Moving Out of Starvation to Feasting

This time of year, I’m starving–starving for margin, for face time with my people and for a renewed connection with God.

If you feel the same way, I hope my devotion today, You Were Made to Feast Not Starve”, will feed your soul. In addition, here’s a Christmas Prayer for a soul meal. (Download this free print, but make sure to keep reading below!)

Although it’s easy to starve our souls with busyness this time of year, getting quiet to listen is one way to feed our souls.

I’ve been doing a series on how to listen to God in order to cultivate a tender heart. Today’s interview is with my dear friend, Laura Lee. Settle into my home office with us to find out “How to Tap Into Power When You Listen.” Laura gives huge insights about how to listen to the Holy Spirit in your every day life.

You can click on the titles below for more insights about how to listen to God, and then make sure to join so that you don’t miss any of this conversation about how to develop Tender Hearts and Strong Voices.

How to Know for Sure that Scripture is Trustworthy

How to Know for Sure that YOU Can Find the Truth in Scripture

How to Hear God When You Pray

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How to Hear God When You Pray

Last night was an amazing time interviewing my friends Tammy Chapman and Felecia Lucas about “How to Hear God When You Pray.”

The video today is a little longer than usual, but there’s a reason…

The content they were sharing was TOO GOOD to stop!

I literally could have sat with them all night listening to their wisdom about listening to God through Scripture and prayer. I learned so much, and I can guarantee that you’re going to glean something today too. We can learn to hear God when we pray! (Note: Don’t miss Tammy’s acronym for prayer and Felecia’s story about how God used a different kind of fast in her life to help her to hear from Him. Amazing.)

Subscribers, click here to watch the video on the website.

If you want a link to the book Felecia mentioned and notes on Tammy’s acronym, go visit the comments from the video on my Facebook page. I’ve pinned it to the top just for you!)

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How to Know for Sure that YOU Can Find the Truth in Scripture

Have you ever wondered…

Is Scripture completely true and can I trust it?

Do I have to go to seminary to really understand the Bible?

Are there some simple tools that I can learn to grasp truth in Scripture and apply it in my life?

The answers are definitively, yes, yes and yes!

If you missed last week’s teaching on the trustworthiness of Scripture, click here.

This week, I’m sharing some simple tools that will help you learn to study Scripture on your own in a way that empowers you to grow spiritually. Please watch the video below. (Click here to watch the video if you’re a subscriber.)

(Although this originally aired as a Facebook Live, I welcome your comments and questions here too.)

I’m so glad you’re here today continuing the series to build Tender Hearts and Strong Voices by walking through these steps together:

Listen –> Feel –> Do –> Speak

If you don’t want to miss a thing, make sure to sign up for my weekly emails by clicking here.

I’ll have some special guests next week talking about “How to Hear God When You Pray”. You can join me live on Facebook at 8:00 pm on Wednesday, November 28th.

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To Be Successful Always Refer to #1

See if this resonates with you…

Good golly. In this new season of learning and growing, I need this tattooed on my hand. Since I often raise it to gesture before I speak, hopefully I’d see this note to myself and close my mouth before I gets me in more trouble! Speaking needs to be my last step. First I need to…

Listen to God.

We’re starting here with the new direction of  this blog. As my kids’ children’s pastor used to continuously repeat,

God’s ways are always best.

For every conversation and question in the upcoming posts, referring back to #1 is going to be our default. We’re often wrong, but God never is. As He says,

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord. (Isaiah 55:8)

Here, we’re going to practicing listening to God, and tuning out

Talk show hosts.

Political pundits.

Influential friends.

Charismatic speakers and writers.

Any other voice except The Voice.

Success in developing a tender heart begins with listening to God. And we’re going to go to the source, Scripture, of where God speaks, using our Bibles as the foundation of how we think, act and speak. Remember the process we’re going to work through?

Listen–> Feel–> Do–> Speak

Through Christmas, I’ll be blogging about listening to God. Forever and always here, our #1 is “Listen to God,” and that will be our answer to every question, point of contention or place of confusion. Instead of slogging around in rhetoric and opinions, we’ll look to see what Scripture says. (Hold me to it, girls! Hold me to it!)

To be clear, I’m not totally oblivious to reality. I understand that true followers can still land on the opposite sides of issues after studying Scripture, but it’s still our best step to faithfully walk with God. The beauty of looking to God through His Word together is that we’ll be unified in our purpose to seek Him instead of divided by parties or church circles.

Each week, I’m going to issue one action step so that we’re truly changing instead of just dealing in ideas. Here’s this week’s challenge:

Listen to God–Challenge #1

  1. Read this blog post about a simple but profound way to study Scripture.
  2. Print the handouts so that you can give the 3-step method a try.
  3. From wherever you’re currently reading the Bible, take one passage of up to 10 verses this week and do the 3-step Bible study.
  4. Leave a comment with a picture of your notes on the Facebook post pinned at the top of my Facebook page and tell something you learned.

To keep it fun, anyone who posts a picture before November 1st will be entered to win a drawing for Kathi Lipp’s and Cheri Gregory’s new book You Don’t Have to Try So Hard!







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3 Step Tool

In encouraging you to study scripture on your own, I want to give you a tool that has helped me gain greater understanding and has given me more personal application than my past study. I picked up this tool at an Anne Graham Lotz crusade, but it is also used by Bible Study Fellowship. It’s very simple and contains just three questions. Divide your paper into three columns with the following headings:

(Click here to download a blank page, an explanation page, and a sample study page)

What does it say?
What does it mean?
How do I apply this?

Begin by praying and asking God to show you where to start and what verses He’d like for you to study. Pick a short passage so you can slow down, spend some time, and really work on understanding. You will complete one question/column at a time for the whole passage.
Depending on the passage, I sometimes answer the questions for each verse individually, but sometimes I group verses together. Organize your study in a way that makes sense to you.

Use the tips below as guidelines for answering the questions. The rule of thumb is to begin by looking at exactly what God says in the passage without our own interpretation. Act like a reporter in this section, and just write the facts and major details.

The next step is to find the lesson in the passage. The Bible is meant to be interpreted as a whole, so sometimes single verses are confusing or seem contradictory. If that happens, look at the verse in the context of the whole chapter or entire book.

The final step is applying God’s Word to your own life. This is where something very exciting happens. If you are studying with a group, the group’s first column would be very close to identical. The second column might vary a little, but many would come to the same conclusions. On the application column, though, every member of the group might have a different application. That’s God speaking directly and personally to you! Completely amazing! Use the following tips to guide you as you study.

What does it say?
Put the number of the verse beside each fact.
Write down facts. This includes answers to the “w”s (who, what, when, where).
Write each fact in a brief summary sentence. Remember, this is your short-hand, so use abbreviations, symbols or anything that you’ll remember later.
Do not paraphrase. Use significant words straight from scripture. ( i.e. holiness, redeemed)

What does it mean?
What are the spiritual truths or principles in this verse?
Look for keys like these:
S—Is there a sin to confess?
P—Is there a promise to keep?
A—Is there an action to take?
C—Is there a command I need to heed?
E—Is there an example to follow or to avoid?

How do I apply this?
How will I act on this lesson?
Write open ended questions — ones that can’t be answered with “yes” or “no”
Take time to pray and listen. Write a response to each question.


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