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Travel Tips for Speakers

One of the things that delights me most about speaking is the travel.  My grandmother once said I have “wanderlust”, and she’s right!

Even though I love to be on the go, I’ve had both good and bad travel experiences.  Here are a few travel tips for speakers:

  • Travel light–When I’m driving I don’t worry so much about packing light, but I’ve gotten so I just hate lugging overweight luggage through airports.  Last year I did a two week trip to India with a small, carry-on suitcase, so I’ve decided I can definitely do a retreat weekend with a carry-on.  Building all my outfits around 2 pairs of shoes (one on my feet) really helps.  My neutrals are usually either black or brown, and I pick one to build everything around so that everything can mix and match.
             Note:  At She Speaks, all bets are off!  You will see me dragging in everything AND the kitchen sink.  I just need options and all
             my stuff for comfort there, so don’t remind me of my own rule.  🙂  BTW–SHE SPEAKS registration is OPEN!
  • Take a few extras–I love, love, love Hollywood Tape and have a small addiction to it.  It’s double sided tape that sticks on fabric and your skin to hold everything in place.  (No shoulder slips, bra straps peeking out, cleavage showing, etc.)  It will also fix unraveling hems, etc.  I’m also planning to buy some skin-colored medical tap to pack.  So often I have trouble with over-the-ear mics staying in place.  I’m going to be prepared to stick that thing to my neck or face next time!
  • Carry all your necessities on your person–I have a mortal fear of my notes being in checked luggage that doesn’t show up.  I will always clasp them close.
  • Take a snack–There’s nothing worse that making a close connection only to sit very hungry (none of us Americans are starving–just sayin’) on a plane.  Or in a car, you know there are long, rural stretches without a single golden arch.  A little bag of nuts  is great for tiding me over without eating junk.

These are just a few simple tips, but we’ll have more on Facebook and Twitter this week.  What’s your best travel tip?


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  1. I have become the queen of carry-on luggage. Agreed – two pairs of shoes, one on and one packed. And, I might add one is a pair of flats and one is a pair of heels.

    Large Zip Lock bags. Organize your small bottles in Zip Lock Bags – One Zip Lock for face stuff, one for hair stuff, one for Deodorant or/and light perfume (if you are going to wear any perfume keep it light – they need to be sitting in your lap to enjoy its fragrance…and then at that point…what’s the point?)

    And, I love having my girly undergarments in ziplocks. I don’t want those blue gloves, that touch everyone else luggage, touching my girly things…you know what I mean?

    1. Diane,
      I’m laughing AND nodding at that last tip. Great idea! I’m going to adopt it!!


  2. Crystal Hayduk says:

    For the medical tape to hold your mic – the cloth type is much more comfortable than the hard plastic type. I like to use clear steri-strips and put it on prior to putting on make-up. If you put the tape on over the make-up, it doesn’t stick as well. (I’ve never used this type of mic when speaking, but I am the mom of three children who are heavily involved in music and theater. I’ve “set mics” for them and many others on stage.)

    For carrying notes – carry in some type of closed folder, such as a binder that zips all the way around. I’ve seen some people use regular folders, and most do fine, but I am paranoid enough that I have worried about dropping the folder and having notes scatter. Just yesterday, while driving, the state police had blocked off a two lane street (the main thoroughfare in my small town) because some gentleman had dropped his folder and there were papers EVERYWHERE! He and two state troopers were in the road picking up dozens of papers being blown by the wind while traffic waited. I felt horrible for the gentleman – and grateful to the troopers who stopped to help. But can you imagine? (I can’t help but wonder what was on those papers!)

    With the snack, carry plenty of water. Speakers need to keep up with their fluids – it’s good for the voice.

    1. I carry my notes all on my Kindle Touch, and always have a backup on Google Docs, so if I lose my Kindle I can print out a copy when I arrive. I love this system… worry free and easy.