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Party Pics and Winners

Last Tuesday nights was truly one of the highlights of my life. Surrounded by family and friends from every stage of my life, filled with yummies, and inspired by fantastic worship we launched Breaking Up with Perfect into the world.

The only thing that could have made it better is if you had been there! I want to include you in the joy, so here’s a peek:

Breaking Up With Perfect - ABC Party-75-min
Pink was the color of the night.


Breaking Up With Perfect - ABC Party-79-min
The worship was amazing! See my man on the sax in the back?

Breaking Up With Perfect - ABC Party-51-min
The panel brought such fresh insight.

Breaking Up With Perfect - ABC Party-20-min
My friends knocked it out of the park with the decorations…and food!

Breaking Up With Perfect - ABC Party-89-min My life has been shaped by my parents. They’re my life-long cheerleaders!

Breaking Up With Perfect - ABC Party-32-min

Breaking Up With Perfect - ABC Party-24-min Fun with my oldest, Anson.


Breaking Up With Perfect - ABC Party-2-min
…my Proverbs 31 sisters Tracie Miles and Lynn Cowell… my fun sis-in-law…and so many others!

Also, I wish I could give a book to each one who left a comment.It was so exciting to put together the list of winners for the giveaways this week! I’ve sent an email to each winner. Please check your spam box if you haven’t heard from me yet. 🙂

Book Winners:

Donyelle Johnson  7/7   5:36 am

Christy   7/7    7:06 am

Rebecca Matson  7/7  9:16 am

Jenelle   7/7   10:11 am

Jeannette   7/7  3:24 pm

Janice Wolfe  7/7  5:59 pm

Miranda   7/8   12:48 am

Linda Caulder  7/8   7:28 am

Ashley   7/8  2:35 pm

Candy Burton  7/8  5:44 pm

And the winner of the Breaking Up with Perfect package is…

Jamie Springer 7/7 8:53 am



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  1. Wow! God just sent me right here, right in this moment, exactly on this day…to give me a “hug”! The kind only He can give! I’m blessed to know, I’m not alone on this journey! I’m praying I can get the book soon! It’s on my list! Praise God for you!

  2. This came to me at a most desperate time of my life! Life just gets so crazy and overwhelming and that is my life currently! All I can think of are my struggles. I homeschool 3 children, my 14 year old is graduating high school this year, she is also in college, we live 40 minutes out of town and an hour from college campus. My children are involved in church, tennis, violin, soccer and a running team. This means on several days more than one trip to town! In addition optionally my aunt killed herself, a old friend killed herself and we lost a family friend to a sudden death! My house I’d under current remodeling and a mess, life just seems so imperfect in my eyes and it is a struggle everyday from the minute I get up to the point of exhaustion when I drop in bed at night! This message was such an inspiration, thank you!

  3. Breaking up with perfect!!!! I’m an organized, planner and perfectionist in most cases in my life. Next thing I know, I have two beautiful kids (6yr old girl and 2mos old boy) and hubby wants out. Now I am learning each day to let go of everything that I don’t have control over and doing my best to let God take over my life…Trusting in his strength and letting go of the perfect life that I have in my mind and in my heart…

  4. I’m breaking up with perfect!!

  5. Chanda Large says:

    I’m breaking up with perfect!!! For good!

  6. I’m breaking up with perfect!

  7. Breaking up with perfect-need to do that on a daily, if not hourly basis!

  8. Damaris M. says:

    Love knowing “His grace is sufficient for me”. Encouragement for every day!

  9. Your words and choice of scripture today confirms a study I have been doing this summer. I really need to break up with perfect! It has been weighing me down for far too long! I just need to be the daughter God created me to be and live for Him and not the world! Thank you for you’re words of wisdom and I hope to read your book soon!

  10. Oh my….69 years old and still trying to let go of stuff and focus in the Kingdom. .

  11. Gail Cambron says:

    I know very well the power and struggle of STUFF in your life by observing my own mother. I loved the saying “I am created for connecting NOT collecting!” This can be spoken into my life as I change my focus daily and work not to get in the same situation as my mother. I have always said “You can’t take your stuff with you but you can take people!” I would love to read your book soon!!

  12. I want to simplify . I have too much stuff that takes away from family & Friends because of taking care of it. I feel overwelmed & not sure where to start.. I want to live my life for Jesus & not stuff.

  13. I want to simplify…I need to read your book! Jesus is calling me to leave all my abundence of possessions behind and “follow Him!”

  14. Oh my goodness! Yes, I have been in a season of looking at ‘stuff’ and being diligent in letting go – what I ‘own’, owns me. God has called us to be stewards and I don’t ‘need’ much of what I think I do. My sister reminds me “and if you have a need, you can find it at Goodwill!” It makes life so much simpler – cleaning is easier, having friends over is easier, life in general is easier! Thanks for your encouragement and for sharing how God is working in/through you. Would love the book!

  15. Hi Amy, after reading your devo today, I’m confronted yet again by my need to shed not only stuff, but my need to be defined by it. God calls me over and over to define myself by Him and not the world’s projected image . Thank you for the wisdom and hope you share today!

  16. deanna stokes says:

    My husband and I wanted to get out of doubt so we downsized and brought a real fixer upper. Being smaller and with less storage space the Lord has shown me that “stuff” is not as important as a relationship with Him and anyone He puts in my path.

    Thank you for your words of wisdom.

  17. Leslie FIne says:

    Amy! Congrats on the book! Its so amazing to think of you just beginning this journey 15 years ago- Way to go!! Sending lots of love your way from Chapel Hill!

  18. Ann Marie says:

    I can’t wait to read the book 🙂

  19. Love the pics. The evening looks like a blast. And so excited for and proud of you. Woohoo! May the blessings on you continue as your book blesses others!