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Would You Be on My Team?

**This group is now closed.

Note: Vickye, who left her comment on 5/21 at 5:00 is the winner of the How to Love Your Neighbor Without Being Weird giveaway. Congratulations, Vickye!

Oh my goodness. I’m at the point with the planning of the release of Breaking Up with Perfect on July 7 that I’m starting to do things that make me blush.

Like asking you to join me.

I’m nervous to ask you, but I’m EXCITED about having you on my team! Would you be interested in joining Amy’s Street Squad?

Our group won’t just about a book. We’ll be about freedom. Perfect is a bad friend. No matter what we do or say or give or bake or create . . . it’s never enough. Perfect always demands more, but it’s never satisfied. Never.

Breaking Up with Perfect will help you:
• Experience authenticity as the antidote for isolation
• Trade the Lies of Perfection for the Truths of God’s Love
• End the pursuit of perfection, so God can begin His powerful perfecting work in you

If you’re willing to help get the word out about Breaking Up with Perfect on your street with your friends, neighbors, and churches, here are the gifts you’ll receive:

  • A FREE digital download of the book to read before the book is even released.Cover
  • Access to Amy’s Street Squad private page with goodies to download including a frameable PDF, a devotion to print and share, and other Fun Freebies.
  • A 30-minute phone call where the Street Squad and I can interact.

As a member of Amy’s Street Squad, I’d ask for your help by doing some or all of these:

  • Writing a review to post on retail sites like Barnes & Nobles, Christian Book Distributers, and Amazon.
  • Posting your reactions and thoughts about the book on your social networking sites.
  • Telling your friends about the book.
  • Leading a small group through the book. For those of you who choose this, there will be a FREE PDFs of the Participant’s Guide and Leader’s Guide available.
  • Using the graphics and posts I’ll provide for easy use in your social networks.


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  1. I would be thrilled to join your group! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I’m trying hard to break up with perfect! I’ve been isolating myself from people I thought were my friends and have been so miserable! I know I was meant to read about your book today because last night I told my husband, I think I have high expectations of people. I am ready to break up with perfect!!

  2. I want to join the group and how to get a free ebook copy of your book, so I can read and get the word out to neighbors, friends, church and social media.

  3. I’m breaking up with perfect!

  4. Marsha Hochstettler says:

    I am looking very forward to your book!
    I am so excited for you, know your heart, and know we women fight the pull of perfection. This is exciting!!!

  5. Anna Rubin says:

    I am sooooo excited for you and I cannot wait to get my hands on your book!

    1. Amy Carroll says:

      That means the world coming from a friend who knows the very core of me! Love you!

    1. Amy Carroll says:

      Yay! Make sure to fill out that little form friend. It makes you “official”. 🙂 (Even though you’re already official in my book!)

  6. Linda Bumba says:

    Amy, please don’t blush to ask such a request. None of us is perfect. All of us need God’s truth. And you’ve got Jesus sisters ready to come alongside you. I’d be honored be part of this launch team 🙂