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Expressing Our Love for Our Pastor’s Wives

I hope today’s devotion really inspired you to think loving thoughts about your pastor’s wife! I know it made me revisit the women I’ve adored over the years–women who loved me well–who are/were my pastor’s wives.

I thought I’d write one thing I love about each of them:

Mary Ann-I love how she loved her children in front of the college girls watching her every move.

Nan-I love how her care for her family shone through in everything she did from the meals she made to her beautiful home.

Mary-I love her cheerful personality and the sunshine she brought into every room with her.

Cheryl-I love how she is the steadfast cheerleader for her husband and the church.

Deb-I love her her passion for women’s ministry and how she let us know we mattered as individuals.

Kathy-I love her elegance and quiet leadership.

Brigitte (my current pastor’s wife)- I love her joyful abandon and how she lives so authentically. I love you dearly, sweet friend!

And many other associate pastor’s wives I adore–Brenda, Debbie, Linda, Lindsey, Lina, & Kristi

And some other friends married to pastors:

Janet- My precious friend, former bridesmaid and now wife to my brother, a pastor in Youngsville, NC… I’m so glad God made us sisters as well as friends. I love you!

Nana- My college roommate, pastor’s daughter and now pastor’s wife who is living a beautiful, abundant life, inspiring all her friends to do the same.

Wendy-The woman who I wanted to be friends with from the instant I saw her. She’s the real deal in every part of her life.

Jennifer-The friend who loves deeply and loyally (and makes me laugh until I need Depends).

Christie-The friend who still inspires me today with the seeds of passion for discipleship she planted in my heart years ago.

Peggy- The strong, fun friend who shares my love of India.

Laura-The fun, fashionista friend who brings the cool factor to loving Jesus passionately.

All of these women are completely wonderful, but not a single one is perfect. (Sorry to out you, girls!) Where have you focused when interacting with your pastor’s wife–her wonderfulness or her flaws?

Here’s a chance to to rehearse her wonderful points. If you leave a comment today telling one thing you love about your pastor’s wife, you’ll be registered to win this fabulous giveaway:


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Now this one isn’t for you. 🙂 It’s for her. If you win, you have to promise–scout’s honor–that you’ll give it to your pastor’s wife and tell her how much you love and appreciate her.

Can’t wait to hear you share! What do you love about your pastor’s wife?

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  1. one thing I love about my pastor’s wife is that she’s a virtuous woman, so kind hearted and loving….. when I walk wit her people thinks that we’re related coz she treat me like a sister, she’s my companion, she’s my best friend,she’s my mentor and also my mum… she has a way of leading you to Christ and never give up on you easily no matter how many times you try to stand and falls “there’s something she will always tell me when I think my life is over”’Don’t be a cloud because you failed to become a star. instead give so much time to improve yourself “it really helped me a lot… Words can’t describe how much I love her, she’s really great

  2. Katie Parrish is a delight! She is sincere, genuine and loves others as fiercely as she hugs them! She admires her husband and is determined to represent him and their Lord Jesus well. Katie is a gem, shining the light of Jesus drawing our church body and those in our community to His Marvelous Light!

  3. Barb Keith says:

    I was a pastor’s wife for many years, until my husband retired. It was actually a culture shock to come into my new church as an unknown, without being introduced as the pastor’s wife, and having everyone know who I was from Day 1. My current pastor’s wife, Stacy, is truly a blessing to the congregation. Her strengths complement those of her husband and we are the beneficiaries of a pastor who listens to his wife. She has a bubbly smile and a ready hug and prayer for anyone who needs it. Her love for others is deep–from the heart. She is humble, yet passionate to share her gifts to God’s glory.

  4. Our Pastor’s wife, Robin, is a beautiful lady inside & out. She serves as our Worship Team Leader & does an amazing job! She coordinates everything & leads the children’s choir, youth choir, and adult choir – plus all of the Christmas programs. She does all of this while also working a full time job teaching music in a public school system. Wow! Yet, I never see her frazzled or complaining. Her interactions with her husband & children (all grown now) confirm what a truly beautiful person she is. She is a true blessing to our church.

  5. I love my pastors wife, Kim Boetcher, for she is touchable. She is real, an encourager, unselfish, funny, compassionate, contagious, full of mercy and grace, joyful, loving, most important a sweet example of Christ. This wonderful woman I get to call my friend.

  6. Amanda Evans says:

    That she’s real, down to earth, approachable and kind.

  7. Wendy Bronson says:

    My pastor’s wife Laura is amazingly. Our church is small, so Pastor has to work two part-time jobs as well. Laura drives him to & from work, home schools their son & runs the church office. She’s full of love for all & reflects the love of Christ. I would love to win something special for her.

  8. Bimbo Raji says:

    I really love this article. I love my pastor’s wife(Pastor Omowunmi Idowu) because of her cheerful disposition and her passion for the women’s ministry.She’s humble, fashionable and beautiful inside out.

  9. I had widowed for only 5 mos. My five children and I were in town to do Thanksgiving over . . . it was the very day a year earlier, that my husband was diagnosed with cancer. I wanted to start new memories for all of us. I was introduced to so many people at my sister Open House. I wanted to escape but I also wanted to start new. One of the ladies I was introduced to spoke to me about her sister’s journey in widowhood. I had felt so loved by this stranger, and her sharing the journey of her sister’s widowhood with me. Only God knew how much of an encouragement our conversation went. Months later when speaking with my sister on the phone, I told her to please tell the lady (I described her to her) that spoke to me for so long (over an hour) thank you for the encouraging words. She told me, that that lady was her pastor’s wife. Wow! I wasn’t even in the same country, let alone same church and this lady spoke to me like I was one of the sheep in the congregation. I am so blessed that God, 4 plus years late, moved the family to that country, state, city, church.

  10. BeeBee, as many of the children call my dear friend…”the Pastor’s Wife”, doesn’t assume the title. She is a servant, first and foremost, just like all of us try to be. She came from a family background where God was not the focus. She has grown to be such an good example to many that anyone can serve God if they have a willing heart. BeeBee works diligently behind the scenes so as not to be seen, but just to help others reach Heaven. The list could go on and on.

  11. Davina leyva says:

    My Pastor’s wife isn’t only my Pastor’s wife. She is also my Pastor. And she is my Mother. She accepted the Pastorship after my father passed and has been doing double duty as Pastor and Pastor’s wife for 3 years. She is a strong woman who encourages me greatly.

  12. My Pastor’s wife is very giving of her time. She is always available and I admire her for the dedication to God that she shows. I know the self-less time and energy is for the greater good, but I also know she does not hear “Thank you” enough. I would like to brighten her day with this item.

  13. When I think of our Pastor’s wife, Tammy, the phrase “full of life” comes to mind. She always has a ready smile and a kind word for everyone. She loves to laugh. She also truly cares for each person that walks through our church doors. Yet, what most might not know, is that she is a powerful prayer warrior lifting up each member of our congregation as she drives to work in the wee hours of the morning. She is genuine and self-less and deserves to be honored as much as her husband this month. We are so blessed to have her and her husband shepherd our body.

  14. pam lewis says:

    What can I say about Mrs Darla Hillman. Her husband started our young church 5 yrs ago in September. She is a mother to 4 small children, the pianist at our Church (Freedom Baptist), the womens sunday school teacher and a pastors wife. She is ALWAYS upbeat, cheerful and always cares about everyone else. This is in the face of her having Lupus, and other illnesses that goes along with it. I know she is suffering as my sister also has Lupus and I know what she goes through. Miss Darla is such an inspiration to me as I have only been saved for 6 months. She makes me smile just thinking about her. God has blessed me with knowing her.

  15. I love that we not only have a great pastor but a great wife by his side. Love them both!

  16. Fiona York says:

    I love my pastor’s wife, Christy Echols. She is a young mother of 2 beautiful girls and so tireless in all her efforts for our church. I hope that I can give this beautiful prize to her! Thank you 🙂

  17. Beth McIntyre says:

    My pastor’s wife Kim is a wonderful friend. She has a quiet spirit, full of love. She is able to give sound advice without condemning. Most especially, she is real and able to share her heartaches and concerns. I love being able to call her friend, and you have inspired me to be a better one!

  18. I appreciate Kelly’s work in the Children’s ministries & her encouraging spirit.

  19. I so love and appreciate my Pastor’s wife, Jill. She is gracious and kind, selfless and encouraging. She is a shining light who radiates positivity and love!

  20. I love Brenda’s kind, tender heart & her love for people.

  21. Love this Article ,I can proudly say that my Pastor’s Wife is also my Aunt Diane. And boy is she a (Gem)!She is such an inspirational leader in our church and also in our lives.Not only does she inspire us and set a good example as to how a God Fearing woman should act and Conduct themselves .But her and her husband are Foster parents .They were not able to have a child of their own so for about I would say 20 years now they have been taking in these precious kids and leading them to God and setting a solid foundation in their Hearts .So thankful god has blessed me with a Christian Family and Such wonderful Pastors as them. Love and God Bless!

  22. Thank you so very much for letting me know October is Pastor’s month. I did not know
    I love my Pastor’s wife, she is a very loving sweet person, a very faithful servant of the Lord, loving Him wit all her heart, soul. mind and strength. She has many ailments, but this do not keep her for doing good to all the people in the church, she is very active, she always have a beautiful smile on her face, even when she is having pain, she visits people in the church that needs help and company, she has been a very huge big blessing to me. I love her dearly. I admire her very much, there are no words to describe her goodness.
    Thank you again. I wish I could meet you I believe you are very sweet even if I don’t know you in person.

  23. Jeanie Stein says:

    I would say that our pastor’s wife is a very proud woman, but knows when she has faltered. She is a wonderful mother of 2 plus also to 2 stepchildren. She asks me how I am doing all the time. Last time I saw her I asked her about her job outside the church. She is just an all around wonderful young woman. 🙂

  24. My Pastor’s wife, Susan, lost her 98 year old mother this past week. She described her as an angel, flu of prayer and love. Susan emulates these exact qualities as she makes us laugh through our troubles, prays over us and really cares. Thank you for your blog today, it really lifted my thoughts beyond ME and mine and onto her, and I liked that!

  25. Janice Babcock says:

    My pastors wife Vickie is the sweetest, kindest person I know. You feel her love through her smile and kind word’s and quiet ways. She needs a special crown for also caring for her 94 year old mother in law and teen nephew.
    Love and appreciate you Vickie.

  26. Betty Ann says:

    I have not really thought about how much a pastors wife really does until I read this. I always send prayer requests to Ms. Karen and she always replies. Imagine that the other 400 plus members did that too and she replied. She has many things on her plate and she never seems flustered, always has a smile on her face. I love her dearly and am so fortunate to have found this church that has such a loving pastors wife.

  27. cathy blok says:

    Thank you for writing and publishing this very important article. Dawn is my former PW and forever friend. I am amazed at her willingness and ability to minister to so many different needs in their little church. She possesses and shares qualities of spontaneity and creativity which enable her to cover many bases and she does it all with such a loving heart. She is a devoted wife and mother but most important she loves Jesus and wants everyone to know that joy.

  28. This reminder about the importance of a pastor’s wife reminded me of my best friend, Kelle. She gives of her time to serve others while working full time as a 2nd grade teacher. She teaches 1st/2nd graders during SS and she participates in a women’s Bible Study on Wednesday nights teaching the younger women in the church how to be Godly women, wives and moms. She is the mother of 3 great kids and the wife and cheerleader for her husband, our pastor. I can not think of anyone more worthy of winning this gift package.

  29. I love how genuine my pastor’s wife is. She is not afraid to share about her past and present struggles. She lets people know how she has grown closer to God through the years as she has trusted in Him. Yes, it is so true that Pastor’s wives needs friends that they can trust and be real with.

  30. After the passings of both of my parents, I stayed away from the congregation where I attended. My pastor’s wife kept up with me during this time. She e-mailed me one morning. What she said to me would be the the catalyst of me going back to worship service.

  31. Lorre Haseloff says:

    Our pastor’s wife, Kim, has such a kind and considerate heart! God’s love just flows from her. She is beautiful both inside and out! We are blessed to have her! Love ya, Kim!

  32. Tamara Black says:

    My pastor’s wife, Lisa Linkous is one of my dearest friends and confidantes. We have similar senses of humor & love a good clean joke. But she is authentic and loves with her whole heart and shares both the joys and burdens of her church family and truly shows the love of Jesus to everyone she meets. She is the soldier that our Pastor needs to support him and it’s amazing the countless and thankless things she does to keep our little but growing country church on track. Even now as she does all this while watching her mother endure chemo and her father endure many health issues she does it with steadfast faith and that beautiful genuine smile. The only thing about her that hurts me is when she cries because that too is from the depths of her genuine heart. I know she is a di vine connection and thank God for her.

  33. My mom is my pastor’s wife. She is an absolutely amazing woman. This subject is near and dear to my heart because I don’t believe people really understand all they give up, on a daily basis. I see it, first hand. One quick example: In addition to being a pastor, my dad has a full-time job. He took off his first week long vacation in 30 years to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary. A church member was admitted to Hospice care the week before they were scheduled to leave on their special anniversary vacation. They cancelled their trip and spent their first week “off” in 30 years at her bedside and their anniversary day at the funeral. Never counted it as anything but a joy to be a part of her life and an honor to celebrate her homecoming. That is how much a pastor’s wife can love her fellow members.

  34. Judybeth Smith says:

    Our pastor’s wife, Debbie wears many hats. Before her husband was called to serve God, he was a golf pro. So you see right away Debbie needed to have patience with the hours he spent away from home. He needed to be present on Sunday mornings, so once again this could have been a stumbling block. However, God’s love prevailed. I see Debbie ‘ s strength and love shine for and through her husband. He acknowledges that she knows himself better than he does and he accepts her advice in his growth. It is so evident that they are one in Christ. She shows no partiality and includes all women without question. She is young and I am old, but Sisters in Christ are ageless. She is an unassuming teacher and example of God’s love. Debbie is a gift from God.

  35. Susan Gruener says:

    Such a great post! Thanks Amy, for sharing some of these insights into what our pastor’s wife needs…things that many of us just did not think of or know. May pastor’s wife Cheryl is just the most sincere person in the whole world. I’ve known her for 24 years and she has always been just this same sweet, sincere person.
    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win a lovely gift for one of them!
    Bless you!

  36. LynleighB says:

    What I love about my Pastor’s wife is her ability to take a broken situation and make it beautiful with boldness but without skipping a beat. I’ve gone to her with things that were making me go crazy in my mind and she would respond immediately with the solution. She makes it all seem easy.

  37. Loving, supportive mama of three with another on the way!

  38. I love how my Pastor’s wife smiles, and will come up to you, just to say “hi”. She makes everyone feel special, and in a church with 3 campuses, and 11 services, that is truly amazing to me! I also know that she has a very creative side. She can take something from a dollar store, or thrift store, and turn something plain into something beautiful – just like Jesus does with us, when we give Him our heart. 🙂

  39. Unfortunately, I am just now getting to know my pastor’s wife after four years of being at our church. What I have learned so far is that she is a kind, caring, compassionate and understanding woman. She is someone that would tell you right from wrong with such a caring way that you don’t take offense to what she says (c’mon ladies, we know we can take offense when someone tells us something we don’t want to hear about ourselves). She loves her family deeply. Her family and her church family. Her marriage to our pastor is one that we could all take lessons from. She is an outstanding woman with a reputation that we all could look up to. I look forward to getting to know her better and hopefully learning from her on how to be the kind of Proverbs 31 woman that she is!

  40. We have a new pastor. I am getting to know our pastors wife, and she has such a caring, positive, energetic spirit about her. This is their first church, so I know they are nervous yet excited. I have been doing all I can to be a friend to her. The gift package would be a wonderful gift of encouragement and friendship to her.

  41. I am replying about my pastor’s wife, Libbie…she is such a wonderful, approachable person. She has so many encouraging and positive words for everyone. She is a “REAL WOMAN”. So many times it seems that wives in the role of “Pastors Wife” do not share the hurts, disappointments and brokenness that so many women can relate to. But Libbie is the first to be open and talk of what she has been though at different seasons of her life. she uses her experience and her strong God-Love to uplift others and encourage them. Another wonderful thing about Libbie is that she is a strong support for her husband and her children. She stands by our pastor’s side, they are a unit. Their love for each other radiates through their faith and enthusiasm for our church and flows to our congregation. We are truly blessed to have such a Godly example among us. She is truly loved!

  42. How she is ALWAYS there for everyone in our church, no matter time of day or circumstance. She is like a mom to me, and she loves me as if I was her own!

  43. Carol Ann says:

    I would love to be able to bless our pastor’s wife, Rachel. The quality I most appreciate about her is her down-to-earth genuineness!

  44. I would LOVE to bless my pastor’s wife with this gift. She is such a blessing to so many. She is encouraging, loyal, and loved. She is a true friend.

  45. I admire Ethel’s faithfulness! She has set a strong example to others on being a mighty prayer warrior and is always willing to serve and help others any way she can.

  46. Kathy Scott says:

    My pastor’s wife, Lynn, is such a sweet person. She supports her husband 100% of the time and ALWAYS has a sweet smile on her face. She is also very dedicated to ministry to women in and out of our church. I would love to win this package for her. She’s a godly woman.

  47. Holly Mc. says:

    My pastor’s wife, Ashleigh, is one of my closest friends. We’ve been friends since 2011 and we now clean a few houses together. I truly look forward to each day we “work” together. I highly respect her and love her like a sister, plus she is a “regular” lady who is funny, kind and has feelings, i would be thrilled to give this nice gift-pack to my precious friend who deserves to be pampered often. This couldnt be given to a more wonderful woman of God whom is also a fabulous mom to three teenage sons and a godly, loving wife! I hope she wins!! 🙂

  48. This was such a good reminder for me today. Our pastor’s wife, Kerri, is the most kind, gentle, soft spoken, and classy lady. Yet at the same time her intense passion for the Lord, her family, and our church family shines through. I’m often intimidated by her, and feel that I could never live up to my side of a relationship with her. I now have a renewed drive to make sure she feels as valued as she makes me feel.

  49. Amy Coldiron says:

    I’m friends with a Pastor’s wife. She works as a teacher in a public school. She is also full time in the church working in children’s ministry. She stretches herself so much and works tirelessly to help anywhere there is a need! She is an awesome woman of God and I love her wonderful spirit and selflessness! Never complains but I know she gets tired and feels lonely at times. This devotion hit the mark for me. I want to be a better friend to her and I am going to be! Thanks for the devotion!

  50. Rebecca Crane says:

    I have had a heart for befriending my pastor’s wife ever since I rededicated my life to Christ, some 35 years ago. Bev, my current pastor’s wife, is a young, beautiful mother of 3 children and works full-time outside the home to make ends meet. She too sits alone in the pew frequently, but I am making an effort to have her sit beside my husband and I. I love her because she has a heart for the people and for Christ. She shares her time with those in need, even though she has her plate full. I pray that i can be the kind of friend she needs at this season of her life. She is adorable and talented and a joy to my heart.

  51. Connie Anthony says:

    I LOVE that my Pastor’s wife, Beth, is such a quiet prayer warrior, not only for her husband, family, and our church but I am amazed how many from their past churches reach out to her constantly. I love how her open heart includes opening her home (literally)to the orphan young adults in transition, whether saving for their own place, waiting for the college dorm to open or her sons traveling band between gigs. I love her deep laugh or funny antidote and that she seems to hold a secret between only herself and the Lord. I love her vulnerability when she shares her own prayer requests as if she doesn’t want to be a bother. She is a great accountability partner as her faithfulness challenges me in my walk with Christ. I am humbled how she makes me know that my friendship challenges her walk with Christ. I love this rare and joyful gift, another so undeserved. Thank you Lord, for Beth and the life that she lives openly and honestly.
    Thank you for considering Beth for the gift you have offered.

  52. Our pastors wife Beverly Sawyer is caring and thoughtful of others. She tries to always greet visitors and make them feel welcomed at our church. She is fun to work with. She writes and directs the church plays. She works on these for an entire year. She has a beautiful voice and sings and sometimes directs the choir. She is also a no mom-sense kind of person. She will handle a situation directly when needed. She is fair and kind and had a servants heart. We love Miss Beverly and are blessed to have her in the church.

  53. Thank you for this devotion today. My pastor’s wife just recently come to our church. She is such a genuine and sweet person and I feel like I have known her for years already. Pastor’s wives are such a blessing to us and we should remember to pray for them daily, especially when they have uproot their entire family and move to follow God’s will for them.

  54. Liz Chandler says:

    Thank you for this devotional today❤️ There are 3 Pastors at my church and I am close with all of them. They have been such a HUGE blessing in my life and I just love the encouragement you provide here on how I can be a blessing to them.

  55. Stephanie says:

    As a pastor’s wife myself, I would like to say thank you for the devotional today.

  56. Martha T. says:

    I think that all of our pastors have neat wives so I am not sure which one I would give this to. Maybe the first one I see ? I will have to think about it.

  57. Kris Cook says:

    Our pastors wife, Sister Hazel is so warm and kind to everyone she meets. They have been in the ministry for 40+ years and I still see the Holy Ghost alive and working through her. She wears so many hats, song leader, teacher, cleaner…she is just happy serving the Lord in any way that is needed. There are so many things I love about her, but the first thing I think of when I think about her is her humor. Like you mentioned in the devotion, she is still a woman just like me and she is one of the funniest ladies. Her fun loving spirit always puts a smile on my face and I think this would be a nice way to give her a smile and say ‘thank you’ for being you!!!

  58. Monica Allen says:

    I am very thankful for my Pastor’s wife. She is the most selfless woman I have ever known. She serves in numerous ministries of our church in addition to her roles as a wife, mother, mentor, and friend. I am amazed at all she does and how well she handles eveything!

  59. Laurie Korman says:

    I just want to thank you for today’s message about pastor’s wives. It gives me hope as I am a new to being a pastor’s wife. Recently married and both were widowed, so I’m in a blessed place with my new “pastor” husband. However, I am struggling to fit in to his tiny church family. Maybe it is that I am going through a form of grief from moving from the city to the country, or maybe from my church of well over 1500 members to a congregation of 20 where I was involved in many areas, or the grief caused from leaving those women church friends, and my BFF’s, having moved further away, I’m not sure. I want to minister to the women of his church and praying for what God wants me to do. The fear of being compared to what his late wife was to them and me grips my heart. I’ve felt for a long time that God has a plan for me, I just have yet to hear or find his answer. Maybe I am looking too hard. It is true though that a pastor’s wife wants to be seen as “one of the girls”. I thank you for sharing and hope that we all just share in God’s love and direct it to each other. If we do that, what can go wrong.

  60. I love her laugh! She has many little ones (6) to look after and she manages them with grace and kindness. She is blessing to me and our congregation. I am so glad Beth is my friend!

  61. Sophia DeLonghi says:

    I love my pastor’s wife because she is so vulnerable and honest about her own struggles as well as a couple. She takes off all her masks and shows that she is an ordinary person with challenges…doesn’t allow herself to be put in the pedestal that we so often want to put them on. I’m so blessed by her friendship! She is an encourager, and remember we to sent me thoughtful reminders of who I am. I love her and our pastor!

  62. Mary Ellen Sennert says:

    We at Crossbridge Curch are blessed with 3 wonderful Pastors wive’s; Jennae, Sherina and Kim. They have been so instrumental in so many ministries within our church. Their love and devotion for the Lord is so evident in all they do. They are caring and compassionate as well as just fun to be with !!

  63. Dorothy Baker says:

    I have dozens of pastors at my church and my husband is one of them! Your article touched my heart deeply. Thank you. I will tell you what I love about ONE of my Pastor Wife friends, Ilene. She is honest about who she is, what she struggles with, and she takes time to listen to me too -when we have the rare moment to reconnect. She is an excellent example of making sure her husband’s needs and wants are taken care of and not making her family sit on the back burner all in the name of “ministry.” She has plenty of ministry “irons in the fire” but she sets the great example of loving her husband more than her ministry. I love being her friend, we can play, craft, eat, watch movies, plan showers or events together but whether she knows it or not, she is reminding me to keep my priories straight!

  64. Brittany Masters says:

    Lynn – She is always looking to treat others in a special way. She loves to chat and is always striking up conversations with others and finding out what is happening in their lives. She is often patient with her children, loving to her hard-working husband and hard-working herself.

    Gertie – She is a prayer warrior. You can ensure your being covered in prayer by this woman of faith. She is strong, hard-working full-time laborer for the kingdom; full-time mom; and part-time Discipleship Director. She desires to learn as much as she can from the word of God and seeks to bring encouragement to everyone.

  65. Anne Alexander says:

    My Pastors is so organized and disciplened. She gives of her time, talents, and treasures so freely.

  66. Peg J. Ribble says:

    Our dear Pastor’s wife is exactly as you have described. She has a hearting heart for the needy kids all over the place. She’s always giving what she can to these kids, especially at the grade school she works in.

  67. Angela Story says:

    My Pastor’s wife’s name is Vicki Roeder. Here is why I love and appreciate her not just as the Pastor’s wife but as a friend and a woman.
    V is for VIVACIOUS. She has a lively spirit and is friends to all women and church women.
    I is for how INTELLIGENT, INTERESTING, INCREDIBLE & INSPIRATIONAL. She shares her knowledge from all of the experiences she has had. She is interesting to listen to and talk with. She has incredible passion to be the best friend possible to everyone. She is inspirational to me because she continues to model to me how she endures life with a joyful countenance and that really encourages me to do the same.
    C is for CREATIVE, CARING, CONSIDERATE. She is creative with decorating and creative in thought. She is caring and kind to all she meets. She is very considerate to others and of others needs, wants, hopes and dreams.
    K is for KIND, KINDHEARTED. She has a kind spirit and is kind to all. She wears her heart on her sleeve and is kindhearted in her thoughts and ways.
    I is for INSPIRED AND INSPRIATIONAL. She has inspired me with her outlook on life and her advice. She is inspirational to others because of the way she lives her life.

    She is a beautiful women inside and out. She lives her life to the best of her ability and gives all honor and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the center of her life.
    That is why I love my Pastor’s wife.
    Angela Story
    Christ Center Assembly of God
    Hudson WI

  68. I love how she is so positive & encouraging to all the women of our church. She loves unconditionally, but most of all she is real. She isn’t afraid to remove her mask & share her struggles & trials. We are very blessed!!

  69. Penny Stein says:

    The willingness the pastors wives show to reach in and love the members of their husbands congregation just as they are, where they’re at is so amazing. It warms one’s heart and makes you find a refocus on God. I hope that from this, carrying their heart concerns before God and learning to reach out to others in love, They too are blessed.

  70. Ellen Pastusak says:

    I love love love my pastor’s wife, Janet. She has a smile that lights up the room. She greets me (and everyone) with enthusiasm. She makes me feel special. She’s a wife, mom of four and grandma of two. She is super involved in all of the women’s ministries at our big church and presents herself as authentic and humble and real. She is the most pleasant person I know.

  71. My pastor’s wife is as passionate about the church as she is about her husband and children. But she is most passionate about God and sharing his story. She gives continually and tirelessly and at 100% in whatever she is involved in. She opens her home regularly and serves her guests with love. Her love for her God shines through in all she does.

  72. I admire my pastor’s wife so much. She is genuine, down to earth, wise, kind and has given me so much courage, comfort, and guidance as a Christian sister. My pastor and his wife have been such a blessing in my faith and life, I am so thankful for them both.

  73. Pam Ridgell says:

    Amy, Thank you so much for reminding us to think about the Pastor’s wife. As it is a team that works together to provide for others in the congregation. And in a small congregation the pastor and his wife both work a full time job as well as minister to the people. Thanks again for the reminder.

  74. My pastor’s wife,Minister Annette.She is the mother of the church.

  75. I really appreciate and love our new pastor’s wife, Kassie! Our church is in a transition state…pursuing revitalization, so when she and her husband accepted the pastorate this last June, they came into a challenging situation. We not only were without a pastor, worship leader, band, children’s minister, etc. None of this phased Kassie! She jumped in as worship leader, temporarily took over the children’s ministry along with raising her 5 children and supporting her husband thru the challenges he’s faced. She’s been a catalyst in reviving our women’s ministry as well as reaching out to the unsaved. Kassie is equally friendly and comfortable with the young ladies in the church as those of us who are more “mature”. She is a real blessing!

  76. My pastor’s wife is a wise woman of God who takes time out of her incredibly packed schedule to minister to the women and families of our church. She is a blessing to me and to my family.

  77. Erin Townsend says:

    My family is very close to our associate pastor’s family, and I count his wife, Becky as one of my best friends. They have taken on the head pastor role twice during the time we have been members of our church. Currently they are leading us while we look for a new pastor. She is so sweet and kind, and her passion for the ladies of our church is always evident. Her passions for discipleship, as well as reaching our community, are an inspiration to me. She is so real and honest, and grounded in God’s word. I love to give encouragement, and this gift would be a great tangible way to do just that. Thank you for your words of encouragement.

  78. Our Pastor and family have been at our church for about 5 yrs now. It wasn’t until about 8 months ago I was going through a dark time in my life and didn’t know who else to turn to, so I turned to my Pastor’s wife,Stephanie, for prayer. At the time we were basically acquaintances and had a few conversations up to that point. Little did I know at that moment, God was working on a beautiful friendship that I now cherish! Since that day, she has never left my side and was there for me when others walked out. We are also accountability partners which brings a whole other level to our friendship. Stephanie loves the Lord with all her heart and one of the most powerful prayer warriors that I have ever met. I will always be forever grateful how God brought us together and developed our friendship in His timing.

  79. My Pastor’s wife is so humble and self-less. She is always behind the scenes, supporting her husband, heading the children’s church, running the nursery, and never complaining, while raising her own teenage sons.

  80. I love my pastors wife because when you talk to her she makes you feel like you are the most important person in the room.She gives of herself over and over again, always with serenity and grace. She is a blessing and a gift to us all. She is beautiful on the outside and on the inside.I appreciate who she is and I love to see how she loves Jesus

  81. martha pigott says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to express my appreciation for my pastor’s wife, Renee. I can truly say how much I appreciate her for the roles she plays in our church. She wears many “hats”: 100% supportive of the church and ever activity within it, supportive of her husband, reaches-out/cooks for needy members of the church, a long distance grandmother and mother of two–just to mention a few. In addition, she works as a school teacher and does ALL these things with a SMILE. On the surface everything seems to be prefect in her life; however, I am sure she is just like others with worries about children and grandchildren, aging parents, health issues, work issues, and being a role model for her husband and the church he serves. I love her and will always be thankful for a wonderful friend and neighbor.

  82. stephanie says:

    I absolutely think my PW is wonderfully “perfect”. I love her dearly. She has been such an inspiration and I just want to be the kind of friend God wants me to be for her. Thanks for your post today. God bless those ladies in the ministry who feel alone and forgotten.

  83. My pastor’s wife is Teresa. I don’t know her well, but in the interaction I have had with her over the years, she has such a sweet and loving spirit. She is a wife, mother and grandmother and shows her love to her family in her loving care of them. This blog post makes me want to reach out and get to know her better. That’s my plan for the coming months. Thank you for sharing and for the inspiration! This is my first visit to your blog and I really enjoyed it.


  84. Mrs. G is no doubt a blessing to every person who meets her, the picture of Christ Love for other and simply glows with with her always so positive attitude!

  85. Lynn Jones says:

    My family was hurt at a church by the Pastors. So when we attended another church the first thing I noticed about the Pastor and his wife was their genuineness and openness about themselves and their walk with God. Sister Pastor Ronda is an example to me about being real and walking through trials in faith. She is funny and not afraid to laugh even if it is at herself.
    We are blessed to be a part of her life.

  86. I adore my pastor’s wife, Linda. She’s so loving and caring and giving and supportive and I love her so much it’s as if she’s another mom to me. She’s amazing but I know, as this devotion was saying, it’s draining giving and serving and loving and not getting much in return. I would love to present this gift to her as a token of my sincere appreciation for her as a pastor’s wife, but most importantly, a friend. My heart would be missing out on some major love and blessings if it weren’t for her. I love her so! <3

  87. I am a Ministers Kid, so I feel that I am aware o the Great Things and the awful ways our Congregations do treat our Ministers. From my experience I learned so many things that I put in my mind at Church. I am a Deacons Wife, so I can not gossip, and other stuff that we al are aware of. that being said, there is a special relationship with her. What ever she says to me is confient, the only one that I would share with is my husband. That is, if I feel that he needs to know it, most of the time he does not need to know. She needs to vent as I do at times, I fully understand that. I consider this most Holy. As I do the same with her..especially after Quarterly
    Meetings, where folks just let it all hang out. It is just amazing at times, what you hear here. I hope she Knows that I am her biggest Protector in conversations that I am a part of. I Love her Greatly! Running out of Room I am sure. Thanks for this area where we can be honest. God Bless This Day in your Life!

    1. Amy Carroll says:

      Dianna, I am shocked and horrified by the things people will say to their pastor and pastor’s wife that they’d NEVER say to anyone else. We don’t always have to agree, but even in disagreement we are called to be like Jesus. I know having you in her corner is a blessing to your pastor’s wife!

  88. I’ve been in church for over 30 years and have seen a lot of Godly pastor’s wives, but Sharon far outshines all of them. She has such a passion for seeing God’s presence in our daily lives. Everyone in our church knows that she strives for excellence in everything. Being a pastor’s wife is such a difficult place and she does it with such grace. I am honored to call her friend.

  89. Mildred Johnson says:

    Our pastor’s wife is wonderful, the one thing that she always shows is her faithfulness and love for our Lord Jesus Christ and inspires us to stay faithful in our walk with the Lord.

  90. Rosemarie says:

    My Pastor’s Wife – Maureen (MOE) – I admire HER GRACE AND STRENGTH – Proverbs 31:25 – “She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.” This is so how I see my loving pastor’s wife. <3 <3 <3

  91. her faith. and how she shares it and shows it. doing life with her makes God bigger!

  92. Pastors wife, Jen S, is one of the most talented women I know. She is creative and loves her family. She always is sincere and I have never told her how much I admire her. I thank you for opening my eyes to the needs of the women in our church.

  93. Stephanie says:

    Lynn’s love for her husband is so apparent as each and every Sunday she sits and listens in both services to her husband preach and looks at him with full attention absorbing every word. She encourages him with her presence and encourages me in my marriage.

  94. My niece is a pastor’s wife and what a marvelous lady! She loves people well and yet is devoted to her husband and 2 little children. they have been married for 4 years and I feel like it has been a great eye-opener for me, to the unique challenges they face. I feel like I have a special calling to love and support and pray for her personally. She is quite bright, has traveled all over the world and could be a CEO for any fortune 500 compnay. However she has chosen to invest herself in her love for the Lord and in His people. thanks for this wonderful devo.

  95. Margarita says:

    I just can’t say enough about our wonderful Pastor’s wife. First and formost is her love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Through that love we are blessed to have her heart shine on us. She is a woman who does not ever claim be be more then just human. She lifts us up with all that she does. Her desire to be an example to us of a godly wife, mother, friend. Her heart to teach our woman’s ministry to encourage us in all that we do. I love Kathy for her heart to serve other’s.

  96. Christina is her name, and love is her game 🙂 Christina is my pastor’s wife and she is amazing. She always is there no matter what she is going through or what her family is going through, she makes a point to be there. It could be as small as a smile with her kind eyes, or a squeeze on the shoulder. It is like she has a sense you need that. Christina is a beacon of light in time of need. She is amazing and I love her dearly.

  97. I have the utmost respect and love for the wives of our pastors. Tisha is an overcomer who shows grace and compassion while remaining authentic. Debbie (who has granted me the privilege of calling her Mom) is loving and supportive and shows quiet strength. Debbie R. Is fun and crazy about Jesus and will gladly welcome and love you into His kingdom.

  98. Sylvia Torres says:

    My pastor’s wife, Teresa, is an amazing woman of prayer and compassion. I admire how she listens to you and allows God to guide her as she responds. She will always take time out if you need someone to talk to. This is something I desire to duplicate in my life. She is an excellent cook and shares not only her culinary talents but also does this through encouraging healthy eating and it is reflected in her life style. Her love for her husband and the church are evident in what she does.

  99. Dawnette M. says:

    Good morning! I happen to attend a very large church and don’t have the pleasure of knowing our Pastor’s wife, but your message this morning brought to mind a new friend. Our paths crossed recently at our children’s soccer game. Her family serves at a small, local church and are in the midst of planting another church in a neighboring community. We had agreed to meet up for coffee and that hasn’t happened yet. I know her schedule is hectic as is mine, but she has a beautiful, gentle spirit and I need to build this friendship. Thank you for this morning’s devotion and allowing God to use you to speak to us. I of course would love to bless her with this gift, but either way, I will reach out to her this weekend. Have a great day!!

    1. Amy Carroll says:

      Dawnette, thank you so much for your comment! There are so many beautiful comments today. I hope everybody will let their pastor’s wife know that they’ve been left a love note here and take a step to encourage her even if they don’t win the gift. I’m sure every pastor’s wife on this list would be thrilled just with a note of encouragement.

  100. Thank you so much for this devotional. It was a great reminder for me to not just think it, but tell our Pastors wife how much she is appreciated. Wendy is one of the most selfless women I know. She devotes herself to her family but is always available with a listening ear when needed. She is kind, talented and a great example of a wife and mother after God’s heart. There are many women in our church that have been blessed by her sincerity. I think even if I don’t win the gift for her I might just get her a little something anyway and tell her just how much she is appreciated.

  101. Unfortunately until reading this devotion I never really looked to see how my Pastor’s wife associates with other women in the congregation. There is a big age gap between us and she was drawn to my grandmother in her start of her service to our church. My grandmother has grown ill and they do not have that relationship any more. My heart now goes out to her because I don’t even know if she has a close friend but she does have her daughter, thank God! She is always there to lend a helping hand and she has the quietest sweetest demeanor. I love her quiet passion for her work for the Lord. She is always behind the scenes and if you are not looking you would miss it. I would love to win her this package to show her my gratitude for her faithfulness to us, our church family and most importantly to God.

  102. Mya Clements says:

    I LOVE how my Pastor’s wife, Deena, has encouraged an ENTIRE congregation to pray! During the 3rd week of each month, we have the Women of P.O.W.E.R.’s prayer & consecration. We fast and pray daily together and I have been privy to God’s power through this. We say that we are Praying Often With Eternal Results (POWER). She comes up with such witty saying and causes us to laugh continually! I have watched her through the years be an awesome mother, wonderful & dutiful wife and just an all-around beautiful person. She finds such great ways to encourage the women of our church and lives a life that is one to be followed after. She is so amazing that words can’t fully describe the love, respect and honor that I have for her! 🙂 God truly blessed not only our Pastor, but our congregation as well, when she came into our lives and we are the better for it!

  103. I love the way our pastor’s wife quietly but visibly supports her husband’s work in the church and her warm acceptance of everyone around her.

  104. Laura Brady says:

    I have a very special pastors wife, Sandra Catlin which I have served with for 14 years. She is so amazingly gracious and caring and giving. She and I have often said we believe we share a brain! God seems to give both of us the same ideas and dreams for our ministry although we have very limited time together, me with my family of 6 kids and her taking care of her mother and working. She is so gracious and a true confidante which I can share my hurts and blessings and I know that God has placed me here to learn that gift that she has been given. I would love to be able to give this gift to her.

  105. Mary Perez says:

    My pastor’s wife Wanda Mortensen, is a blessing to me and to our church family. She is a mom, a grandmother, a wife and a principal at our school’s church ministry at WCS, and still she finds time to serve others. She is a good listener, and a praying warrior. I love her sweet and kind spirit and her passion above all to serve Christ. I want to thank her for all she does. I love her and appreciate her a bunch. And a big thanks to Amy for the reminder, we all need to be thankful for the blessings we sometimes take for granted. Roman’s 1:8

  106. Our church is blessed in so many ways through our pastor’s wife. Christie is an incredible musician with a beautiful voice and the ability to play the guitar. We are blessed every time she performs a solo or with the praise band. She has two young children and recently gave birth to a third daughter, so our nursery program is expanding too. 🙂 Most of all and on a personal note, this woman is genuine. I’ve always told my kids you have to be a friend, to make a friend. That means we take chances and are vulnerable with others exposing our joys and sorrows, successes and failures, strengths and fears, and allow them to be part of our dreams. Christie is the real deal and I love her dearly.

  107. Jayme,

    I love how she always puts others first when I know she has a lot on her plate. She makes you feel like you are the only one in the world. And she has a beautiful smile. Happy Smile Day!


  108. Lisa Richardson says:

    My pastor’s wife, Laura, is my bestest friend ever. I have never had a friend like her. She is passionate about God’s word, she encourages me to step out and be a leader, she is funny, beautiful, compassionate , and wise. She holds me accountable with love. We love to talk, shop, and teach together. She has raised 2 beautiful girls that love the Lord. She has told me numerous times how lonely it is being a pastor’s wife and it breaks my heart. So I became that friend for her and what a blessing to me it has been. I would love to give her this gift.

  109. My dear friend, Maria, is a wonderful example of a godly wife and a selfless Christian. She is always willing to help others just to be a blessing without expecting anything in return.

  110. This devotional made me step outside of my box and realize the social stigma of a pastor’s wife. I, like many others, believe the pastor’s wife has a very put together life, where she makes perfect decisions for her as well as her family; she has no struggles because, well, her husband is a pastor. This devotion pointed me in another direction. A direction of extending myself more to my pastor’s wife. Extending in a way of compassion and gratefulness. Why? Because of the social stigma, she has so much to live up to in the way of standards and that must be hard. She’s a real woman just like us all. With real problems to solve, real emotions to deal with, and real life circumstances to get through.
    Today I honor Cheri, my pastor’s wife. For her continued walk with The Lord, serving in the children’s ministry every single Sunday, and for her always present smile on her gleaming face, despite her worldly struggles I’m sure she faces.

  111. I love “Mrs, Pastor” Tyler Finley because she’s a beautiful, Godly and down to earth woman of God. She doesn’t put on any fronts and is always there to fill in the blanks for her husband.

  112. My friend and pastor’s wife is young! I can’t imagine starting out as a new wife, new mother, and trying to figure out the politics and expectations of a church and what that means to her. She is sweet and gentle. She alway shows genuine concern for my kids (they love her as well). But she is also strong and determined. Definitely a help-meet for her husband.

  113. I *am* the pastor’s wife 🙂 so you don’t need to enter me in the drawing, but I came to your website, Amy, to tell you thank you for writing this wonderful devotion. Then I started reading all the comments and I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face. I hope all your commentor’s pastor’s wives come and read these wonderful words and know how much your readers love and appreciate them!!! God bless each of you for loving and supporting your pastors and their families. Being in ministry is an incredible blessing and a heavy burden, both together. Your support means so much — more than you will probably ever realize.

    1. Amy Carroll says:

      Sara, I’m so glad these comments ministered to you. Thank you for your ministry!

  114. Tera Pearson says:

    I guess the biggest thing I love about our pastor’s wife is that she is “real”. She doesn’t put on airs, she doesn’t act like she’s better than anybody else, and she speaks her heart in truth and love whether it offend your or not and makes no apologies for it 🙂
    In His Love,

  115. Kelly Lake says:

    I go to a large church and don’t know our lead pastir’s wife but she has said hello to me a few times and I’ve heard her speak from the stage and give some of her testimony. I think she works in real estate. I would definitely give her this package if I win. Thank you!

    1. Amy Carroll says:

      Kelly, I’m so glad you commented, because I think you brought up an important point. Just like every other human being, a pastor’s wife only has limited time to invest in friendships. I love each of the women on my top list, but I only have been close to a couple. When we really don’t know our pastor’s wife, we can still be her friend from afar by loving her, speaking well of her and encouraging her when we have an opportunity.

  116. I would love to win this for my Pastor’s wife, Rhonda. She is a blessing to me and our church. She helps where needed in a selfless way. She has a talent of crafts and decorating so she adds beautiful decorative touches for every season to our church. She makes our church feel like home. Thanks for reminding me to be thankful for our Pastors’ wives.

  117. Lisa Myers says:

    Ashley Porter was my friend before she was my pastor’s wife. She models true friendship with honesty, integrity, and love. She is real-she laughs, cries, and loves harder than anyone I know and I am so proud to call her my friend. She encourages me and holds me accountable, and she forgives as Jesus taught us to do.

  118. Thank you for your timely devotion this morning. I believe that most people do not realize the lonely life of a pastor and/or the pastors wife. I am good friends with several pastors wives and know that they can be so guarded with there personal feelings and lives. You have to be so careful with who you can trust with your innermost feelings. I am not good friends with my own pastors wife. We attend a large church and I don’t have much occasion to be in her circle. But, she is a true supporter of her husband. I would love the opportunity to give her your beautiful package of goodies. Hopefully, I can start to show her some love in the days ahead. I realize that just because we aren’t close doesn’t mean I can’t give her some encouragement!

  119. Amy – Thanks for this encouraging devotion today! As the wife of a husband in ministry, I echo your words. Yes, we need others to reach out to us and to get to know us for who we are. We need close friends who love us and encourage us. We need friends who we can share our struggles with and know that those struggles will remain within that circle of trust.

    Our husbands need this as well. Many pastors are very lonely and really want/need some close godly men to be their friends, encouragers and accountability partners.

  120. I love that despite having 4 young children, and no matter how busy life is, she is patient, loving and kind and always has the best smile waiting to greet you.

  121. I love my pastors wife and how she views the opinions of others. She doesn’t try to fit the mold that others may see for her, she fits In the plan God has shown and given her. Her confidence in her calling is not only inspiring, it is beautiful.

  122. When my Pastor’s wife, Beth, first came to our church I was sitting talking with her and I asked if there are any friends that she is sad about leaving in her now old church. She replied with, “No, not really, as a pastors wife I learned early on that you really can’t have a best friend, it’s just not acceptable….people get offended”. That was a very eye-opening statement for me. I have tried to let her know that I am a friend whenever she needs but I don’t care how many other friends she has. I think this devotion is really well stated on behalf of Pastor’s wives and the life they lead. Thank you for the reminder!

  123. I just adore my pastor’s wife! Ashley loves like Jesus…that’s the best way to describe her. You don’t have to be a certain way or do (or not do!) certain things. She is just her beautiful self…and it frees us (her friends) to be ourselves. Love her more than I can say!! (And I should probably tell her this more often then I do!!! 🙂 ). Thanks for this chance, Amy…what a great idea!!

  124. My pastor’s wife is a friend I can count on to pray for me, encourage me, & listen to me in confidence no matter what. I appreciate that I can be “real” with her & I hope she feels that she can be “real” with me. I have many little notes of encouragement tucked away that she’s written to me through the years & because I know she enjoys getting little notes too, I’ve tried to do the same for her. Thank you for this wonderful devotional that reminds us that our pastor’s wives are women just like the rest of us….with struggles & flaws and in need of our love, grace, & encouragement.

  125. Being a music minister’s wife myself I under the loneliness. I came into the ministry when I married, and my husband has already been at the church multiple years before that. It was hard adjusting but harder to do it alone. Kim was such an inspiration to me. She is an example how to love a church and yet balance her own life in the ministry. She always has something positive to say, and has guided me throughout being a minister’s wife.

  126. My pastor’s wife is a wonderful listener and an a amazing prayer warrior!

  127. My bestie, Lucia has been a dear friend for over 20 years. She is a “pastors wife in training” as her husband is presently attending seminary in Texas. We were military girlfriends, then wives together before the Lord led them into fulltime ministry,but truthfully, she’s been ministering to others as long as I’ve known her. She breaks the mold for a pastor’s wife and because of that is able to reach many. Her heart for women, teaching and telling others about Jesus inspires me. She has a way of listening, reaching out and identifying with others that is so sincere and genuine, that I always learn something about relationships and loving others when we are together. God has given me such a gift in her friendship and I am thankful. Now if God will could just move us a little closer together….

  128. as one of your previous readers has just mentioned to start with; what a cool
    way to honor the pastors’ wife..they are so often overlooked; her name is..
    Patricia & she is now retired & she is just an all encompassing woman…
    she is the go to lady..i think these gifts would be a great way to say..
    THANK YOU for all that you do for everybody…

    thank you….kathy

  129. My husband used to be a pastor and it is very lonely at times being the wife of w pastor. Thanks for being sensitive about this role. My pastors wife is amazing! This is her husbands first church and in the past 10 years it has grown to be a very large and strong congregation under his leadership. I have watched his wife care for their three young children, love her husband, care for others and be intentional about using her spiritual gifts to honor The Lord. I admire her for her genuineness . I would live to bless her with this gift .

  130. Julie has a consistently cheerful attitude, yet it’s underscored with a surprising transparency once you spend a little time with her. She works full-time as a kindergarten teacher. Moreover, she volunteers faithfully in our youth ministry, opening her home time and time again to the teens she cares so much about.

  131. Such a great idea! I want to share about Robin Mitchell… I love that she’s quiet, but fun spirited when you talk to her. Her kids are high-school and college age, where mine are little, so I love watching how she does this Mothering thing, this Wife thing, and fiercely supports her husband who pastors our church. She has started an amazing women’s bible study for us to connect, and that completely changed me. One thing I think I admire most, is she’s not afraid to show her imperfections… Which challenges me to be better without intimidating me with her perfection! Happy Pastor’s month!

  132. My pastor’s wife, Melissa, is a reflection of God’s grace! She is a young mom of three, soon to be four. Her oldest is autistic- Melissa is real in the way she has shared her heart through her blog of the heartaches and joy in her home. She shares her angelic voice with preschool choir and VBS as well as the blessing of sharing her love for the Lord with beautiful solo worship!

  133. My Pastor’s wife, Karen, is a wonderful friend that speaks to everyone she meets, even if it’s just hello, and always with a smile. She truly cares about people and loves getting to know them wether young, old, or in between. She has a beautiful voice and will help lead worship on occasion. She loves her family and most definitely loves God.

  134. Rhonda Stutes says:

    I love and appreciate many things about my pastor’s wife, Pam, but a most treasured trait is that she is always herself! We attend a large church so she is constantly under a microscope; it’s impossible to please everyone. Regardless, you can count on her to just be who God made her to be without trying to impress orhers. She is kind and loving, graciously welcoming me when I was brand-new to our church and knew no one. It wasn’t because she was the pastor’s wife that made a difference in my life – it was because she dispelled the loneliness and scariness of being single-again and trying to integrate into a large church. She reached out and took me in. I am loved and I am accepted! What a marvelous feeling!! Sound like anyone you know?? Sounds like Jesus to me.

  135. My pastors wife, Bekah, is a dear friend of mine. She is so humble and sweet. She’s down to earth and makes everyone she talks to feel so special (because she really thinks they are). Bekah is a pastors wife (or a new church plant) mother to 3 beautiful kids, a sister, daughter, realtor and my best friend. She works so hard to serve the Lord and reach the lost and I’m so glad she’s in my life.

  136. To one of my best friends who is a pastor’s wife, April. She is strong, trusting, funny, & compassionate in all aspects of her life.

  137. What a wonderful way to honor pastor wives. Mine is so selfless and caring. I never stopped to think about the struggles she encounters in her daily life. Thank you for bringing this issue to light.

  138. Elizabeth says:

    One of my elders wives has been faithfuly serving for 50 years. She is in her seventies and is constantly helping, reaching out, counseling, leading and serving. She makes herself readily available to those young and old and has had a huge impact in my life. She is a true treasure and a gift that God greatly uses. I was very surprised recently to hear that she does not really have any close friends. I hurt for her and want to be one of these friends to her that you wrote about.

  139. Our pastor and his family have only been at out church for about two months now. They are amazing, wonderful people that have such God serving hearts, but I can see how overwhelmed they are. In a good way of course. 🙂 They moved here from out of state, so they basically left all the knew to fill a gap that our church needed filled. They bought a house here, but had to stay in a hotel for 6 weeks while repairs were being made. Oh, did I mention they have three young children, their youngest being about 10 months old!
    They love the church and the people there so much, that’s where I see how they can easily get overwhelmed. I can’t imagine being the new guy and trying to remember all these names and getting to know a new place that is now called home. But they do it and show such love for God and His people. Being new, the pastor’s wife is doing an amazing job showing love to the women who have reached out to her. She has a sweet, loving soul and she does what needs to be done. I am sure with the move there are so many mixed emotions, but she is never without a smile and tender words! Amen that we are blessed as a church to have such a devoted women to whom we are proud to call our pastor’s wife!

  140. Arienne Middlebrooks says:

    My youth pastor’s wife, Tori, is an incredible young woman of God!
    When we came to our church, she smoothed the way.
    She has such a tender heart to see women come
    Closer to God and she works tirelessly beside
    Her husband, the youth pastor! She also is a precious friend
    And prayer warrior for me, the senior pastors wife.

  141. Thank you, Amy, for a timely devotion. My pastor’s wife is also my dear ‘sister friend’, and has been an incredible blessing to me in the many years we have known one another. She is a powerful prayer warrior who will ‘Stop, Drop, & Pray’ for a need, in the moment & under any circumstances. She loves… Her family and her friends with what I can only call ‘Jesus love’, truly unconditionally. An incredible encourager to her friends & family and who can’t use a cheerleader in a world always looking to cut you down, especially people of faith. She gives… Endlessly, tirelessly, to her family, her job outside the home, and to friends in ways large and small to let them know she cares, appreciates each & every one.
    We have an amazing friendship, share a deep love for one another and our Lord who brought us together! What a joy it would be to gift her with this goodie basket! I’d love to surprise her!

  142. I love both our pastors wives. They are funny, authentic and have beautiful voices when they sing. Love they are part of our church. We are so blessed. Between them they have 7 children. They are very busy ladies. Love their heart for God!

  143. Thanks for your words and reminder today!

    I admire so much about our pastors wife, Cathy; but, what I admire most is how she seems to do everything in the church (secretarial work, children’s ministry, filling in for others) and you NEVER here her complaining. She is truly a servant.

  144. Loved loved reading this! Honestly, I never thought about needing to bless our pastors wives for pastor appreciation month!! Thank you so much for helping me realize that!! We have a youth pastors wife who a young mom of two and who is pretty quiet but amazing still. Wisdom flows when she speaks. I am so thankful for her and our pastors wife. Thanks again for the knowledge you have shared!

  145. My pastor’s wife is kind to everyone and makes everyone feel valuable and welcomed whether they have know her for a short time or a long time. She loves Jesus and His Word with a passion. His love spills out of her!

  146. Our pastor’s wife is a warm and giving person. She genuinely cares for the women of the church and invests time in them. I appreciate her friendship and hope to always be an encouragement to her!

  147. Janet axelson says:

    Pan Logue is the most gracious and truly kind woman. She drove me to the doctor once and as a single mom, I truly appreciate her.

  148. My Pastor’s wife, Audrey is truly amazing. First Lady or Ma Audrey as she is commonly called reflects her mothering spirit. As a mother to 5, she does mothering very well, not to mention her spiritual children. Her heart and compassion for people is admirable. She’s so genuine. She’s a devoted wife, supporter and encourager to her husband, a Proverbs 31 woman at her best! She’s also a chef that caters and a singer too! There is so much wrapped up in this wonderful, superwoman.

  149. My Pastor’s wife Sula is an amazing friend, intercessor, & godly woman. She makes people feel welcome & celebrated. Whether she is fixing you coffee or tea, or praying for your needs, she does it with her whole heart. She watches over all the affairs of her husband, children, church & home. She has been set free from so much & helps everyone she knows to learn to be set free as well. I love her and honor her today as one of my very best friends!

  150. I never realized that a pastors wife was lonely until I read the Heaven is for real 2nd book. Since then I have tried to show our Pastors wife special attention by sending cards. Being sure to speak to her when I see her. She is our church secretary, she teaches middle school Sunday School class, a womens Sunday School class on the Sunday she has off from her other class. She leads womens bible study on Wednesday. I know she is only an email or a call away if I need her.

  151. Beki Jones says:

    My friend Brenda is so comfortable to be around. Spending time with her is like just being at home, & it seems so natural to her, but I think you are right in that she probably doesn’t feel as comfortable around others. I’m very thankful for this post, because it has helped me see her in a complete different light, & I appreciate her that much more.

  152. My pastor’s wife is truly amazing. She love’s the Lord with all her heart. She is steadfast, genuine and full of compassion. I love her sweet spirit and her passion to serve God!

  153. Peggy Lago says:

    My pastor’s wife is a very humble servant who sacrifices quietly in ways I think people in general don’t recognize or acknowledge. Her husband is very much a jack of all trades and consequently pours his heart and soul into many projects at and for our church, not the least of which was heading up the entire building project of our new church. I don’t remember hearing her complain about all the times she has not been able to spend with her husband throughout the years. Yes, she is humble and self-sacrificing and I appreciate her example.

  154. My pastors wife is a warrior. They have been through so much the best few years as the church went through a bad time of accusations and gossip. But God weeded out the Holy Spirit quenchers. Hallelujah! And Cyndi has remained. I pray for her as she lost her father out of state last year and has had to go back to work full time and bring her sons family of six back into their home to live. She is strong and a wonderful lady. And she can run fast too! I’d love to give her this basket in appreciation. She is such a warrior.

  155. Bethany Rice says:

    Dianne – my pastor’s wife who chooses to also devote herself to our church by serving in our bell choir and children’s ministries. She quietly protects her husband’s day off yet tirelessly gives up her time with him when he is called to serve during their time. She is his rock and devoted cheerleader. Yet she finds time to be my friend and support me in my role as a youth ministry leader. Her love of her Lord, shows in all she does. I am blessed to be her friend and share this earthly walk together.

  156. Amy, I am a pastor’s wife and I just want to say thank you for this!
    After 30 years in ministry I’ve experienced both the bad and the extraordinarily beautiful!

  157. Thank-you for this devotion! I am finding it a blessing to get to know my pastor’s wife. She has a kind heart and real passion for women.

  158. Zingisa Nqoloba says:

    Thank you so much for an opportunity to express our appreciation to be led by such wonderful selfless women, pastor’s wives. My pastor’s wife is my colleague, my boss and prayer patner. So you come to know all that she goes through, yet she has the energy to spread herself in all these areas. She is amazing but I have never told her in many words how much I appreciate her.she is really a woman of God.

  159. Kristen R. says:

    Our pastors wife and family is a true blessing from God. This is his first pastor position and I must say I’m honored God sent them to us. She’s not only been there for her family and friends, but she has also been there for me…practically a stranger. She’s seen when I’m hurting when no one else seems to notice. We can talk about all stages and steps of life. She has an open and caring heart. But more importantly she loves God more than anyone and anything. And man, can she sing!! She’s beautiful inside and out. I know you said to leave one thing but its too hard to just choose one. She’s a true blessing from God.

  160. Felicia A. Garrett says:

    Thank you for writting such a beautiful devotion dedicated to pastor’s wives! I have the honor of being a pastor’s wife and the privilege to call a few pastor’s wives my friend. My former pastor’s wife has such a beautiful spirit yet I know the loneliness of the being a pastor’s wife is a struggle for her. I love her boldness for God and her caring spirit. Thank you again!

  161. My pastor’s wife is my friend. She has a sweet spirit about her. We are alot alike in many ways. She loves to open her home for bible study, youth parties, etc…she loves to cook and i look forward to having dinner at their house. This article pointed out reminders of how to be a better friend to her. I am so thankful for such a great friendship with her.

  162. I think my new pastor’s wife is amazing, she has such a beautiful heart and I can’t wait to stand with her in the days ahead. she is a blessing to so many and a rock to her really special family.

  163. This was a great and much needed blog! I love my Pastor’s wife for many reasons! She has always loved and encouraged me. She has always been there whether it was through prayers, a call or just a text to let me know she was there. She’s so transparent and genuine in how she loves. Despite what people think, Pastors and their family have struggles and go through just as we do, but even in spite of that my Pastor’s wife still makes time for everyone else. Smiling through hard times, praying for you when she needs someone to pray for her, telling you everything is going to be alright while trying to tell herself that same thing. I love my Pastor’s wife!

  164. Valerie B says:

    Beautifully written! Resa, my pastor’s wife, is an incredibly humble, God fearing woman. She has such a heart for serving others. Although life is crazy for this momma of three, her heart bursts with an overflowing love that she generously exudes to those who come in contact with her. She’s determined to do life and be real in the midst of her high profile role as pastor’s wife. I’m honored to be her friend, to know that we both have sticky floors and messy kiddos at times, and to know that she is a true prayer warrior for our church family.

  165. My dear friend Jennifer is the true representation of a help-mate. She is caring, loyal & loving. She is truly the mother of our church and a woman I’m glad to call friend.

  166. Rhonda Seay says:

    First, I really enjoyed this devotion and I am thankful that God gave this to you because it is such an area we forget sometimes. I love my Pastor’s wife, Shelly, she is one of the most devoted example of a Proverbs 31 woman. I love that she is a “giver” of herself wether it be her time praying about your need, time to give advice, time to take advantage of a teachable moment, or cooking a meal for your family when you are sick. She is an example to all women in the church of how we are to conduct our lives before God. I pray that God would help me to be the kind of women she is one day. <3 my Pastor's wife!


    2. Dawn Collins says:

      Upon arriving to our church home 3 years ago, I could sense our 1st Lady Pastor Teresa was quite different than any other Pastor’s wife I had experienced. I’ve often said she is the perfect First Lady for this time period. Pastor T is a deep well of LOVE, laughter, strength, creativity, knowledge of both the spiritual and the natural all of which is balanced with the practical and biblical principles. From that well she continuously pours into all she comes in contact with. Pastor T has the uncanning ability to not only see, but up the gifts in others and does so with great care and joy. I only knicked the tip of her iceberg….I don’t have the time to describe the gift our Pastor’s wife is to us. I’ve only had the blessing of being pastored by our leaders for 3 of the 20+ years they have been pastoring. Pastor T would be completely surprised and appreciative if she was to win this prize. Of course New Creation Family Church in Shreveport Louisiana believes she deserves this and much more! Help us be a blessing to our First Lady. Continued Blessings to you, your family and friends!

    3. Thank you for writing on this precious and important topic! Pastors’ wives do indeed travel a challenging path. What I love about my pastor’s wife is how REAL she is, every day. No pretensions, just a real woman living a Godly life in the best way she can, and giving greatly of herself.

    4. Mare Castner says:

      My pastor’s wife is the sweetest, most genuine lady of God. She has traveled extensively in the shadow of her husband for years….continuoulsy uprooting for the extension of the kingdom. However, I know she’s never done so begrudgedly!! She’s happy to spread the message about Jesus. Although she works outside the home on a full-time basis, she still finds time to enjoy gatherings at the chuch and to be involved with others. She loves to sing and praise God in all that she does! She is a “normal” woman who has to plan dinners, make sure the grandchildren are spoiled and keep her house tidy! She’s fantastic!! 🙂

    5. Hi! I love my Pastor’s wife, Linda, for her genuine love and acceptance, her loyalty to her husband and her family, and to all of us in the Body of Christ in our congregation. Linda exudes a pure sense of love, joy and fun, is thoughtful, kind, and confident in her faith in our Lord. You can always trust her, and I would never be disloyal or want to dissapoint Linda. God has blessed everyone who has the gift of being near her. God bless Linda!

    6. I would also like to say how much I love Kecia, our Associate Pastor’s wife. Kecia is a loving, fine, generous woman joyful in whatever she is doing for us in the Body of Christ in our church family, her family, friends in need, and sisters in Christ. She is trustworthy, a blessing to all who know her and to those who are the beneficiaries of her generosity. She is an understanding friend whose infectious sense of humor is a balm to my soul! God Bless Kecia!

    7. This story was a really great article, which is greatly needed for the body of Christ. I myself am a pastor’s wife. I have a first lady that is my friend also. But we feel into that situation of being too busy in church, family etc…and lost sight of being a good friend. And choosing the wrong people to let have space in our world where we could just be our self. This article reminded me to be the friend that she needs.