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How Feeling Leads to Doing

Sometimes life just takes over, and this week has been like that, so I’ll come back to story-telling about how God led me in my “doing” in a few weeks. In the meantime, I wanted to give you some fabulous inspiration to keep us rolling.

This week, I want to re-introduce you to my friends Karen and Beth, two women who moved from feeling to doing. The three of us were in a group together at Proverbs 31 Ministries, and their heightened awareness of racism in America led them to take a trip that changed everything for them. Although I first shared this right before Christmas, I think lots of you missed it because of the holidays. Our conversation is so, SO good that I wanted to share it again. Totally worth 15 minutes! (If you’re a subscriber, watch the video on the website.)

How do Beth and Karen inspire you to put your feelings into action?

I also need to ask for your prayers. I’ve got a very full speaking schedule the next few months which is a huge blessing. But as you can see from the news, traveling is a bit dicey right now. I knew I could ask my tender-hearted girls here to pray for health and uninterrupted flights.

Thanks, friends! <3

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  1. This video encourages me to continue to take steps – steps that are not fun and therefore I am resistant to. Yet, they are steps toward God because they are toward those He loves – the hurting, the vulnerable, those who have been hurt by our countries history both past and the history we are continuing to write unless we humble ourselves before God and change.

    Thank you so much, Amy, for wading into these waters and taking us with you!

  2. I’m reminded of a line from a worship song, “break my heart for what breaks yours”. That’s what you are doing. You’re seeking an awareness from God to be able to minister from a place of deep compassion. I think so many times, many of us just do ministry because it’s what we “should” be doing. But what you all are embarking on is different. God bless.

    1. Amy Carroll says:

      Mandi, you have no idea how much your comment blesses me. The distinctive of doing ministry from deep compassion is something I’ve been shooting for. I just didn’t have the words to wrap around it like you did. Thank you!

  3. Amy, thank you for opening up the door of understanding of the heart of Jesus and how He sees all His children. We are all created in His image. I live in VA—Fredericksburg and it was a hot spot for the Civil War. Being a white woman it is hard to soak in the deep hurt because I have never walked in the shoes of our sisters and brothers of color. I want to feel. I want to understand. I want to love. I want to see, really see.

    I love that Beth and her heart—I know her from P31 Donor Team. Karen is beautiful and smart and I always enjoy her writings.

    Anyways, thank you Amy. Safe travels. Lord, place protection over Amy. May faith push out any fear that wants to take root in Amy’s heart. Thank you, Father. Amen.

    1. Amy Carroll says:

      Michele, thank you for your moving comment. It’s so nice to know that women alongside me are longing for more understanding.

      Also, I sent a copy of your comment to Beth. She was so encouraged and told me how much she loves you! <3