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Delivery: Using Your Voice to Its Best Potential

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Today Karen Ehman starts a new series on delivery.  Enjoy!  ~Amy


Why sometimes can reading a transcript of a speech have more impact than hearing the actual speech in-person?

Because of this fact:

Great messages often get lost in poor delivery.

It isn’t enough to just carefully research and craft your message, you must make sure you put as much effort into ensuring you also have an excellent delivery. To do so, you must pay attention to the following  areas: voice, eye contact, placement, posture and hand gestures. In this post, we’ll cover voice. (Look for future posts that will address the other areas.)


There are various aspects of your voice you must vary in order to ensure an effective delivery.

Vary your volume.

Of course you must speak loud enough to be heard but also sometimes make sure you lower your voice to make a point or that you raise it for effect as well. Your talk should include a normal volume but also at times a cranked-up version and even a holy hush.

Vary your speed.

While you must speak at a rate that is understandable and not too fast, every once in a while, speed up or intentionally slow down to add punch to the words you want to emphasize.

Vary your pitch.

Another way to make your words come alive is to mix it up when it comes to pitch. Dropping the pitch of your voice lower or raising it up to add impact is a simple yet effective way to keep attention and avoid being monotone.

Vary your tone.

Just as you mother used to say to you “Watch your tone of voice with me, young lady!” You know that there are various tones of voice you can speak in. Use this for variety in your talk. At times be serious. Other times, be sassy. Sound sarcastic if you are delivering a line where it fits. Or make your tone sound fearful or confident, whatever delivers the best message of the words at hand.

Work on adding an array of the above tools to your speaking repertoire and you’ll be confident that your great message won’t get lost in a poor delivery!


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One Comment

  1. Thanks for the tips! They’re awesome.

    I like the tip about varying tone. Of all of these, that’s probably the one I give the least amount of thought to. One thing that I think helps me is I come from a family of storytellers. We share stories about our day constantly.