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Hiring Some Help

I’ve shared everything I know about creating a website in the past few weeks. This is where I run into a wall.  If you’re technically challenged like I am, hiring the right professionals to work on your website is an important step.

Here are some people you may want to include in your website team:

  • Photographer–You’ll need professional level photos for your website. I did my website on a very slim budget, so I’m thankful to have a niece with a great camera and a fabulous artistic eye. You can hire a professional, but you may have someone like my niece Megan in your life. I’ve decided that I’d rather pay her than someone I don’t know, and I think I got better pictures because I was so comfortable with her. One of the things Megan asked me to do before our photo shoot was to make a Pinterest board of photos I liked. That gave her insight and direction before we started, and it gave me ideas from some props I used.
  • Brand Identification Specialist–Are you still struggling with knowing how to brand your website? It’s really tough to identify your brand on your own, so you may want to hire some help. Holley Gerth and Stephanie Bryant, creators of (in)courage, coach speakers, authors, bloggers and business owners in branding. Check out their services on their adorable website Squee!
  • Content Coach–(That’s me!) When you’re writing the content for your website, it’s often helpful to have someone outside your own though process to evaluate and shape your writing. I love helping women write a bio and topic descriptions that are audience-focused and describe your niche in ministry. You can take a look at our Menu of Services to see a description of what Next Step does. If you’re interested in any of the services, simply fill out the Request Information form, and I’ll contact you to set up a free consultation call.
  • Website Designer or Graphic Artist–Unless you have a particular gifting in this area (I’ve had a couple of clients who did their own beautiful design), I highly recommend hiring a graphic artist. Honestly, I truly believe they’re worth their weight in gold. A skilled graphic artist can help you with branding as well as web design, because they understand how to use visual elements to communicate subtle messages. Looking at lots of sites and finding the information about the designers of your favorites is one way to find a great one. This is a crucial person in your website development, so choose carefully.
  • Web Developer–Web designers sometimes can serve as both designer and developers, but true web developers usually have a greater ability to implement all the bells and whistles. They can help you choose a WordPress theme, buy a domain, choose a hosting site, strengthen SEO, and find Plugins for any function you can imagine. My web developer saved me money and honed details on the site. I’m also thrilled to have someone who can help me solve problems and work on projects in the future.

Next week I’ll introduce you to my techie geniuses and let them talk about what they need from us non-techie types.



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