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Why You SHOULDN’T Try to Do It All

Sometimes it all seems too much. The work of a modern speaker and writer demands a knowledge-base that most of us can’t manage alone.

You have to be an expert in so many fields– communication, finances, technology, marketing, etc. How are we supposed to do it all and know it all while still making time for the ministry we’re called to do?

Different people have different capacities, but I have finally given up… in a good way. I’ve admitted that not only can I not do it all, I don’t even want to try! I want to spend my days doing what I do best and to bring on others to help with what they do best. Even though I’m an avid DIYer at heart, I’m maintaining the life I want to live by not doing it all. Here are some people that I’ve enlisted to help:

A Book-keeper & CPA

Although I keep an eye on the day-to-day finances, I gave up this area first. I hired a trusted friend with a book-keeping business, and a CPA does our family taxes. Barry and I are capable, but every year my self-employed status made us more nervous. Were we taking advantage of all the deductions? Were we claiming things that shouldn’t be claimed? It’s important that our finances are done with the highest integrity. Book-keeping became more complicated and time-consuming than we could handle, so we hired trusted people to help us.

Social Media Coordinator

I’ll just confess right here. I stink at social media. Although I watch adept friends with awe and I see the value of social media, it’s not an area where I excel.

For years, I employed savvy high school students from my church as interns who worked for a small wage and the promise of experience and recommendation letters. That period of time was a huge blessing to me and I believe to them too. But last year I decided that I needed more than a student could commit, so I hired a person who handles the social media for Next Step. She’s fabulous, and as her business grows, we’ll share more about her here so that you can connect with her too! (Update: My niece is currently helping me by creating a monthly content calendar and social media graphic templates that I can easily edit in Canva.)

Web Developer

Last week I was seriously praising Jesus for my webdeveloper for helping me through my website consolidation!  That’s no joke. I couldn’t have gotten through without her.

Although I ran both my ministry website ( and the Next Step website for years on a shoe-string, growth has necessitated more help. That same growth has allowed me to pay for help! I do what I do well, which is coaching, in order to pay someone else to do what she does well. It’s a win-win.

An Intern Team

When your ministry grows, another way to enlist help is to form an intern team. Lots of you know that I’m Cheri Gregory’s co-host for the Grit ‘n’ Grace podcast. I absolutely love working alongside Cheri because she’s an amazing visionary, and the podcast has grown beyond any of our expectations. As a way to help both create and manage the growth, Cheri created an incredible intern team for the podcast. We have 11 interns that do a wide variety of jobs in exchange for team training as well as individual coaching if they work 10 hours a month. These are smart women growing their own ministries, and we’re privileged to have their gifts working for us!

Is it time for you to hire or enlist some help? Assess your strengths and continue to do those things, but slowly begin to bring other’s strengths alongside yours. As you grow, I think you’ll agree… You shouldn’t do everything!


It always astounds me when someone hires me to coach them in a field in which they’re an expert, but I’ve come to see the wisdom in it. No matter how far along we are, it’s hard to see our own blind spots. A prime example is Shala Graham, a branding specialist, who hired me to coach her through creating her speaker biosheet. She’s so good that I may hire her next time, but here’s what Shala had to say about our coaching experience.

“Working with my Next Step coach was like collaborating with a new bestie who happens to be a speaker development genius. She carefully guided me through the process of developing my first bio sheet, and I couldn’t be happier! Her insight was invaluable and on target. And her encouragement to chase my calling was just what I needed. I highly recommend Next Step Coaching Services!”

Shala W. Graham

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  1. Hi Amy,
    Thank you for all of your valuable, encouraging, and God centered information. Blessings to you, Deborah

  2. Jennifer Muller says:

    Agreed. I’ve come alongside my friend and ministry partner. She is a speaker, author, and coach. My mission is to take care of the back end of things so she has more time to focus on clients, writing, crafting messages, and of course time in the Word.

    A few of the ways I’ve helped her so far have been editing content, helping build a website, and acting as liaison with the gentleman who formats our books for self-publishing.

    Payment is free coaching sessions (I was her client before I began working for her) and monetary compensation.

  3. Absolutely great content, Amy! Thank you!

    1. I always appreciate your encouragement, Charla. You’re the best!