Meet Amy

I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Amy Carroll, speaker and writer for Proverbs 31 Ministries, lover of God’s Word, and reading junkie who delights to see women cultivate a tender heart and find their strong voice.. I’m the author of Breaking Up with Perfect, and I coach speakers through Next Step Coaching Services.

I have a passion for growing deeper relationships, and my heart’s desire is to share the journey so we can learn together. We can add another layer of connection through Facebook and Instagram. I love to have lots of ways to be in touch with my friends!

In my list of favorite things to do, I especially adore sharing with groups of women, and I’d love to be considered to speak at your church’s next event! Please click here to watch a speaking sample, read over my topics and find a link to book me.

But more than the official, professional stuff, we girls want to know the real deal about each other, so here’s the scoop on me. I’m such an ordinary woman. The goofiest things make me laugh. British comedy, my boys’ corny jokes, and my husband’s play on words all crack me up.

I’m scared of bouncing a check, closed in places, and pictures that show my double chin. (Just look at every picture on this blog… taken from above to hide the said chin… or check out this trick for hiding it.)IMG_9615

Almost anything makes me cry. I cry when I’m happy, sad, moved (even by Hallmark commercials), or in awe of something God has done. I don’t think on my feet well at all.  I get a joke a day late, and it takes me two weeks to think of the perfect come-back.

There’s only one thing that may set me apart from any woman that you pick off the street. I have an extraordinary desire to know God and to apply His Word in my everyday life. Isn’t it funny that my one extraordinary trait has nothing to do with me?! Even my desire to know God is a gift from Him.  On my journey down the path, I often falter and fumble around, but I’m head-over-heals in love with our faithful God, who picks me up, dusts me off, and sets me moving forward in the right direction.


I’m married to Barry, the man I’ve loved madly for over 29 years. We’re both strong-willed, which means occasional fireworks, but he makes me laugh every day! Our two young men, Anson and Nolan, are my delight. Barry and I are empty-nesters now, so we light up when our caller ID says one of the boys’ names!

Some of my favorite things: a soak in the tub, coffee on cold mornings, time with my girlfriends, candles on my deck in the summer, a good story, playing games with my guys, fruity desserts, funky jewelry, and anything that makes me laugh. You can usually find me on my laptop, reading a book, or researching one more alternative to cooking dinner.