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What I Wish I’d Known with Lisa Whittle

There’s a learning curve with anything we do that’s new, but there’s a HUGE curve with speaking and writing.

Whether you’re just getting started or have years of experience under your belt, our August series of videos will encourage you. Each week, we’ll post a short interview with a powerhouse woman in ministry.

Do you fret over the results of your ministry– the numbers in your audience or books sold, likes on social media or heads nodding in agreement? Lisa Whittle, author of Put Your Warrior Boots On and 5 Word Prayers,  shares how to move past those agonizing measures. Don’t miss her powerful words about how to move past hyper-responsibility over results to peace!

Click here to watch the video on our site. And if you loved this interview as much as Melanie and I did, please share with your friends!


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