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Turning Cares into Prayers

Oh. My. How our words come back to haunt us.

For Encouragement for Today, we’re on a schedule that requires us to write the devotions two-three months ahead. Today’s devotion was written over two months ago…

When I was sleeping well, and living this truth fully.

God is trustworthy 2

But here’s the real deal in my life. As the release of Breaking Up with Perfect creeps closer, the stress is amping up. I needed this lesson myself today, because once again sleep has been elusive for me.

On one hand, I hate to admit this, and I thought about not telling you. Insomnia has been a life-long reaction to extra stress ever since my 20s, and so far I haven’t been able to completely break the pattern.

But I am breaking up with trying to look perfect, so that starts here where I’m committed to be authentic with you. I want you to feel safe being authentic here, too!

Here’s what I’m learning. Some changes come quickly and easily. Jesus puts His finger on it, we respond, and we’re instantly healed.

Other change, however, is progressive. These are the places that need a deeper, more challenging healing. Could Jesus heal them instantly? Oh, yes!

But as I agonized to my friend Holly—you know the drill, “WHY can’t I get past this?!”—she reminded me of how God uses our weak places to remind us of our need for Him. As my pastor said it,

Just as my devotion today said, I’m learning to turn my cares into prayers. I’m learning to lean into God instead of my own strength.

The lesson isn’t complete.

It’s taking some time to learn.

…but I trust God as He leads me through.

Here’s a tool that I’ve been using to record God’s words to me through scripture as He teaches me.

prayer journal

My friend Tara Furman developed this prayer journal, Growing Stronger Roots, and it’s a jewel. You can order it here, and you can enter to win a free copy by leaving a story of your progressive healing or by simply saying, “I’m turning my cares into prayers!”

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  1. I so struggle with feeling not good enough. Not a good enough singer, not clever enough at crafts, not good enough is so many ways.

    I struggle with feeling like I am a misfit, a defective item suitable for the clearance rack.

    I really want to break up with perfect and embrace the me that God created. I would really love to win a free copy of your book to start my journey!

    1. Amy Carroll says:

      Oh, Theresa… I know that when God dreamed you up He had a huge smile on His face. You delight Him, so rest in His lavish and healing love for you.

  2. I am breaking up with perfect!

  3. A work in progress with turning my cares into prayers…
    The struggle with anxiety and growing up can be exhausting.

  4. Linda Simpson says:

    I am turning my cares into prayers and my fears into trust

  5. I am turning my cares to prayer.This is very timely to me.Am going thru a situation where only God can answer me.Been replaying every negative thought in my mind,but I’ve also been speaking to him on the same.I realised that the more I speak to him,the more peace I get to experience. Am also learning to praise & glorify his name all the time.At times,I get overwhelmed & fear takes over,tho I have faith that all will be well,whatever the outcome,for as long as I believe & trust in him

  6. Kim Judice says:

    I’m turning my cares into prayers. I’m choosing faith over worry. Thank you for the devotion.

  7. I’m turning my cares into prayers!

  8. This is a great support in what I have been trying to do for the past few weeks: trusting God and placing my yokes and burdens on Him. I have so many with trying to sell our house, move to another city, get a new job, having my husband live 100 miles away and only seeing him once or twice a month, and with having a baby on the way while raising my six year-old son and working part-time at the nursing home. I may have my tears more often than before, but I am also working towards self-awareness and reminding myself to trust in the Lord and that all is for a reason. I am definitely turning my cares into prayers!!!

  9. I don’t have a pretty fancy journal, but a cute little notebook in which I record blessings, prayers, daily life, prayer reminders, and many thank you notes to God. I am learning over and over that turning my cares in to prayers is the only way to live. Praise God for His love at all times and for His strength and grace for every day and every task. Blessings on you Amy! God will get you through. He never fails!

  10. Lisa Richardson says:

    I am turning my cares into prayers

  11. I’m turning my cares into prayers!

  12. I’m turning my cares into prayers 🙂

  13. I’m turning my cares into prayers!

  14. Nancy Griggs says:

    I’m turning my cares into prayers!

  15. Love the devotional today and your transparency. Thank you for reminding us that God is in control and trustworthy. I am turning my cares into prayers and reminding others who are struggling with issues to turn them over to God. I will use the journal suggested (Growing Stronger Roots) to write down what these cares are and see how The Only Wise One will answer. God Bless, Shanda

  16. Roberta Walker says:

    I’m turning my cares into prayers. When I think I’ve given it to God and I still can’t get it off my mind, I just keep on praying. The other night I prayed for God to just give me His peace and I slept well the rest of the night. I know He’s got this. Trust and obey.

  17. Turning my cares into prayers.

  18. Cathy Collins says:

    Thank you for the message today! God used you to remind me that “I’m learning to turn my cares into prayers. I’m learning to lean into God instead of my own strength.” Holding you in my heart and in my prayers, Cathy Collins

  19. I am turning my cares into prayers.

  20. April Palmer says:

    “I’m turning my cares into prayers!”
    It’s been on my heart that I need to start writing down cares and turn them into prayers. While a basic notebook would work, this journal would be lovely to write those in! 🙂 🙂

  21. Lisbeth L. says:

    Learning to lean on God should be pretty straight forward- Cast your anxiety on Him because He cares for you[1 Peter 5:7]. Why then is it so hard to do this consistently? Because we are human with faulty cores, pure and simple. We need to be diligent in our prayer life-develop a system that works in our daily routines. This isn’t a crash diet we’re attempting ladies- we desperately need a complete makeover with God as our new palette! Actually, diets are a great example in this scenario. We start off with great enthusiasm- running, power walking, free trial gym memberships, buying lots of low-fat/low/cal foods and salad greens soon take over our refrigerators. But within a few weeks our zest for new bodies wanes and we find ourselves falling back into our old ways. Why does this happen? I know why. Because we did not have a solid plan that included God in the forefront. Our Lord has created us in His image and calls on us to use our body for His glory. Crash/fad diets are not the answer. We need a “steady” diet of God’s good nutrition- His Word! We need to put Him first in everything we do. Lean on Him, pray to Him, love Him! There is so much good information and support out there for whatever your “addiction” or weakness may be. When we place God in the drivers seat and turn those cares into prayers, we will be lifted up in His good graces!

  22. Christina says:

    Turning my cares into prayers…one by one…as I lay here exhausted, yet wide-eyed on the couch after children’s random awakenings, my own nightmares & the fire alarm going off. Our 5 young children now sleep peacefully upstairs, as I beg God for protection & wisdom, as my husband lives hours away in another city for his job & we prepare for a 6th move to join him in a few months. I am usually at peace in the storms & the unknowns, but I am uncomfortable now…asking God what He wants to teach me in these unsettled moments.

  23. I’m not sure this is exactly what you meant, but I’ve come to realize that sometimes healing means accepting a situation as God’s will. Over the past few years I have experienced ever increasing health problems. I stewed, I got mad, I did just about everything wrong, but I finally came to a place of surrender. I started trying to find out what God wanted me to do rather than focusing on what I couldn’t do and I have discovered a whole new ministry in intercessory prayer. I can’t say I like my physical situation, but I am grateful for what it has brought me.

  24. I’m turning my cares into prayers!

  25. My life seems out of control! Overwhelmed, over worked, and over stressed. I am turning my cares (worries, fears) into prayers! Thank you! As I go to sleep tonight I plan to pray them all to God!

  26. I’m turning my cares into prayers… At least I’m really trying. I struggle so with worry and the sleeplessness that accompanies. But, I’m consciously trying to trust and relinquish my false scence of control to the One who holds me in the palm of His hand. Thank you for letting me know I’m not alone!

  27. Stephanie Rudash says:

    I’m turning my cares into prayers!

    God has healed me of cancer after a 5 year battle! My doctor wasn’t even mentioning “cure” and now I’m in remission!!! Praise God!!! Prayer works!

  28. I’m turning my cares into prayers!

  29. Lindsay Firzlaff says:

    As a chronic worrier…I’m turning my prayers into cares! AMEN!

  30. I am turning all of my cares over to God….

  31. Melissa Shoemake says:

    “I’m turning my cares into prayers!”


  33. Nancy Griggs says:

    I learned a long time ago to turn my cares over to God in prayer. He is so faithful to hear and answer each prayer.

  34. I am turning my cares into prayers!! 🙂

  35. Tina Grady says:

    I am turning my cares into prayers

  36. this was for ME, today. i’ve been SO full of adult concerns lately- constant illnesses from my two children….financial struggles…they swirl around and cause me so much worry. i know i can’t control these things but i’ve been struggling to figure out how to truly lay those concerns in the capable hands of God- as it seems the situations don’t change a lot as of late. i’m learning. i’m growing. i’m praying through it. and ultimately, i am turning my cares into prayers!

  37. I’m turning my cares into prayers!! 🙂

  38. Robyn Porter says:

    I’m turning my cares into prayers! Great message!

  39. Wow. The devotional spoke so strongly to me, but your blog post brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for being humble and brave enough to admit your struggle. So many times when I have learned a lesson and then find myself struggling again, I am tempted to feel like my credibility to share the lesson has been invalidated, or to just feel like a big fat failure….and then worry about THAT! The truth is (which I am also still learning) that He knows we are a mess and can’t do it without Him, and expects us to need His help time and time again. Starting now… as I pray and ask Him to help me do it…. I’m turning my cares into prayers!

  40. I’m turning my cares into prayers!

  41. I’m trying hard to turn my cares into prayers. I’m amazed when God shows me the things I have such a grip on. I didn’t realize I had such control issues. Releasing control and trusting God is hard, but I’m trying!! And you are right, I’ve been sleeping better.

  42. I’m turning my cares into prayers!!!

  43. michelle h says:

    thanks for your encouraging words this morning!

  44. Good Morning,
    God bless you and all your readers,
    To God be all the Glory. This is confirmation for me, and I thank God for leading me to this and allowing me to receive it on this day. I not long ago went on a 40 day fast. Everything was going fine. Then things seem to start turning around and I was feeling lots of opposition, division etc. My thinking is that when God has you in a place that others don’t understand it may seem like confusion and opposition. Some may not understand you or not receive you for whom you are or what God is doing. A new person in Christ. But I know what God has for me and you or us is for me and you and us, sometime you may lose things or feel disconnected from others etc. But God…My Spirit is leading me to seek GOD more for myself and to keep him first in all things. I started this week to go to God spending more quality time in his word, meditating on it and also spend more time with him in Prayer. I’ve been in Psalms since Monday night, I read 10 chapters on the first night and 10 on last night, prayed over what I received out of it to pray for and found I was pleasing to my Father. Just me and him alone and last night I read the scriptures out loud because that is what I felt in my Spirit. On Yesterday morning, I know God was hearing me because he had a message sent to me from someone whom has been distant and it was sent and received in Love. I know it was no one but God and he was doing a deliverance in both of us. If you have troubles and seeking answers from man or woman God wants you to come to him all whom are weary seeking him first, and he wants to know you trust and have Faith in him and you need to show him then just be still and know that God is God. I can say more, but If God be for you who can be against you? He has to at times place us in the Valley, or the desert , that place of wilderness. This is only for his goodness, because when he brings you out he has done a new thing in you, you just have to submit, bow down and receive it. What’s meant for bad he will turn around for his Goodness and Godness in you. It’s a time of refining giving him the Glory and you victory in the end. Also your experience can be used as a testimony for someone else. Sometime what we go through is not even about us, but you can’t tell us that right. The battle is not mine it belongs to my Father, I have released me off the hook and given the hook to him, now I just have to let him totally lead, guide and direct my Heart, mind, emotions, my steps, and all in love ,through his giving me divine Wisdom, knowledge, understanding and discernment to mention a few. I thank you, for your message on this day, this is the day the Lord God has made and we will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 19:7-9 and 1 John 5:4. As for myself I give God all the Honor, all the Glory and all the Praise. He has the Power to have us come to him, and through our Faith and Belief , not leaning on our own understanding but his Love for us we can endure all things And know that we have not because we ask not. Thank you Jesus. And yes our words do come back to haunt us. So be mindful of what you speak, is it pleasing or does it corrupt. Repent ask for forgiveness and forgive yourself and others for sometimes we know not what we do. Praise the Lord. Sorry got a little full. I know God has me and I am fearfully and wonderfully made. To him I will continue to Worship and give Praise. Can you keep me lifted up in Prayer? Thank you God Bless. I’m breaking up with Perfect or lack of it and am Turning all my Cares into Prayers. Glory be to God. Forever. Amen…I pray, May God continue to Bless us all and keep a hedge of Protection around each of us and Keep us covered by his Word and the Blood of Jesus, the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit. Help us in all of our ways to look unto him. To be a light in our darkness. This is my prayer in the name of Jesus …AMEN
    Turning all my Cares into Prayers……

  45. kristin M says:

    I’m turning my cares into prayers.

  46. I have been turning my cares into prayers and trusting God. I just didn’t that was what I was doing until I read your words this morning. Every time my mind mind is racing and worrying over things, I am a living testament to restful sleep and just the relief that someone cares for me who is ultimately in control of all those worrisome details. I do not need to know how the difficulties will work out or when…I just simply pray and trust. Thank you Jesus.

  47. Sabrina Minton says:

    I’m turning my cares into prayers. This has been a timely reminder. Although I have come a long way, I am still no where close to being where I need to be or where I feel God has called me to be. But step by step, I know He is with me and guiding me each and every day!

  48. leslie gillet says:

    I need a Mona (mentor) and prayer partner. My daughter with BD is expecting my first grandchild. I have been single Mon for 28 years. I feel so tired and alone. I am a retired RN and active Christian for 55 years.

  49. Sonja Brewer says:

    As I prayfully prepare my heart for the mission I trip I’m participating on in Thailand, I’m daily turning my cares into prayers!!!

  50. I’m turning my cares into prayers.

  51. This is so awesome, and SO TRUE! I am turning my cares into prayers, as I am seeking the Lord more often, asking Him to take on my concerns, and TRUSTING that if it is His will, He will make it happen! I am also trying to plant these seeds in my children, as they go through trials in life, believe that they are happening for a reason, and TRUST that God is making them work for their good! Yes, I would love the tool of a prayer journal, as at times I am overwhelmed with what I need to discuss with our Sweet Lord. Thank you for this lovely post, Amy, so timely!! xoxo

  52. Carol Bartl says:

    I’m turning my cares into prayers! Thank you!! 🙂

  53. Yes, I have spent a lifetime trying to turn my cares into prayers. I also have struggled with why He just doesn’t take it, but I truly have grown, some seasons are better than others in this area. The devotion today was awesome, I have decided I “learned” to worry as a child, having has so many real life & death issues I also learned very young about our Amazing father and friend. . I truly believe the hard times made my character very strong and I will always press on to His calling and His purpose. I have learned so much in encouraging others and being encouraged by others as well. This journal sounds awesome. Isn’t it awesome to know how Close His love is, that even in our weakness, He is there.

  54. I’m turning my cares into prayers!

  55. I’m turning my cares into prayers! I can learn more about prayer. I’ve started sketching inspirational words of Truth and prayers in my sketch book and it helps me meditate on the words as I do it.

  56. Raised in an abusive cultish church and their school, God and family was not the source of comfort or peace. It is a struggle for me to relate to God and it actually feels more comfortable without Him because while growing up, it was hard know which was worse, God or the devil. But I know that wasn’t really God at all and I’m learning to trust and get it all figured out correctly, to separate the truth from the lies. I struggle with sleep sometimes, which is why I am awake right now (I am hours behind you all in time zone, its still early here),

  57. Thank you for this word today. This is a lesson I am truly trying to learn this week. God is so good and does take care of us but I find I’m struggling with just trusting Him to do it. He has given me example after example that He will follow through with His promise. I just need to set my stubborn aside and abide in Him.

    This helped to encourage me today to continue to remain in trust of God to take care of our issues.

  58. I am turning my cares into prayers, through the strength of Jesus!

  59. I am turning my cares into prayers! Thank you for this post today!


  61. I’m turning my cares into prayers! I thank you for the following question: “How has your worry changed the situations on your list?” It really woke me up and I have to put that in the front of my mind. My worry is one that I keep trying to give to God, yet still let it seep into my mind on a daily basis. From this point forward I will ask myself with this particular situation and any others that come my way “How is worrying changing the situation?” Many thanks and Gods blessings to you!

  62. Thank you thank you ‼️ Divinely guided words today , I am grateful.
    I am so in the thros of this worry/ living to love a ‘in all things are possible’ God – right now .
    I’m turning my cares onto prayers **
    Way to listen and serve

  63. Mikkey McCarthy says:

    I am turning my cares into prayers. I know I have quite a journey ahead of me but even yesterday I was feeling inadequate as a mom(which happens a lot because of past mistakes). I started to cry and I asked God to remove this feeling and help me through the day, to show me a scripture that I can carry with me. What came to me was “My Grace is sufficient for you”. And it truly is, even though sometimes we all forget that. I’m so glad I opened my emails this morning and read Encouragement for the day and clicked to your blog! I needed that 🙂

  64. Nena Hodges says:

    I love your devotionals. I’m learning to turn my cares into prayers. Thanks for your message.

  65. I’m turning my cares into prayers.
    I’m currently going thru an ugly vicious divorce and had stepped back from my church family because of it. God did not step back from me though. I’m turning to him and my church again in this stressful time.

  66. Lisa Osterlind says:

    By turning my constant cares of binge eating into prayers I have lost 140 pounds!
    To God be the glory! Great things he has done!

  67. I am turning my cares into prayers. This is the lesson that lead me back to Jesus not so very long ago. I knew that people always said, give your cares to God and He will take care of them but I didn’t understand the practicality of how that works. Now I understand! Now, it’s up to me to complete the lesson by leaving my cares with God rather than taking them back from him while my guard is down. I’ve felt such unimaginable relief lately but there are those times when I feel the worry creeping back in and I have to consciously make an effort to push worry aside and rely 100% on the Lord. It feels so good, I just don’t know why it’s so hard for me to let it be in His hands. Thank you, Lord for releasing me from my anxiety about things outside of my control and shouldering my burdens for me.

  68. Such a timely message. I’m trusting him !

  69. -Julia Cress says:

    As a single mom, reliance on the Lord has been a MUST, yet it is not automatic though I want it to be.
    With no other risk factors except stress, I have been having serious heart issues.
    Your devo is timely for me , today, no matter when it was written. : )
    I’m reading it again…and the scriptures…I’ve gotta get this!
    Thank you for sharing~

  70. Your penned thoughts made me reflect upon my childhood which was wrought with constant worry & fear. I did not feel very safe growing up with an abusive father. When I became a Christian, Some 20 yrs. ago, I was drawn to the verses…Do not be worried or anxious for ANYTHING…and it continuous to be my key scripture for everything that unsettles.

  71. Jamie Wagner says:

    I’m turning my cares into prayers.

  72. Amy, thanks for reminding me that worrying isn’t going to change the situation at all. I need to turn it over to God. And leave it there! 🙂

  73. I’m turning my cares into Prayers!!!

  74. Jessica M says:

    Turning my cares into prayers!

  75. I’m turning my cares into prayers. LOVED this simple message about trust. How refreshing to be reminded of this today. It reminded me of the old hymn “Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus, just to take Him at His word; just to rest upon His promise; just to know, thus saith the Lord.

  76. I’m turning my cares into prayers! Thank you for this post! it speaks to my worrying heart that finds it so hard to let go and let God! Why do I always seem to need that reminder and find it sooo hard to learn the lesson?!
    But prayer is the ideal way to creep into the Lord’s presence and peace and to be reminded that He is always in control no matter how it looks to us! May He bless your work, your book and your honesty!

  77. Cris Kaster says:

    I am walking thru the most intense period of growth in my personal prayer and fasting journey right now with my husband. We are growing together in our diligence of prayer, cleaving tighter as we delve into fasting together, and awaiting God’s leading in our family’s mission statement and action plan.

  78. I’m turning my cares into prayers, for sure! Thank you so much for your inspirational words. You are truly a wonderful, talented writer. 🙂

  79. Brittany Fox says:

    Hello there,
    I am turning my cares into prayers. It’s the only way for me to sleep at night. My husband is a firefighter and is away from home for 48 hours straight. For those 48 hours I’m the head of the house taking care of our 3 year old and 6 month old. It’s stressful on all of us but I rely on God to help me with being less worrying. The night is the most difficult at night but if I trust God I know that my children will too and have that worry free childhood sleep we always want them to have.

  80. Definitely will do what you said-turn cares into prayers. I literally need to list out each trouble and then say God I’m giving this to you… I have several things I can think of right now that are weighing on my mind and heart. I re committed myself to deeper study and especially more prayer time. I even tried something, yesterday, that i read on P31 once-I just sat and was still and quiet before God and then I asked Him to search me and know me. Prayer, not trying to play God and take control is a process, but He’s almighty not me so I must trust. I also journaled my prayers after a while of not doing so. It really helped me to focus and succinctly talk to God so each thing was given to Him.

    Thank you for this devotional, I definitely need prayers to keep on delving into God’s Word and praying in a manner that truly gives all to my Jesus-and doesn’t take it back again!

  81. Jenny Enzlin says:

    I’m turning my cares into prayers.

  82. I loved your post which I discovered while reading “How to Sleep Worry Free” in my iDisciple feed. Unlike your story, I had an unhealthy childhood which led to years of insecurity and fear of abandonment. This combined with “a bad church experience” that taught hell-fire and brimstone religion and legalism skewed my view of God and any attempt at a relationship with Him was ritualistic and fueled by fear. It was only after becoming a parent myself and experiencing the unconditional love that I had for my own children that I could truly understand the gravity of my Heavenly Father’s love for me. After tragedy and loss struck our family, I began to yearn for a real relationship with Jesus. Having no where else to turn, I began spending quiet time alone with God and His word every morning before I faced the world. What transpired from this small gesture of faith in God’s ability to provide for me and heal my heart is truly miraculous. I am just shy of 48 years of age and for the first time in my life I have peace, a sense of contentment that I have never known. My former tendency to assume the worst and waste time worrying about the “what if’s” in life has been replaced with complete trust in God’s desire and ability to meet my every need. I am extremely grateful for this renewed life through Christ which allows me to face each new day and any challenge that it may bring with “childlike faith” that Jesus will see me through:)

  83. I’m turning my cares into prayers! Thank you for sharing authentically. Blessing to you.

  84. Deb McLaughlin says:

    I’m turning my cares into prayers!
    Although I rarely have trouble sleeping (yes, I am very blessed!), I thought about several folks I know who struggle with sleepless nights. They will enjoy reading your insightful article and I trust that it will help them turn their cares into prayers, too.

  85. I am turning my cares into prayers

  86. “I’m turning my cares into prayers!”…Oh it is so hard to due, but I am trying each day.

  87. Ginger M. says:

    I am turning my prayers into care! How powerful, helpful and real!

  88. When I went through the loss of my second child I struggled constantly with worry and went through many sleepless nights. I was on the verge of breaking it seemed when the scripture to cast all my cares upon him came to me. When I did finally lay this at the Masters feet what overwhelming peace and joy filled my heart. For over a year I struggled with sleepless nights and falling through some days when all along he was there beside me just waiting to catch me. It is amazing to me that his peace and love is always there if you can just let go. Thank you for this devotion and reminder of a greater peace!

  89. I am turning my cares into prayers. I loved your message. Thanks for sharing.

  90. Each day, I am turning my cares, worries, concerns, self-critical thoughts and desires into prayers! God is good to hear them and respond! Thanks for your post today. I sent it to my husband also, who has trouble sleeping.

  91. I’m turning my cares into prayers!

  92. I’m turning my cares into prayers! I try to hand them over daily, but this was such a wonderful reminder!

  93. I’m turning my cares into prayers! ❤️

  94. I am turning my cares into prayers. Praise God!

  95. I am turning my cares to prayers. Thank you for the post today I needed that reminder that He is in control. PTL

  96. Sherry Bundy says:

    I am turning my cares to prayers.

  97. I’m turning my cares into prayers!

  98. I’m turning my cares into prayers! Thank you for putting into words what has been on my mind.

  99. I worry to much and lose sleep often. From now on I will write down my worries. I know God has been sending me signs and this is one of them. I’m turning my cares into prayers.

  100. Katy Sherry says:

    I’m turning my cares into prayers!

  101. I’m turning my cares into prayers. Such a great reminder. Thank you.

  102. I am trying to turn my cares into prayers! :/. Over the past sever years a healing process that God has been leading me through is intergenerational sin. What I mean by that is, God has been opening my eyes to destructive behaviors that have been passed down from mother to daughter or father to son and etc. With a whole lot of God’s help, I am trying to break chains of generational divorce and other issues. Your blog on P31 today and the link that lead me here was of great encouragement! Thank you ladies for letting God use you to encourage others to run a strong race!

  103. I’m turning my cares into prayers! God is teaching me in so many ways that I can do hard things… But only with him … Not alone.

  104. Jennifer L. says:

    Amy, I’m turning my cares into prayers! 🙂 This is just what I needed to hear today. Thank you so much!!

  105. I am turning my cares into prayers. Thank you for your timely message.

  106. I definitely needed to read this blog and your devotional today! I’m turning my cares into prayers! I have been really stepping on faith with things going on in my life that I don’t understand and telling God I trust Him whatever the outcome will be. I’m tired of worrying and losing sleep.

  107. I’m turning my cares into prayers. Thank you!

  108. Jennifer O. says:

    I’m turning my cares into prayers! Still learning to trust in God and His control rather than struggling in my own power and strength……thanks for the encouraging words and reminder that sometimes change is progressive and takes time. Just what I needed to hear as I continue to pray and seek God’s wisdom and direction.

  109. Thank you for this timely reminder!

    I am turning my cares to prayers, specifically for my children. I often find myself worrying about the “what ifs” and parenting out of fear instead of trust.

  110. I’m turning my cares into prayers. 🙂 I’m so glad we have a Father who is entirely in control even when it doesn’t feel like it!! We can trust Him!!!

  111. Susan morgan says:

    I’m turning my cares into prayers!!! Well, at least I’m trying……

  112. Thank you for your words. God has used back pain in my life to learn to walk closer with him to trust him to depend on him. He has shown new I need to praise him regardless of what I feel, I know he will heal him in time!

  113. I am turning my cares to prayers. I just reviewed the preview for this book and would love to own it! Often when I pray my mind goes in so many directions, I feel like my thoughts are so jumbled like a bowl of spaghetti. I know the Lord knows my thoughts but This would be so helpful during my divine appointment time

    1. Hello Sally,

      I know what you mean. Can I agree with you? I have learned to clear my mind and before I pray lift to the lord to clear my mind, give me Divine, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. To clear my mind. To pray sincerely about what is heavy on my heart. This allows me to hear what the Holy Spirit is leading or guiding in my thoughts and it’s all good from there. Seek the Lord with all your Heart, don’t lean on your own understanding. Sometime somebody wants to distract you and that takes the focus off where you trying to go. You know who that is, coming to kill, steal, and trying to destroy. Rebuke him in the name of Jesus, before you even start. Ask God to guide you to do according to his will. God Bless you hope this helps. Get a partner in Prayer maybe that may help. Ask God to assist you in this and start saying I’m turning my cares into prayers. Believe me I’m turning my cares into prayers!!!!! All of them even yours.

  114. I’m turning my cares into prayers! Recently my husband and I went through a separation. Through prayer, God restored. Now we are back together, and I “forget” what God has done. A guide would be most helpful!

    1. Hello Dianne,
      God bless you and your husband. Just wanted to tell you do not stop praying because God has worked out your situation. If anything pray more!!. Most importantly, keep God first and allow him to lead, guide and direct your steps. I pray that God is the head over your marraige first and formost, as well over your home, family and finances. Plead the Blood of Jesus over you and your life unto the Lord. God bless you and your family.

  115. Carole Walker says:

    As I am sitting here in the hospital for the 2nd time in 3wks I am being reminded on a daily basis that I am not in control of this situation that my “daddy ” is.

  116. Thank you for your pure honesty. I’m sure every time you post someone says, “Thank you for that. It’s exactly what I needed to hear!” So that person can be me today. We’ve always struggled with our family finances and yesterday that struggle hit the fan for me. For the past few months things have been bad and I try my best to trust God and wait for Him to make that grand miracle happen, but just like a person playing chicken, I freak out under pressure and try to resolve the issue on my own. So….today, I’m turning my cares into prayers. It’s going to be a prayer-athon…until I have nothing left to worry about.

  117. DRUMMOND SYKES says:

    I am turning my cares into prayers!

  118. I am turning my cares into prayers.

  119. I am turning my cares into prayers and working to trust God everyday with everything!

  120. I am turning my cares into prayers! Thank you.

  121. day by day I learn… To worry is for not. I am a stage in cancer patient now in remission for 3 years..amen only to our faithful Father. I continue to learn to always trust and hand it over to Him DAILY! Great insight here…. Thank you.

  122. I’m turning my cares into prayers
    I never wanted to grow up. If only I could have stayed 4 forever enjoying life care and worry free, playing make believe. I needed this remember that as God’s child I can still live worry free.

  123. Gretchen Scoleri says:

    Insomnia has been a part of my life at times as well when I go to bed with worries not processed. This journal looks wonderful and a great idea to use.

  124. I’m turning my cares into prayers…Thank you for the opportunity.and myGod if the msg wasn’t on time for me and my life right now! I’m so exvited about what God is going to do and what burdens He’s going to lift that I’ve been carrying for to long. I really desire to trust him like never before….my whole life ministry and well being depends on it. I want utter freedom 🙂

  125. Up early as is evidence by this post. Worried about my daughter with special needs. Need to let your encouraging post settle in my heart. I’m trying to turn my cares into prayers. Remembering who loves my daughter even more than I do. Jesus, who I can trust with every fiber of my being.

  126. I’m turning my cares into prayers.
    I think my biggest healing process is at work, I have not learnt thlesson fully either, esp when it comes to surrendering fully to God’s will an timing. Sometimes I feel that I’ve got it, but then another reminder/test comes that shows I’m not truly there yet and that is where I feel a deeper need for God and for further healing from hurt, etc. It is an exhausting but I guess important lesson the been taking a while to get thru… 🙂

  127. I’m turning my cares into prayers. You are so totally right in your prayer Amy, that I need to be more childlike and give all my worries, cares and responsibilities to you God!

  128. I’m turning my cares into prayers. It’s the only way I’ve recently learned, I can go on victoriously without losing hope and my mind, especially with what I’m dealing with now in my life.

  129. Am turning my cares into prayers. Its spoken to my current situation, Thankyou.

  130. Nicole Pyle says:

    I’m turning my cares into prayers! Loved your message…thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. “I’m turning my cares into prayers!”

    2. I am turning my cares into prayers!