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Well-Seasoned Messages

This week I’m working on a daunting writing project.  Mostly it’s overwhelming because I consider myself more of a speaker than a writer.  Crafting written words continues to be a big learning curve.

It occurs to me,  however, that there is one area in which I’m not struggling.  The message I’m being asked to write is well-seasoned because it’s my personal story.  I don’t have to work at coming up with illustrations since I’ve been living this message most of my life.

Great messages are always well-seasoned, simmered in prayer, time and thought. (Click here to Tweet)

Jennifer Rothschild says we’re to shoot for crock pot messages instead of microwave messages, and I think she has it just right.  As stewards of a message, we need to be learners before we become teachers.  (Click here to Tweet)

For me, that means allowing God to speak to me through His Word–Bible study, commentaries, and much prayer–before I write one word of a message.  The faithfulness of God never ceases to amaze me when I’ll honor Him by humbling myself as a learner.  He brings all kinds of things into my path to season my messages.  There will be a sermon with just the right phrase, a devotion with a heart-rending story, a personal interaction that becomes an application…the list goes on and on.

In this season when we anticipate the fragrances of turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pies wafting from our laden kitchens, let’s determine to create well-seasoned messages. The Master Chef can be counted on to make them irresistibly  tasty to our audiences!


Note:  I wrote about how I’m learning more and more about the craft of writing.  Today I didn’t intend to do a plug for Compel , Proverbs 31 Ministries’ new subscription writing training,  but I can’t help myself.  I am a subscriber, and I cannot begin to tell you how much the lessons from Lysa TerKeurst, Lisa Allen and Glynnis Whitwer are helping me.  Please, please take a few minutes to take a tour of the information page.  I think this is a tremendous opportunity and value for writers at all stages.

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  1. Great post, Amy and so true! Thanks for reminding me that it’s ok to take my time and make sure my messages are “well-seasoned.” And the crock pot vs. microwave illustration really hit home – it will be the “sticky statement” for me. Have a great day!

  2. Christy Mobley says:

    Amy, you are already a great writer! Your post was excellent.
    I so enjoyed working with you this fall. Your training and encouragement were more than helpful. I’m looking forward to my “next step” with you maybe this winter!

  3. Excellent, Amy! SO blessed by your wisdom and encouragement! And I completely agree. Messages that arise from our personal connection with God and lived out on the framework of our lives ring with authenticity. You are a treasure!