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Unforgettable: Wednesday’s Feature

Statistics show that the majority of people remember little to nothing about a message even minutes after hearing it.  That’s TRAGIC to hear for most speakers!  If you want to be memorable, you can use some methods based on brain science to become unforgettable at your next event.  Here’s today’s feature:

Unforgettable:  Creating Messages that People Just Can’t Shake–Amy Carroll

Amy shares six keys supported by brain-science and research to creating unforgettable messages. Based on the book Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath, Amy translates these innovative principles into a checklist for speakers desiring to create compelling messages.  She will teach you to:

  • Create tension that keeps your audience engaged and listening.
  • Communicate a “sticky” central truth.
  • Implement creative story-telling to strengthen your message.
  • Utilize your audience’s emotions to imprint scriptural truths.

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