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What’s Holding You Back?

Whew!  It’s really been a week for some of the speakers with whom I’ve had conversations.  This speaking journey is tough, and there’s just no way to sugar-coat that truth.

Picture me now switching from my coach hat to my cheerleader’s uniform (Just for modesty’s sake, picture a 1950s cheerleader uniform on me!).  Here I go…I’m shaking my pom poms and jumping around wildly to cheer you on to bigger things in your calling.

  • Your nerves don’t have to shut you down!  Click here for more.
  • You can prioritize the time it takes!  Click here for more.
  • It’s not an easy calling (and hard doesn’t mean you’re not called), but it’s worth it!  Click here for more.
  • You can hone your craft and create better messages!  Click here for more.
  • You can build your own cheerleading community!  Click here for more.
  • God can multiply your meager!  Click here for more.
  • Your voice is important and needed!  Click here for more.
  • It’s a war, but you’re on the winning side!  Click here for more.

If any of those truths resonate with you and you realize that it’s an area that holds you back, I hope you’ll click to read more encouragement.

You’re not in this alone.  I promise.  Every speaker I’ve ever known has hit points that quitting looked like the loveliest option.  I have felt the same way.  But, friend, if God is the One who has called, quitting really isn’t an option at all.  So here’s a prayer for you from my cheerleading heart:

Lord, would you reach out and encourage every Speaker Girl who is reading this prayer?  Strengthen her for the spiritual battle that comes with this calling.  Help her make time for the hard work involved in ministry.  Pour joy into her as she listens for Your voice to share with others.  Fill her heart with love for the people to whom she ministers.  Go in front of her to prepare the way.  Go behind her to protect her vulnerabilities.  Walk beside her and hold her hand as her Friend and Companion.  We’re so grateful that we’re called into Divine Partnership with you, Jesus!  In Your precious name, Amen.

Love you, Speaker Friends!


We had such a wonderful time during last week’s conference call, Brass Tacks:  Message Development Essentials!  If you were unable to join us, the recording will go on sale on Oct. 13.  Our next call, Unforgettable:  Creating Messages that People Just Can’t Shake, will be on Thursday, Nov. 8th.  Please make plans to join us–registration is now open.

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  1. Hello,

    I trust this new week fines you well. I would like to know if you are having an event soon and possibly have me host one or be apart of a speakers group. I live in the Pittsburgh area.

    Thank you,

    1. Antionette,
      Thank you so much for your interest. You can check the speaking calendar at for any events near you, and you can also find information about booking a Proverbs 31 speaker there.