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And the Light Bulbs Went On

At sixteen, I fell head over heals for Jesus in a Bible study, and I’ve been immersed in studies ever since. Because I’m a geek as well as a Jesus girl, I just can’t resist a fill-in-the-blanks book that teaches me about God’s Word.

I wish I could remember all the studies I’ve done. I’ve hung out with Beth, Priscilla, and Kay. I’ve poured over Ann and Anne. Once I found Proverbs 31 Ministries, I dove into Lysa’s, Renee’s, Suzie’s and Wendy’s. I’ve loved every one. On the surface, you’d think I was a Bible expert and that I’d know one key fact.

The Bible isn’t in order.

Most of you are probably saying, “Duh!”, but I’m telling you that I didn’t know. I’ve attended church my entire life. I gave my heart to Jesus when I was ten. I’ve pursued Him passionately since I was sixteen, but I didn’t know the Bible isn’t arranged chronologically.

When we moved to Holly Springs eleven years ago, I started going to Bible Study Fellowship. My first study was “Israel and the Minor Prophets”, and it was a complete revelation to me. For the first time, I read the Old Testament chronologically, and for the very first time, it started making sense to me.

Reading the Bible chronologically is like being surrounded by paparazzi on a red carpet. Light bulbs go off everywhere!


Two years ago, I read through the Bible in order with a plan given to our church by my pastor. It was the year of the light bulbs going on. God’s Word was more understandable and fresh for me than it ever had been before.

Have your struggled with making sense of the Bible just like me? I’ve got something wonderful to tell you about.

My friend and Proverbs 31 sister, Wendy Pope, has led women through the One Year Chronological Bible for seven years straight, and she’s doing it again this year. She’s a wonder. Truly.

If you’d like to participate in Wendy’s Read Thru the Word online class, here are the steps to take:

1. Read through Wendy’s explanation of the class on her website by clicking here.

2. Add your email to the subscribe box in the side bar on that page.

3. Purchase a copy of the One Year Chronological Bible. You can find it on many sites, but to buy it through Proverbs 31 Ministries, click here.

4. The One Year Chronological Bible has extra notes, so it’s a wonderful resource. However, you can participate in Wendy’s study completely free by following this plan in your existing Bible.

If you’ve read my blog for any time at all, you already know what a geeky, resource junkie I am. I love to pass on all kinds of recommendations for books, etc that have impacted me. Having introduced the next statement… I want to say the strongest thing I’ve said yet… If you never take another one of my recommendations, don’t miss this one. There’s NOTHING that will change your life like reading through the Bible chronologically. NOTHING.

I encourage you to add a new Bible to your Christmas list and join Wendy in 2015 reading through God’s Word. What an amazing way to spend the year!

Note: Congratulations to Tristina Senter (12/04/14 11:19), the winner of Your Life Still Counts! 

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