Lesson 9: A Devotion to Share

In our Facebook group, Carol gave a challenge that I’d like to share with everyone:

Amy reminds us in chapter 3 that we are to have a servant-like mentality and put others ahead of ourselves. What can you do this week to help someone?

Have you done something you’d like to share here in the comments? Or you can write your goal in the comments to make it “in-writing official.”

For the free download today, I thought I’d include a printable devotion to keep for yourself or to share with a friend as encouragement. Passing it along could be the way to help someone this week. 🙂

Click here to download “Love Rest”, a free devotion.

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  1. Vicki says

    Loved Michelle’s humor as she brings such STRONG truths! May need to this one more than once to glean everything. Thinking how I have wrestled with how God used women like Rahab that was in known sin and she lied , but yet she is the line in which Jesus came from , am I remembering that right?

    Also, so identify with taking my children’s bad choices or honestly just not my choices as my failure. Guilty here!

    • Amy Carroll says

      Vicki, you’re exactly right about Rahab. She was a prostitute in a pagan nation who lied to protect the Jewish spies. But she was also a woman of faith who God honored and folded into the nation of Israel. She’s also in the lineage of Jesus. Amazing grace!

      I feel the same as you do about Michele. I did the interview and was moved over and over, but when I read the transcript, I couldn’t believe how much meat was there!

  2. Melanie says

    I helped move a friend of my daughters that was in a unhealthy abusive marriage. She is starting over from nothing. I gave her a washer and dryer that were sitting in my garage.

  3. April Dawn White says

    Yesterday I delivered a chemo care package for my neighbor. The box contained homemade potato leek soup (she can only have liquids), chocolate chip cookies for her husband, a funny card, and individually wrapped items such as lip balm, lotion, Mio water flavoring, herbal teas, and freezer popsicles. I wrote on each item “Open me when…your throat needs soothing” etc