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Time to Launch

The last step is to launch your new website, and you should celebrate it like a birth. (It sure feels like one by now, right?!) After all the work you’ve done, you want to make sure people come visit your new cyber home. Here are some tips for making a splash with your launch.

  • Plan your launch like an event. Make sure your technical team is ready, and set a date. Start to think about your website launch like a party.
  • Make sure there’s new content on your new page. When people come to visit, they should have lots of new content to explore. Include content in different formats too: visual, blog posts, social media updates, video, etc.
  • Do some teasers. Let people know when you’ll launch and give them a little glimpse into an exciting part of your new website.
  • Create a party atmosphere. Be creative, and make your launch a party. Think about doing a giveaway a sharing party or something similar to celebrate and bring others in.

We’ve come to the end of our series on creating a new website for your ministry. I hope it has been helpful to you! I’m cheering for you if  you’re launching soon, and I’d love to hear about it here!


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  1. Hi, Amy! In January, I launched my blog for women in ministry leadership. I was a part of your conference call – “Finding Your Niche” and through prayer and reflection, realized my niche was women in ministry. I never anticipated writing a blog would benefit my own soul. Here’s the link:

    Thanks for all your great advice. Even though I don’t comment often, I have greatly benefited from this blog!
    Your Friend in Ministry,

    1. I loved visiting your site, Kate! You have really stepped into your niche, and it shows.

      Women’s ministry leaders who read this, you should stop by Kate’s site for wisdom and encouragement!

  2. God bless you for your ministry!. Thank you for all you do!

    1. Amy Carroll says:

      It is absolutely my pleasure! I pinch myself every day that I get to work with women in ministry like you.