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Forming Lasting Connections

Last week I got a question from a former client, Amy Boyd, and I thought everyone would like to hear the answer.  Here goes…

I am feeling fairly well about an upcoming event, but I am not sure how to follow up after the event is over.  How do I get testimonies to use on my blog and/or in my media packet ? Should I ask in the event for the women to sign up for newsletter and blog post or should I try to get the event planner to mention it later?  I guess what I really want to know is how do I really connect with these women for more than the one day.

It’s a fantastic idea to collect endorsements from events as you go.  You’ll always need fresh ones for biosheets, your website, etc.  I usually wait until after the event and then ask the event coordinator for one.  Because these endorsements need to be well-written to be usuable, I usually ask by saying, “Would you be willing to take some time to craft an endorsement?”  I’ve worked hard to find wording to encourage people to put some thought into what they write.

It’s also wonderful to give attendees ways to keep in touch with you after an event.  You can do this several ways.

  • Have business cards printed so attendees will be able to find your website and email.
  • Include this information on the bottom of your handout for notes.
  • Print cards that include all the information you’d like from attendees and boxes to check if they’d like to be subscribed to your blog or newsletter.  You’ll have to input the information yourself, but it may be worth it to make it this easy for attendees.
  • Use the cards for a drawing for a giveaway.  That’s been a great way for me to get more cards back!  I also allow women to just write their name so they can be included in the drawing.

Thanks for the great questions, Amy!  Does anyone else have other ways you form lasting connections after your events?


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  1. Our ministry made bookmarks that were attractive and had our vision on them along with contact information and verse of inspiration. Ladies put them in their Bibles and we travel everywhere with them.

  2. I love the idea of using cards turned in for a drawing! For years, I just included my blog address on my handouts and had cards and got a tiny number of women checking out my blog. This year, I passed around a sign-up sheet on a clipboard and also shared my purpose in blogging. I got so many sign-ups that I’ve wondered why on earth I didn’t do this before!

  3. Thanks for your follow-up Amy. I have the business cards ready and have my blog mentioned in my intro but I think a giveaway is a great idea. I may not be able to get it together for this event but I will file the idea away for the next one.

    I love the fact that you continue to replay and encourage even your former clients. Thanks again.

  4. Amy,

    Great list!

    Though I’m not a speaker (yet!) but a WM event planner, I think just a heartfelt invitation for them to follow you on Facebook would be well-received. That said, I would pick ONE social media to invite them to follow or it seems more like marketing and lacks in sincerity.

    Younger attendees are plugged in and many will love the invite to connect with you online!

    Just my two cents!


    1. Cyndee,
      Great idea! I can totally relate to walking the line between self-promotion and connection. Thanks for speaking to this from the coordinator’s point of view!