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Why Coaching Is for You


Happy fall, y’all! I’m ecstatic about the cooler temperatures, all things pumpkin, and a future that includes a sweater.

Fall is a time when I get re-energized to tackle projects that I was just too unmotivated to do in the summer. (If you lived in NC with 100% humidity most summer days, you’d understand. You really just want to stay as still as possible.) In the past few weeks, I’ve worked on redecorating three rooms in my house, and cleaned out my attics. It’s a pure hive of activity up in here!

I thought you might be feeling the same way. I know that Thanksgiving and Christmas are imminent, but we have a little window before all the holiday crazy hits. How about working on a speaking project with me? Or a writing project with Melanie?

You might have thought that coaching isn’t for you, but let me try to convince you otherwise. There are many reasons to hire a coach, but the greatest gifts of coaching are:

  • The gift of deadlines.
  • The gift of cooperative work.

Do you need a little extra motivation to get things completed? Knowing that Melanie or I are waiting for your work will help you get ‘er done!

Does your creativity kick into high gear when you work with a partner or team? Melanie and I would love to come alongside as your team to work cooperatively.

Here’s what one of my latest clients and new friends has to say about working with me on a speaking project:

nicole“I just finished working with Amy Carroll on developing my speaking message, and this is the best money I have ever spent. I was referred to Amy by two women at She Speaks in July, and now I know why. Working with Amy gave me a confidence I didn’t have before. She is a cheerleader, counselor and brilliant professor all rolled into one! If you are thinking of expanding  your speaking ministry, I highly suggest you check out Next Step Speaker Services. And no, I was not paid for this ringing endorsement. I’m just the newest and biggest Amy Carroll fan!” ~Nicole J. Phillips

Awww… thanks, Nicole!

If you’re still not sure, if you have any questions, or even if you’re ready to go today, please fill out the Request Information form (make sure to click on “Send” at the end), and I’ll get in touch to schedule a free consultation call with you.

No matter if you’re working on your speaking ministry or cleaning out your attic, enjoy fall!

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