a difficult time understanding it. I expect it, but giving it. Feeling it and sharing has been my Achilles heel. What would happen if I see it through his eyes!

  41. Lindy Shelton says:

    Jesus knows my pain of rejection!

  42. Deanna Crump says:

    Jesus, I’m so grateful that you empathize with me. There are so many that need you Lord and I know your heart is to be with each one. I pray that every person who needs you would feel your sweet presence and welcome you into their heart. Thank you for being with me through my time of struggle and grief. You are my anchor and my cord and I’m hanging on for dear life.

  43. Debbie Worley says:

    JESUS empathizes with me. Thank you, Jesus!

  44. Jesus empathizes with me. Thank you for gathering and sharing these reminders…so grateful He does know what we feel and experience… that we’re not alone.

  45. Jesus empathizes with me when I feel I’m misunderstood & left out.

  46. Jesus empathizes with me. Thank You!

  47. I really needed this devotion today. For almost 6 years now I have been carrying some hurt from a serious wound , one I received from a pastor who said some things that left me, literally, in tears. Suffice to stay I struggle to trust men and those in church leadership to this day. I also suffer from chronic disease and it is hard to have daily pain and not have anyone who understands but I need to be in prayer and the word more bc you said it– Jesus empathize with me!

  48. “Jesus empathizes with me”! I am holding on to this truth with a death grip. My mother passed away at the beginning of the year. She was my best friend and my prayer warrior. I have never felt so alone in the world as I do right now. My head knows this is not true, but my heart is aching. It is comforting to know that Jesus truly knows what I am feeling.

    1. Amy Carroll says:

      I’m so sorry for your loss, Laura. I’m praying for you now to feel Jesus’ deep empathy for your grief.

  49. Pamela DeMarrais says:

    I really struggled daily with the fact that my beautiful, smart daughter has become a horrible person due to drug addiction. She’s on the run from the law now, and faces around 35 years in prison. Her four kids and me are heartbroken.

    1. Amy Carroll says:

      I’m praying for Jesus’ empathy to meet you in your deep pain, Pamela. Much love to you.

  50. Jesus empathizes with me. I have lost most of my immediate family in the last four years but Jesus is always there for me. Thank you for this devotional.

    1. Amy Carroll says:

      I’m thankful for Jesus’ empathy in your tremendous loss, Jana. My heart is with you.

  51. Terri Grimaldi says:

    JESUS empathizes with me

  52. Terri Anne Darby says:

    Jesus empathizes with me.

  53. Jesus empathizes with me.

    And that makes all the difference.

  54. Tasha Day says:

    Hallelujah, Jesus empathizes with me. Thank you for your devotion. I often feel alone and struggling with all this world throws at me.

  55. Gretchen Rauter says:

    I believe that Jesus empathizes with me in my head but so long to feel it in my heart right now as our family struggles in a very difficult season!

  56. Thank you for giving those of us who don’t live in the States another option for this giveaway. I am in a season right now where I feel very much alone but I know God is with me and will bring me through.

  57. Boy, this is hard. It’s easier to ignore pain than acknowledge it by saying Jesus sees the pain. 15 years ago I was actively involved in “All the Things” at church and family relationships when I developed disabling physical pain. but I still tried to keep doing everything I always had until I had a public melt down during a ministry of delivering holiday cookies to our shut ins. Like ugly cry meltdown. On the drive home, still slobbering and crying out that I couldn’t go on I heard Jesus speak to heart saying “you don’t have to sacrifice your body for your people, I’ve already done that.” It was the turning point for me. I still struggle to a lesser decree daily and still have those days when I need His assurance of empathy but oddly I try to ignore it for as long as I can. I guess because it’s such an intimate thing to accept His empathy.

    1. Amy Carroll says:

      Oh wow. This is such a powerful story, Pamela. I’m so thankful that Jesus met you in your pain and gave you rest.

  58. Linda Chang says:

    Jesus sympathizes with me !

  59. Jesus empathizes with me

  60. Jesus empathizes with me. Thank you Jesus!

  61. Jesus empathizes with me.

  62. Jesus Empathizes with ME!!! thank you Jesus for your understanding and empathy… I feel your saving love and comfort!

  63. I really struggle with my immediate family including my husband being unable to empathize due to high functioning Autism or Aspergers and so even a daily normal exchange of conversation showing caring doesn’t happen. I do so many things for self-care all involving Jesus, studies, music, etc. but some days I still struggle. I am having those feelings again this past week so I appreciate your reminder and will see about getting the recommended books from the library.

  64. Rose Hooper says:

    Jesus empathizes with me

  65. Shawnna Ross says:

    Jesus empathizes with me. I know He loves me even when I can’t seem to feel his love… even when I don’t love myself. I know he is there because He promised he would never leave me or forsake me.

  66. Sharon Cason says:

    Great reminder for those “heavy hearted” days. So thankful that Jesus empathizes with me on the most difficult and lonely days of my journey.

  67. Jenifer Leigh Crowl says:

    Jesus empathize with me as I face a custody trial this week. My theme throughout this season has been “The battle is His, not mine” Keeping my faith focused on God and not the problem itself has helped me to get through each day. Amen

  68. The last two months have been difficult for us. As I sat down with my coffee to have my morning time with God, I realized that I had not prayed. And this came immediately to my mind, “ precious Lord take my hand, lead me on, let me stand. I am tired I am weak I am worn. Through the storm, through the night.” This became my prayer for the day as I remembered how God is beside me every step of the way. When you mentioned church hurt, those words struck a nerve. I would like to request prayer as I seek to serve with the young mothers of our church.

    1. Amy Carroll says:

      I just spent time praying for you Martha. Church can be so hard, but what a privilege we have to be His bride. I’m praying He pours out His love on you and your mamas.

  69. Jesus empathizes with me. I struggle with believing this. I have endured years of emotional, spiritual, verbal and eventually physical abuse. I finally had the courage to tell the leadership at my church. That didn’t go well. It has just added to my hurt and trauma. Their original support was good but they rushed our reconciliation with little or no help for me to heal. I had 2 counseling sessions. There was no accountability for my husband. Once he was home it was radio silence. I have pleaded for help, but am yet to receive it. A couple from the church (not even our closest friends) have committed to meet with us weakly. I am so hurt and fearful…trusting the Lord is so hard, but I am trying. Pleading, praying, immersed in his word. Your devotional gave me a flicker of hope. I pray for help in my doubts and unbelief. I pray for strength to endure and to walk this path He has chosen for me. I have to remember that He loves me. He hasn’t forgotten me.

    1. Jenifer Leigh Crowl says:

      My heart goes out to you as I know this pain. I pray that you always remember that God is leading your next steps. Trust in Him even when it makes no sense. That sounds so easy to do, but is so much more difficult in real life. My heart feels your sadness and hurt. Sending you love ❤ and prayers ?

    2. Amy Carroll says:

      Cathy, my heart broke when I read your post. Jesus does love you. He hasn’t forgotten you, and He wants you to have true help in your painful situation.

      I’m thankful for the couple who has committed to meet with you. I also urge you to reach out to a certified counselor. You are facing layers of abuse and pain that that average person isn’t qualified to address. Focus on the Family has a consultation and referral service for Christian counselors. My family used this service in a crisis, and they helped us find a counselor that was a huge help. If the abuse is ongoing, please reach out to your local domestic violence shelter right away. I’ve volunteered in ours locally, and there are wonderful people there.

      I’m praying for you now. I know that our loving, faithful God wants you to be safe and healed.

  70. Wendy G Bronson says:

    Jesus empathize with me! What a wonderful Savior!

  71. Lestie Zachary says:

    Jesus empathize with me.

  72. Shelley S Metropol says:

    Jesus empathizes with me…He is holding me up as I support my husband in his last days.

    1. Jenifer Leigh Crowl says:

      Keeping you both in prayer ? ❤

  73. Jesus empathizes with my broken heart caused by trauma and abuse in my childhood that lead me on a journey to healing, as well as a full relationship with him! He has healed my broken heart and set me free!!! I’m now working on how I can help others and he has compelled me to write a book on my story. I hope to show others what a mess I was and that healing from abuse is not only possible with God but, also that he will replenish the years the locusts have eaten! God is so amazing and I never truly understood that until that healing came. Blessings to everyone reading this. There is hope for every soul ?

    1. Amy Carroll says:

      Your testimony left me in tears. Thank you for sharing, Patricia!

  74. Jesus empathizes with me as I am a caregiver for my elderly Mother who has dementia. Sometimes I feel so alone, but I know that He is always with me; He feels what I am feeling.

    1. Sharon Cason says:

      Oh how I can relate, dear Kim. I know the loneliness of caring for loved ones, the exhaustion, the weariness, and even the frustration. I pray you will sense God’s loving arms wrapped around you today.

  75. Jesus empathize with me. This I know for sure. He never left me in the loss of my Daughter and Mother.

  76. Jesus empathize with me

  77. Debbie Bogosian says:

    Jesus empathizes with me in my pain and sorrow. He has held me when I was hurting and given me a shoulder to cry on.

  78. Learning that Jesus empathizes with me, during a painful time.

  79. Tina Swanner says:

    “Jesus empathizes with me

  80. Bev Wiley says:

    Jesus empathizes with me.”

  81. Jesus empathizes with me.

  82. Kathy Semones says:

    Jesus empathizes with me.. I’m stuggling with becoming a widow for the second time in eight years…

  83. Carol Elburg says:

    Jesus emphasizes with me.

  84. Linda Chandler says:

    I want to learn how Jesus empathizes with me. I don’t think that I truly understand that right now. I would love to have these books to read.
    Thank you for all you do for the Lord, Amy.
    In His Service, Linda

  85. Rose Hoskins says:

    Jesus empathizes with me! When you said “heart sickness has turned to health” my soul leaped with excitement. I’ve been trying to crawl my way out of “the nothing” since 2007. I’ve called it the nothing because for along time that’s what I felt. The past 4-5 years, I’ve been gaining ground, yet there’s been something that I couldn’t put my finger on…. Heart sickness!

    1. Amy Carroll says:

      I’m praying for full heart health for you now, Rose. You are loved.

  86. Fiona Tyson says:

    By allowing me time to heal after realising how abusive my husband was towards me

  87. Carrie Barglof says:

    Jesus empathizes with me as I walk through a time of hurt.

  88. Carrie Barglof says:

    Jesus empathizes with me.

  89. I am learning how much Jesus emphasizes with us. Since retiring as a teacher, I have had more time to spend in the Word and really study it. Time well spent.