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How to Speak Up and Set Holiday Boundaries- Part 1

Boundaries definition

Y’ALL! Thanksgiving is only two weeks from today which means it’s time to think about the holidays… and set some boundaries.

For the next two Thursdays, I’m going to share two short videos with one lesson each about setting boundaries during the holidays. These are lessons that we’ll be able to use all year round!

Take six minutes today to listen for one action step that will help you live out my definition of boundaries: “Put simply, setting a boundary means choosing God’s direction over someone’s expectation.” ~Amy Carroll, Exhale

Today’s To-Do: Ask your people what will make the holidays special for them. Then speak to yourself and say, “Self, let the rest of those expectations, go!”

Do you need more in-depth information on losing who you’re not (ie. You’re not in charge of everyone’s joy this holiday season!), including more about boundaries?

Make sure to listen Grit ‘n’ Grace Episode 241 in your favorite podcast delivery app or at the link I provided.

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