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Where Do I Begin As a Writer?


I just want to write, Suzie!

That’s a message I receive in my in-box almost weekly.

I normally offer this challenge: For the next six weeks I want you to write on a schedule. Not just when you are inspired. Not just when you feel that you have time. Once you have completed that, then you have proved to yourself that this is more than a whim.

You’d be surprised at how many take that challenge, but at the end of six weeks they’ve written little. They give up.

But some do endure, and then I challenge those women to take another six weeks to explore the business aspect of this ministry/career to which she feels drawn.

You see, writing is only half of succeeding in the publishing world. It you truly desire to write, then it is important that you not only write, but learn the business end of marketing and publishing your writing. A successful writing career doesn’t happen overnight. Earning an income as a freelance writer is a continual process of education, networking, and submitting your work.

What are ways in which you can learn more?

Join a writers’ group online or in your community. Read books from solid professionals about writing (there are many great books on the craft of writing at your local library). Subscribe to writing magazines. Read books in the genre in which you hope to write.

Attend a writers’ conference. You may be unsure if you’ll have the right questions or know the best class to attend, but you’ll walk away with more information than you arrived with.

This is a step that I clearly remember taking nearly 14 years ago. When I walked in the door, I felt my beginner status from head to toe. But I didn’t give up. By the end of the conference, I realized that we were all writers; I was simply at the starting line, while others were halfway down the track, and others closer to the finish line.

Doing all of the above allowed me to progress from a beginning writer to eventually working full-time as a professional freelance writer with hundreds of articles published nationwide, books published, and columns and blogs established.

Every career and ministry has a learning curve, a time to develop your niche in that world.

But there is never a point where writers can say they have arrived. Professional freelance writers and authors continue to attend workshops, network with editors and writers, join critique groups, and stay current on trends in their craft. I do!

Have you been wishing for a writing ministry or career, but not investing the time and education needed?

Perhaps today is the day you move from wishing that you were writing to intentionally pursuing and investing in the dream on your heart.

Ways you can invest in your writing dream/ministry/career today: 

  • Purchase the 2013 Christian Writers’ Market Guide 
  • Listen to Karen Ehman, best-selling author and P31 speaker – How to Write a Bang-up Book Proposal
  • Attend the July, 2013 She Speaks writer’s track with intensive workshops, editor and agent one-on-ones, and networking with writers, from beginner to professional.


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  1. Tina Hicks says:

    I have started writing and would love to learn the right way. However I am only 43 and on disability and really don’t have extra money to spend. Do you have any suggestions?

  2. Sheril A Hall says:

    Good day,

    Thanks for the above tip on writing . I do share a passion for such and yes, its a long haul to writting, then publishing and marking your work. I have written two children story books which I have also published, and while initially the buzz was good in the sales area, it dwindles down and I have to keep my self motivated.

    I have been invited to speak at a school function recently, and it did take some preparation to do so and present a piece of material that young men would find interested.

    I do hope to attend the she speaks conference in July, particular the writers event. Its been three years now I have told my self I will attend, so I am really going to try this year.


  3. Thank you Amy for this post. I have the dream & desire in my heart to write but I struggle with direction & juggling responsibilities with my family. While my kids are on spring break this week I will spend some time praying about taking your challenge.