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  1. I LOVED Courtney’s session, too! I didn’t attend, and I almost didn’t listen to the MP3 I ordered. But when I did, it blew me away! LOVE her missional intentionality with getting light into the darkness of YouTube!

    You inspired me to vlog instead of blog today. My problem is keeping it short. I had to cut my “take” into two parts.

    And it’s far from perfect…but I’m learning that if I wait for “perfect,” I’ll never get anything done!

    I use my MacBook and record through PhotoBooth. At first, I thought I’d HATE watching myself as I’m recording. But now that I’m over the “oh my goodness, do I really look like that? move my mouth like that? roll my eyes like that?” self-consciousness, I’m finding it really valuable to “interact” with myself while I’m videotaping. I can see when I’m gesturing too wildly and need to settle down…or when I’m getting too serious and need to smile or laugh a bit.

    If anyone has a moment for feedback, here’s Part 1 of my efforts today: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JckFKNbY-Vg

  2. From one techno dummy to another…thank you! You answered several questions for me.

    Hester, I’ve actually learned how to embed videos from Youtube. Click on the share button. Next click on the embed button that pops up. You will see several lines of a code highlighted. Right click over this to copy, then go to your blog and right click to paste where you want it. Hope that helps. Sweet blessings…

  3. I haven’t yet but I’d like to start video blogging regularly. I’m going to go check out Courtney’s website now. Thanks for mentioning her. 🙂

  4. Amy,

    You are so sweet and everything you taught us today you did with excellence through your video blog! I have wanted to implement this into my own blog very much. I too am not so tech savy and need to learn how to download video to my blog?? (so embarrassed to admit I don’t know how). Do you do it through a YouTube channel?

    Anyhow, thank you so much,
    God bless you,
    Hester, 😉

    1. Don’t be embarrassed, Hester! I’m technically challenged too. I use Youtube to upload and then embed my videos, but some people like Vimeo. Youtube is very user friendly, and the process is like uploading pics to a photoprocessing site. You might need to find somebody to help you the first time, but you’ll pick it up quickly.